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Name Pack
Finn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 6 mos.)
0 SP

Character Information

As Personality Goes...

Finn is still the inquisitive, quiet and brooding creature that he always has been. A little bit of the boyish spark has utterly left his eyes, however. Reserved, but still oddly soft spoken and expressive with his feelings, there can be an air of something off about the boy. Not that he’s insincere, but he’s clearly holding back.

Of course, there’s anger there, as well. Finn seems quicker to anger than even before, although it still is tightly packed in.

An Autumn Sun

Finn’s maintained relatively good health over the time of his absence from the valley. Although he’s taken on a leaner appearance from the sheer bulk of puppyhood, he’s still maintained his medium size and thick muscles. He’s still much broader compared to what his siblings would have been, giving him still the appearance of a bulky young male.

Handsome cookie brown eyes seem to be graced with a far away appearance, for once lacking some of the things that used to shine in them.

A mixture of oranges, golds, tans and blacks that make up the autumnal coat that Finn walks in. Clearly, he has the ability to keep himself healthy enough, appearing in relatively good condition.

Clearly, the most noticeable thing about some of the boy’s appearance is the onset of scars.

Finn has faint teeth punctures that weren’t treated on the left side of his neck up toward his jaw. A baseball-sized patch out of his left hip as well, that is clearly come months old but only starting to see fur regrowth. Finally, there’s a long scar up his right leg on the inside, which include a missing dew claw. Beneath his body, also, includes some teeth marks and a crescent shape scar near his hip juncture.

Things To Know About Finn

*Please note, pieces revealed here are only spoken if Finn has revealed ICly

Finn has a likelihood to heavily internalize things. He is suspicious of wolves' intentions and such may be reflected in near constant frustration.

Finn's Key Knowledge

SANCTUARY | Nanook - Leader
STONE HILLS PACK | Elliot - Leader; threat eliminated

Significant Relationships


Known History

In the beginning, it was a bit of a love story for Finn’s parents. When Sunfall and Saski met, the whirlwind romance seemed to be the only thing that could ever have mattered in the world to them. Passionate, although not seated in the pack, the passion of the season arrived and swept them up in the full needs of one another. An obligation of becoming parents considered a burden, and the dangers of the chaos of warring larger packs — and enemies of Sunfall — an obligation to join a safe place produced a drive that would set in the wheels of motion.

Taking up residence in a pack named the Hillside Sanctuary, Sunfall dedicated his obligation in favor of Saski’s safety — provide, protect and prosper — only to become immersed in the drama and the thrill of being a hero and an enforcer. Settled into the chaos, in the spring, three additions to the clan was born. Finn, Dawnfrost, and Sebastian arrived surrounded in love.

Love, as it turned out, was not enough to keep things sane. With a pass in leadership and an attractive, powerful woman to take its play — Saski’s jealousy of her mate’s attachment to the pack seemed to bloom. Sunfall, feeling dutiful with purpose continued in his obligations to ensure a safe space for their family. It meant that, while loved by both parents, Finn eventually began feeling the everyday tension. The division of pack versus family, while gaining his skills that were required to survive.

Wildfires in the heat of summer and a dawning threat accompanied. Finn’s attachment to Sunfall blossomed while in the chaos of the den-life led to resentment against his mother for her constant negativity. Wary, distrusting of the way his mother's sadness was near endless — Finn’s ability to depend on her diminished by four months of age.

When Sunfall was recruited to eliminate a looming threat in the South of the valley they lived, Finn was left devastated to have his father walk away. Although close to his siblings, the connection began to fray as his sister’s oblivion to the negativity and his brother favoring Saski’s side left Finn searching. Finn started to actively immerse himself in the Hillside’s way of life, falling under the instruction of the very leader that Saski’s jealous tendencies had erupted from.

Finn, in the months that followed Sunfall’s absence, became exactly as his father had been. Dedicated to the pack, constructive in building all skills required. Loyal to a fault, he echoed his father with intention. If Sunfall was so awful to his family - then Finn didn't need to be present either. He drifted away, and even when his father finally returned with the inspiration to fix his broken family — Finn’s dedication to the Hillside did not waver.

Things changed.

Sunfall and Saski’s desperation escalated to the point of deciding to leave, to find another place to live. Away from the beautiful leader, friends and any foundation that Finn had built. In a decision that forced him away from the family, Finn remained. Loyal to the pack that had given him home after his heart had been broken.

Months from his family changed him, drew him into himself. Finn’s once vibrant side dimmed in favor of sadness, and despite fleeting visits from Sunfall — things changed. Until the snow began to fall, and then Sunfall stopped coming. The day that his mother, Saski, arrived was the end of an era.

Sunfall’s murder resulted at the end of the connection to his family that he had maintained. Sunfall, reckless and distraught about his ability to heal what was broken, eventually succumbed to a lost cause. Buried in the middle of nowhere, and his mother being flanked by a male — Finn’s decision to leave the Hillside was spurned out of not only a loss of faith but a shattered soul.


Height Build
Small Muscular
Father Mother
{Sunfall} {Saski}

{Dawnfrost}, {Sebastian}


Spirit Symbol
None yet