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Name Pack
Finni Firewing Brotherhood V. Brother
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 2 mos.)
1990 SP

Character Information

Current status: Underweight (58 pounds), angry teenage phase, overworking herself. Striving to show she's good enough to train an apprentice of her own and be part of the council. Very, very proud to be a full Brother. Feels guilty about what Gunnar did to Eyja and has been avoiding all contact with her fellow Brothers. Several open wounds from a fight with a fox.

60 pounds, 20 inches, 4.4 feet long.
Finni wears a striking resemblance to Eyja, save for the pale evergreen of her eyes that come from her Uncle/Father Gunnar. She is petite like her mother, average built like her father, a pretty little runt clad in primarily silvery white with long legs and slim paws. Various shades of grey frost her saddle, shoulders, nape, and ears, plus smudges down her forehead and underneath her eyes. Overall a healthy (if skinny) looking yearling girl!
-Crooked tail tip ( Fight with Xanthos)
- "-" under right eye (Fight with a fox)
- "/" at the base of the throat ('')
- Several jagged lines across left shoulder ('')
- Two "/" on each side of muzzle (four total) ('')

A shy, quiet creature, runt by stature and demeanor. Finni is overly cautious and prone to being quite the worrywart, trusting only of her family and their opinions and wary of strangers. With a little kindness (or someone to take the spotlight off of her), Finni will bloom into a bubbly and compassionate girl with endless curiosity and budding courage, tampered only by her own nerves and an underlying fear of abandonment. Sometimes, she finds it hard to put her thoughts to words, stewing over them or relying heavily on body language. She thrives off of divided attention and strong, quiet support: being able to do things on her own, but not alone. Shes a very smart girl who learns fast and obeys those she trusts without immediate question or complaint.
Aunty Nats mentoring has begun to chip away the shell Nanna could only crack open; every day, Finni feels more confident, and more helpful with her knowledge. She strives to be like her mentor, to be the best Brother she can possibly be and to one day sit upon the council of special wolves. Planning becomes fairly important to her, and is often lost or anxious without knowing what she's supposed to do.
Nannas abandonment has rattled her core and shaken her faith in all things good. She is bitter, not just because of her littermate, but because her father, brother and two older sisters have also vanished into the valley, not understanding how they could hurt their family so. Finni has been throwing herself into pack life and running herself ragged trying to bury the sadness.

Fun facts:
-Speaks with a mumble that gets worse with nerves, may be joined by an also nervous stutter! "i" sounds more like "ah" and most 'ing' endings drop the g. (Ex: Training'Working;Playing is now Trainin'; workin'; playin') "Don't know' becomes "dunno". "Want to" usually becomes "Wanna".
-Excellent tracker.
-Great sense of smell and hearing, average eyesight.

Likes: Family. Water, swimming. Providing. Hunting. New things, learning. Being useful.

Dislikes: Dark-coated strangers. Everyone who's abandoned the Brotherhood, including her own family.

Finni was born to {Eyja} of the Firewing Brotherhood, the unfortunate offspring of being kidnapped by her brother, {Gunnar}. Nonetheless, Finni and her littermate, {Nanna}, were raised believing that {Korsteel} was their father. He, however, disappeared just after the girls' birth, along with two older sisters, {Asha} and {Bree}, none of them to know the tiny new additions to the family.
Finni grew, cradled safely in the Guarded Falls with her sister, mother and Brothers. Eyja took in two abandoned pups of Eden, {Xanthos} and {Nemesis}, dark creatures of hate that were always miserable and silent. This fear was nurtured by growls and the flash of fangs until, finally, Xanthos snaps and attacks young Finni, breaking the tip of her tail and wounding her shoulder before Eyja manages to get them apart. Soon after that, they vanish, and Finni's never been so happy about anyone leaving the Brotherhood. {Castor} was her only real brother, someone Finni actually got close to before he, too, vanished. This leaves a hole in Finni's heart she cannot fill and cannot understand. Aunty Nat and Aunt Marz were two other important role models for Finni, but very early in the pups life, {Marzena} mysteriously dies and leaves the Brotherhood mantle to none other than Eyja, her daughter {Natasha} taking the reins as Second. {Cygnus} also dies, and Finni is left regretting not giving her a chance to be friendly.
After the dark children leave, life settles down. {Stark} helps her kill her first mouse, Aunty Nat takes her and Nanna hunting, and finally, they get their mentors! Natasha is assigned Finni as an apprentice, and Nanna is given to Stark.
Peace is never to last: a lesson Finni has been forced to learn early at the cost of her innocence. Nanna, Finni's dearest sister and the being who makes the shy runt be social, leaves; not a word, not an idea as to why. Finni has never felt so lost and so alone, but she throws herself into her studies and runs herself ragged to cover up the hurt. She eats and sleeps less and less, working more and more, dropping pound after pound.
Finni gets to go on her first journey outside the Glen as she and Natasha go to the Twilight Vanguard to visit {Kronos}, but its blissfully uneventful other than her mentors strong opinions. Her overworking continues as Natasha takes her leave for birth/child raising, Rota filing in as temporary mentor. Finni learns more every day, honing her open-area hunting more under Rota's lessons; most of all her days are spent practicing. Other than for her training, Finni begins to seclude herself, finally moving away from her mother in terms of nesting down for the night and even digging her own den for a sense of security.
{Valkyrie} is born, and Finni becomes honorary Aunty Fi! Finni and Rota travel to the Vanguard, this time to tell Kronos of his daughters birth. Sometime after, he and two Vanguard kids (Umpire and Ego) show up in the monsoon, and then.... didn't leave.
Finally, Natasha confronts her, telling her that if she didn't get healthier by the beginning of Summer, her training would be paused. This, of course, spurs her to eat better and sleep better --after some trial and error-- but Finni continues to overwork. She finds some measure of her happiness back in spending time with Valkyrie, {Pyre}, and {Ego} these days, hoping to one day mentor one of them.


Height Build
Petite Average
Guarded Falls
Father Mother
{Gunnar} ✝ {Eyja}

Littermate: {Nanna} ♀

Older, half-siblings (Disowned): {Castor} ♂, {Asha} ♀, {Bree} ♀

Other Relationships
Eyja: Mum! The milk-lump. Best grown-lump ever. The safest. Gives the best kisses. Special wolf (Leader) of the Brotherhood! Quiet, nervous, loving. Had a traumatic life, and then was hurt by her own brother and had Nanna and Finni.
Nanna: The bestest sister with the best snuggles. Loves to play. Keeps Finni involved and open. Vanished without a word, leaving Finni heartbroken and reclusive for many weeks. The one and only one to return, though. Trying to mend their bond.
Xanthos: Mean. Unpredictable. Teeth hurt. Stay away. Absolutely not safe. Vanished, thank goodness; Don't ever come back, beast.
Nemesis: Quiet. Mean. Stay away. Not safe. Vanished.
Castor: Cas-or! Bestest brother. Fun and snuggly and brings stuff. Very safe. Vanished without saying goodbye, and is often missed and looked for. Abandoned Mum & Brotherhood. Disowned.
Marzena ✝ : Aunt Marz. The Leader of the Brotherhood when Finni was born. Safe. Kind, quiet. Snuggly. Suddenly died, and Finni is left confused and missing her. Often brings sticks, antlers, or flowers to leave on her grave.
Natasha: Aunty Nat (very secretly Finni's True Father). Very safe. Fun! Brother, Second of the Brotherhood. Taught Finni to swim! Official Mentor (formerly) and the best wolf ever! Finni strives to be just like her. Calm, cool, collected. Strict and a careful planner. The strongest and most influential wolf in Finni's life.
Stark ✝ : Big and tough. Safe. Nanna's first mentor. Seems okay, if a little grumpy. Died saving a pregnant lady from the ocean; why couldn't he have saved himself? Died on purpose because he was sick and couldn't be happy. Brother.
Cygnus ✝: Put sticky stuff on the ouch Xan caused. Didn't hurt her, safe, quiet. Never got a chance to be a friend. Finni helped dig her grave. Brother.
Effie: Put more sticky stuff on her wounds. Kind. Safe. Wise. Finni wants to learn more about herbs from her. Brother, Lead Healer.
Clint: Didn't want Mum to be special. Quiet. Finni is unsure if he's safe. Vanished like so many other Brothers.
Laura: Quiet. Safe. Left the Brotherhood, like everyone else.
Keld: Visited the Brotherhood, but doesn't live there and didn't stay long. Fun. Safe? Mum's brother, Finni's Uncle. Lives at the sea, which Finni is excited to one day visit.
Rota: Temporary mentor. Safe. Brother. Fun! Little awkward/unsure. Cool so far.
Kronos: Quiet, kind. Safe. Valkyrie's dad. Brought Pyre and Ego to the Brotherhood. Brother.
Icarus: Seems okay? Patient enough to deal with Natasha. Thought they needed an escort to hunt. Twilight Vanguard Chief.
Poet: Twilight Vanguard wolf. Funny. Valentina's mate before she died.
Valkyrie: Small, cute little baby. Honorary niece. (Aunty Fi) Pretty much a copy of Natasha.
Pyre: Kronos brought her to the Brotherhood and they never left. Ego's twin (but bigger). Rambunctious, playful, stubborn.
Ego: Kronos brought her to the Brotherhood and they never left. Pyre's twin (smaller). Quieter than her sister, maybe shyer.
Benny: Handsome, kind, outgoing, affectionate. Brings her gifts for no reason, protects her. Please don't leave like the others.
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