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Name Pack
Finni Firewing Brotherhood V. Brother
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 5 mos.)
595 SP

Character Information

Currently: Squeaky, green-eyed little potato.

Finni takes after her mother, Eyja, in coat, having white fur. She also has some grey on her back, as well as hints of grey fur on her face, most notably the smudges under her eyes and the blaze down her forehead. A striking resemblance to her mother, but she does not look the complete same due to her eyes being the greens of her real father, Gunnar: pale green eyes that lean a bit towards the grey spectrum. And while she is petite like her mother, she has her father’s average build. She’s a healthy little thing, thank the gods.
-Crooked tail tip from when Xanthos attacked her.

Finni is the runt of the litter, and she sure acts like it: She’s shy and nervous but kind. She is very timid and can come off as clingy to those shes deemed acceptable. She only trusts her immediate family, and gets rather nervous around strangers until they've proven they're safe. Finni is the type to hide behind her family seeking comfort and safety if she feels anything wrong. Finni loves to snuggle her family members but has a hard time putting thoughts to words. It’s easy to forget she exists, as she’s so awfully quiet. But she’s very sweet and caring, a little angel. If anyone needs help, she tries her best, how much even helping others might terrify her. She thrives off of divided attention and strong, quiet support: being able to do things on her own, but not alone. Her curiousity has few bounds, but it is her bright and friendly sister who pushes her to be social and open.


Height Build
Petite Average
Guarded Falls
Father Mother
{Gunnar} {Eyja}

Littermate: {Nanna}

Older, half-siblings: {Castor}, {Asha}, {Bree}

Other Relationships
Eyja: Mum! The milk-lump. Best grown-lump ever. The safest. Gives the best kisses. Is now the special wolf of the Brotherhood!
Nanna: The bestest sister! Best snuggles. Loves to play. Keeps Finni involved and open.
Xanthos: Mean. Unpredictable. Teeth hurt. Stay away. Absolutely not safe. Vanished.
Nemesis: Quiet. Mean. Stay away. Not safe. Vanished.
Castor: Cas-or! Bestest brother. Fun and snuggly and brings stuff. Very safe. Vanished without saying goodbye, and is often missed and looked for.
Marzena: Aunt Marz. Safe. Kind. Snuggly. Suddenly died, and Finni is left confused and missing her. Often brings sticks, antlers, or flowers to leave on her grave.
Natasha: Aunty Nat. Very safe. Fun! Keeps Xan in a better mood/ away from Finni. Taught Finni to swim!
Stark: Big and tough. Safe. Nanna likes. Seems okay?
Cygnus: Put sticky stuff on the ouch Xan caused. Didn't hurt her, safe, quiet. Finni is still unsure about her.
Effie: Put more sticky stuff on her wounds. Kind. Safe. Finni wants to learn more about herbs from her.
Clint: Didn't want Mum to be special. Quiet. Finni is unsure if he's safe.
Laura: New. Quiet. Finni is unsure if she is safe yet.
Keld: Visited the Brotherhood, but doesn't live there and didn't stay long. Fun. Safe? Mum's brother, Finni's Uncle. Lives at the sea, which Finni is excited to visit.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet