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Fluffy Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Young adult
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Character Information

Appearance: A grey wolf who is on the large and pretty much fat size. His body seems to want to keep it's large size no matter how much exercise he does, no matter how much he eats. He's heavy and slow but strong and fluffy. His coat is also thick which keeps him very warm during winters however it's a nightmare to have during the summer. His eyes are brown and there are no visible scars that can be seen.

Main Personality traits:
Heart of an Idiot: Fluffy stands very little chance of seeing the big picture or the real risk of things. His brain just doesn't believe in thinking it through and would rather act as if everything was a completely new situation.
Envious of everything: Apparently anything the others have have a higher value compared to if he has the exact same thing. If he doesn't have better, he will want it. This applies to very many things, including rank of power.
Has a good nature:Been thought and Instinctively knows that all life has value. And objects if others touch it.
Gambler and Challenger: If an opportunity allows him to earn something of value, he will gladly get involved but only if it is worth it.

A history:
Fluffy was first born without a name. His parent didn't seem to have been able to come up with names for the litter. However it was highly inconvenient when they got older. Mother and father started calling each one out based off appearance or personality. Due to being larger than the rest, their reflex was to call him Fluffy. That was the name they ended up sticking with because it worked in the end.

Life continued and nothing important happen. However Fluffy's size did concern others causing a little distrust. They couldn't figure out how he kept a large size and believed he was hiding or stealing food for himself. Problems started to rise and eventually Fluffy came up with a grand idea. Becoming Alpha will surely stop the others from questioning him. Thus he challenged the Alpha, and lost.

With their current laws the duel was completely allowed however the loser was to be exiled. It wasn't direct since it was common courtesy to let both wolves recover. Once healed the Alpha could be challenged again however an exiled wolf may not attempt again unless allowed to rejoin. Fluffy was allowed to return and try again if he proved to them he could survive out there on his own. Life alone out there in the wild was scary looking. He tried talking his way back in but it didn't go his way. So with nothing but his body he wondered out into the unknown feeling both brave and afraid. The question on everyone's mind was: 'Can he make it out there?' Who knows, watch and see.


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Large Stocky
The void
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Food god
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