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Name Pack
Fox Adunati Rangers IV. Trainee
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 4 mos.)
690 SP

Character Information


Healthy and uninjured
Something obvious wrong with her back legs if seen walking


Fox looks very similar to her namesake. Her coat is a vivid orange-red, darkening around her ears spine. Her undercoat is a lighter creamish white, which flows up onto her cheeks. Fox has deep amber eyes. She stands just a little shorter than her father, by far the largest of the girls in their family. While Fox could be very physically capable, by four months of age she’ll have early onset hip dysplasia. This will give her a limping gait when she walks, and running will be very difficult for Fox. Added onto this, her hearing will slowly diminish with age. By her first or second year, she’ll be deaf to the point of sounds being muffled around her. It’ll be like everything is underwater to her.


Quiet - Shy - Obsessive - Family Oriented - Easily frightened - Uneasy around strangers - Perfectionist

Fox is the quietest of the litter, which can be due to her increasing deafness, making it harder to hear people talking. This makes her reluctant to converse in case she doesn’t understand what they’re saying and she makes a mistake by replying incorrectly. If someone tries talking to her directly, she’ll shy away, but if she needs to respond, or wants to tell someone something, she’ll usually mumble it to one of her siblings or parents, getting them to speak for her. This is also evidence to how important family is to her, especially considering how much her sisters and parents protect her. Fox tends to release her nervous energy by performing seemingly unimportant tasks, such as counting objects or neatly lining things up. She gets obsessive about it, needing everything to be perfect, otherwise she’ll start feeling nervous again. If someone stops her before she’s done, or intentionally messes up her project, she’ll throw a fit, either closing herself off and refocusing on the task more intensely, or completely shutting down and not moving.


Full Spring - Fox was born at the Shimmering Shoal to Fawn and Efeon of the Adunati Rangers. She was the first of four daughters. Her sisters are Doe, Eve, and Speck.
Late Spring -
Early Summer - in progress...

(Adult) Stats

Height: 25 in

Weight: 86 lbs

Length: 5.2 ft

Entered the valley: Full Spring, HY4



Height Build
Average Average
Shimmering Shoal
Father Mother
{Efeon} {Fawn}

{Doe}, {Eve}, and {Speck}

Other Relationships
{Bucky} - good cuddles, saved her life
{Kaete} - strange, but not so scary
{Nomad} - strange, mild scariness
{Pierce} - scary
{Polydora} - horrible scary monster
Theme Song
Roses - The Chainsmokers
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet