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Name Pack
Fray Uruz Fellowship II. Shield
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 0 mos.)
3785 SP

Character Information

Species Fur Height Weight Length
Canis Lupus Lycaon - Timber wolf Poofy af, soft 35 in110 lbs6.3 ft
Traits loyal, protective, impulsive, joking, careless, crass


Fray tends to cover himself in this shroud of humor. It's a shell of sorts, hard to break through unless he becomes very close to you. Only two wolves have done so thus far, and seen Fray's deeper side- Kamaal and Yuna. He can be very much an intuitive, caring wolf, even deep in some ways. Mostly, he's an ass. Jokes out of nothing, the definition of Fray's outwards appearance is no fuck's given.

He can be cold at times, bitter and grudge holding. Mostly, though, you really have to piss him off to have him take a go at you. He'd rather push buttons, and have you come to him.

Lately, he's trying to be a bit less of an 'abrasive fucker'. Gotta be good now the Wifey's got kids, eh?

Refers to self as Fray-Fray at times.


Fray is a rather fine specimen. He's a very large male, standing at just under 35 inches, about 6.3 feet long. He weighs 110 lbs of pure muscle, a very fit and strong wolf who has maintained peak health throughout the years. A thick coat of fur in the shade of an average timber-wolf completes his look, the only striking marking he has being two cheek circles. His eyes are a navy blue.

Quote: "Observe, a wild Fray-Fray in its natural habitat.

See as it bounds towards its chosen Sugarbutt-mate, with offerings of prairie dog in its mouth. Majestic, this creature is, leaping with ease through the two-feet deep snow of the plains, head held high and magnificent.."

Fray was a killer. He realized after taking down another male at the age of 9 months, it came easy to him. His size, his strength, he could use it to his advantage.

He began to make deals with other wolves. Someone always wanted someone else dead. Enemies, ex-lovers, superiors, whoever they wanted out of the picture, Fray would take care of it.

For a price.

He'd ask for things in return, to varying extremes depending on what the client wanted. It could be small as a meal, or as large as allowing him to sleep with your sister. It all depended on his mood.

It was easy, it was business. The count kept rising, and he kept a log of each hit, by scratching marks on a stick. Made for a good transaction record.

Needless to say, that stick was pretty damn scratched up.

Then one wolf he was asked to kill, had a daughter. Fray of course did as paid for, and murdered the father, but this daughter wasn't part of the plan, and he left her alone. But she wasn't normal, and he soon realized the girl named Hikari was mentally unstable.

He wasn't usually one to pity, but felt something for the poor, confused thing, and took her under his wing. He was only a few months older than her, and somehow, his cool personality was melted.

Before he knew it, he would do anything for her.

She was his, he was hers, and Fray found some happiness. She was his sunshine.

Of course, it was too much to ask.

She became pregnant, with his pups. And she died, bearing them. The pups didn't make it. It was all stolen from him.

What was left? Nothing.

Soon enough, he found himself in the valley, stirring up trouble with a wolf named {Randy}, who had it out for the Starfall Cadre. Needing to forget his own miseries, reckless with his life, Fray agreed to help rough them up. Perhaps his heart wasn't into it, but the attempt went a little botched, Randy claiming he'd done more work than the so called 'assassin'.

They stuck together during that time after, wandering, Fray preferring to keep his name hidden to those he met. He's gone by Walter, Fernando, and then Fray only to those close to him, trustworthy.

At the coast, he bumped into {Kamaal} again- a somewhat psychotic female he found faintly similar to Hikari. They grew a bit closer over a vomit-induced incident, at around the same time he developed a crush on the already taken {Yuna}.

Randy split off from him, and Fray wandered after Kamaal, till they finally got it on in fall.

Staying loyal, he followed her to the Evergreens, where his reputation proceeded him. There, they met {Skuld}, whom Fray got along with just fine after finding out they both shared a rather.. Exotic taste for mushrooms. Go figure.

Drama erupted when {Rufus} almost threw both Kamaal and himself out of the forest, but Fray managed to save her tail with lies. Still, she left him for beating up {Pierre} at the Cadre fight. Leaving Fray highly bitter, and morbid.

He left the forest with Skuld, their friendship growing much stronger. Splitting off briefly, Fray helped Yuna look for her mate, and his crush turned into more of a.. Protective friendship.

Returning to the beach, they found both Skuld and Kamaal with broken legs. Cliff jumping, if you could believe it. Tensions mounted, with the group stuck in close quarters, and when Kamaal finally pushed a few too many of his buttons, Fray confessed his love for her. She confessed back. Holy fucking matrimony, and come wintertime, he'd won out over her ex {Ren}, and they banged during her heat. In a cyclone non-the-less.

Currently, he's in a group with the two girls, along with {Meir}. They're heading north, to seek a territory for winter.. and perhaps future pups.

Best Traits loyal, caring, protective, joking
Worst Traits crass, impulsive, careless
Fears Kamaal and the kids will die like Hikari did


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Far to the North of Horizon.
Father Mother
Aaron Miller Stella

Long-ass list of pricks.

{Kamaal} Dis my bitch go find yo own
Framaal babs {Buffy}, {Xavier}, and {Lynn}
Other Relationships
Previous mateClose friends
Hikari✝ {Skuld}, {Yuna}
Starfall Cadre Wolves, mostly {Pierre}. {Klass}, {Rufus}, {Vito}, {Stark}, {Tidus}, {Abrielle}, {Orion}, {Vincent}, {Pace}
{Randy}, {Meir},{Eden}, {Nomad}, {Chai}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet