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Name Pack
Frick Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
265 SP

Character Information

aka Frederick but don't ever call him that.

Frick is of average height, though his body is composed mostly of muscle. His fur is a pure, dark onyx, on which there is no other pigmentation. It's puffy and sometimes sticks out in all directions, making him look a bit ruffled or mischievous, depending on his mood. Hie has emerald-green eyes.
//I'm awful at manips though so his eye color isn't consistent in his refs. Oops.

+ +Fun. Social. Sympathetic. Loyal. Bigger bark than bite.+ +
= =Loves attention. Lonely. Driven. Trickster. Immature. Lewd. = =
- -Self-absorbed. Pretentious. Stubborn. Manipulative. Compensating. - -
Frick has known a life of pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally. He's used to building himself up, making himself seem distant to prevent more damage and putting on a show to pull others closer to him. Deep down, he craves attention, love, and care, and he has those same feelings, even if he stifles them or misinterprets them. He's very judgmental of others and can act pretty high-and-mighty, sometimes jokingly and other times seriously, depending on the situation. As far as emotions go, his are tied up in knots. Sometimes, he reacts with anger toward strong emotions, specifically painful ones.
Given that he was abandoned by his parents, Frick is lonely. He puts on a show when he wants attention, and can take rejection pretty hard. He's slow to trust and even slower to form a bond with because of past experiences and a hard outer shell, but Frick is undoubtedly-loyal to those whom he's established a bond.
There's always been a playful, trickster streak within him, and he often relies upon his fun, adventurous personality to stir up trouble and make himself look interesting. He's also not opposed to causing chaos for others, should the incentive be good enough. He can be extremely reckless, sometimes due to the feeling of having nothing left to lose, and other times because of too much self-confidence.

Frederick was the only surviving pup in a litter of three, and was treated bitterly, as though he was selfish for surviving when his littermates perished. It was, in truth, a miracle he'd survived at all--his parents were scraggly and starving, and, while they became less gaunt during the summer months, food was still scarce for the family of three. Frederick was often forced to eat last on the days he was lucky enough to be offered his parents' scraps.
Despite this deplorable treatment, Frederick was a sensitive, sweet pup, and still vied for affection from his family. More often than not, though, his playful notions were misinterpreted, ignored, and scolded, and by the time he and his parents had been taken prisoner for hunting on pack lands, Frederick was just barely holding on to that innocent craving for attention by a thread. When he discovered that his parents had escaped one night without him, without even saying goodbye, his heart was smashed to pieces. With his spirit broken and no parents to take care of him, his captors, acting with neither malevolence or clemency, walked him outside of their territory and set him free. It was suspected that he'd die, given his lethargic, sullen demeanor and young age on around seven months, but he was given a fair chance at survival anyhow.
Frederick had grasped at that chance to survive and traveled about, a nomad wandering aimlessly from place to place in search of companionship. He'd decided change his name to Frick, which he got from shortening his birth name. To him, it seemed fitting; his parents should have named him that. Plus, he never liked the name Frederick, anyway.
He's always eager to cause mischief during his travels, too. It attracts attention, makes his heart race, and makes him feel alive. For a cold, desolate creature such as himself, it's easy to understand Frick's reckless actions.


Height Build
Average Muscular
West coast of the U.S.
Father Mother
Other Relationships
Litte White One: You were cute until you tried to get me to catch a rattlesnake for you, then sicced your bodyguard on me. But I guess you got what you deserved, didn't you? Have fun with that leg.

Bodyguard: I hate you. You had no right to come out of nowhere and attack me like that. I wish I could've taught you a lesson like I taught your friend.

Esme: I got bored of you. And then lost you. Thanks for all you did for me though.
Senna: You're pretty cool. If I'm in the area again, I'll try and find you.
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