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Name Pack
Gaius Ardelean Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 6 mos.)
495 SP

Character Information

A skinny bitch. Black. Very tall. Finally catching up to his ears and paws, though it may take a while for him to get completely coordinated. Bright blue eyes, in that weird gangly stage where hes kinda cute but also kinda handsome.

Charming · Proud · Selfish

So far, Gaius has grown up to be quite an adventurous, curious boy. Very quiet, almost comes across as rude and stoic as a first impression. He is proud of his skills and hates being wrong, it makes him quite embarrassed. His selfishness is only subtle, and has not developed into what it could be - which would be rather problematic - as he has had no issues concerning that part of himself. He's gotten what he wants since he was born. But, he has a soft interior, though he rarely shows it, that seeks approval, just like any other pup. He's getting okay at making friends, too.

  • Born on the 1st of September to {Valaeria} Ardelean, alongside {Livia} and {Vita}, his sisters and a stillborn brother.
  • At three weeks, he bonds with his remaining sister, Livia.
  • Soon after, Vita dies. Gaius, however, doesn't really care.
  • He meets Tunglid at one month old, who he calls "Tungwith". He teaches him various words.
  • At two months, the Concord, his birth pack, disbands. His mother calls himself, Livia and {Benvolio}, who remained after the members left, and they leave to find a safer home. Gaius' bond with his sister dissolves a bit.
  • On their way down from the mountain, the small group meets {Drake}, who rubs literally everyone the wrong way. Gaius discovers he really hates rain. Afterwards, Benvolio announces he has a temporary home for the family.
  • Benvolio leads the small family to the Firewing Brotherhood, where they meet {Natasha}, {Eyja} and {Finni}. Valaeria decides they shall stay in the meantime.
  • Gaius discovers the river, and how fish tastes. He speaks a little more with Natasha, and meets {Valkyrie}, who he instantly hits it off with. They speak about boys and girls, being friends, and have a race.
  • The day after, Valaeria calls her two pups, and educates them on their enemies, as well as sparring. Gaius becomes wary of particularly coloured wolves (see Tidbits) and some wolf families (see Negative relations).
  • Gaius meets {Pyre} and {Ego} amidst a butterfly swarm. He learns a new game; "Tag".
  • Benvolio catches Gaius at the border of the Brotherhood, and gives him a taste of rabbit. He promises to teach him how to hunt, a very promising aspect to Gaius.
  • Summer hits. Gaius cools down with Valkyrie in the river. She teaches him how to hold his breath and go underwater.
  • After meeting with Crixus, Gaius' father, Valaeria meets with her pups, telling them they will have to leave when they get older. Gaius is doubtful, but promises to put his family above all else, and to be careful of strangers.
  • Gaius and Livia bond once more while looking for Valkyrie, though a little hesitant on Gaius' side. He wishes his friend goodbye, in case he won't be able to say it when he needs to go.
  • Valaeria is bitten by a poisonous snake and calls her pups, telling them to leave before anyone else notices. Unfortunately, Natasha shows up before Gaius and Livia can completely leave.
  • Having lost his mother, his home, his friend, and even his possible pack, Gaius is distraught. He develops trauma from this event, and draws closer to Livia, being the only family he has left.
  • Used to speak with a lisp in his first month. However, his mother has gotten that out of him quick smart.
  • Has yet to meet another male pup; has only known females apart from a few exceptions.
  • Is wary of white furred wolves. Black, sort of, but not so much. Any other colour is fine. This has developed from the information his mother has told him. Is very likely to avoid lighter furred wolves, if at all.

    HeightVery Large
    Spirit SymbolPrint
    BirthdaySeptember 1st, HY5
    BirthplaceMoonglade Springs

    {Livia} and {Vita} ✝ (+1 unnamed stillborn).

    {Livia} — Okay. Let him say goodbye to Valkyrie. Trusted.
    Half siblings {Greyson}, {Arcadia} and many, many others from Crixus, all of which he has no knowledge of.
    Current Location
    Guarded Fallswith {Livia}, {Natasha}, {Finni}, {Benvolio} and {Eyja}
    Positive Relations

    {Tunglid} — Tungwith. Brought him a meat-thing. Nice. Likes. Left

    {Valkyrie} — Girl pup. Small. Asks a lot of questions. Likes. Friends! Trusted, despite his mother never saying he could.

    {Pyre} — Girl pup. Loud, likes to play. Can jump pretty high. Likes.

    Neutral Relations

    {Benvolio} — Ben-vo-li-oo. Okay. Trusted. Travelmate.

    {Finni} — Name forgotten. Okay.

    {Eyja} — Name forgotten. Quiet.

    {Ego} — Girl pup. Quiet.

    Negative Relations

    {Drake} — Stupid name with a stupid r-sound. Made him get wet, hungry and bored.

    {Crixus} — Dangerous. Don't speak to. Don't trust. Mother said so.

    {Dragomir} — Dangerous. Stay away. Mother said so.

    {Kaya} — Dangerous. Bad, bad, bad. Mother said so.

    Anyone with the last name Blanc, Negrescu, Silvano or EaldwineDangerous. Will hurt him. Don't go near. Mother said so.

    {Natasha} — Valkyrie's mother. Was nice but wants to take him away from his family. Lied to him. Mother said so.

    {Kronos} — Has never met, but wants to steal him away from his mother. Not nice. Bad. Mother said so.


    Height Build
    Very Large Lean
    Moonglade Springs
    Father Mother
    Spirit Symbol