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Name Pack
Gaius Ardelean Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 3 mos.)
275 SP

Character Information

A skinny bitch. Growing rapidly. Black. Massive paws. Oversized ears. Long legs. His eyes have developed into the dazzling blue they were always meant to be. Very cute.
Charming · Proud · Selfish
  • Born on the 1st of September to {Valaeria} Ardelean, alongside {Livia} and {Vita}, his sisters and a stillborn brother.
  • At three weeks, he bonds with his remaining sister, Livia.
  • Soon after, Vita dies. Gaius, however, doesn't really care.
  • He meets Tunglid at one month old, who he calls "Tungwith". He teaches him various words.
  • At two months, the Concord, his birth pack, disbands. His mother calls himself, Livia and {Benvolio}, who remained after the members left, and they leave to find a safer home. Gaius' bond with his sister dissolves a bit.
  • On their way down from the mountain, the small group meets {Drake}, who rubs literally everyone the wrong way. Gaius discovers he really hates rain. Afterwards, Benvolio announces he has a temporary home for the family.
  • Benvolio leads the small family to the Firewing Brotherhood, where they meet {Natasha}, {Eyja} and {Finni}. Valaeria decides they shall stay in the meantime.
Used to speak with a lisp in his first month. However, his mother has gotten that out of him quick smart.


HeightVery Large
Spirit SymbolPrint
BirthdaySeptember 1st, HY5
BirthplaceMoonglade Springs

{Livia} and {Vita} ✝ (+1 unnamed stillborn).

{Livia} — Annoying sister, but still family. Trusted.
Half siblings {Greyson} and {Arcadia}, whom he has no knowledge of.
Current Location
Guarded Fallswith {Valaeria} and {Livia}
Positive Relations

{Tunglid} — Tungwith. Brought him a meat-thing. Nice. Likes. Left

Neutral Relations

{Benvolio} — Ben-vo-li-oo. Okay. Trusted. Travelmate.

{Natasha} — Name forgotten. Okay.

{Finni} — Name forgotten. Okay.

{Eyja} — Name forgotten. Quiet.

Negative Relations

{Drake} — Stupid name with a stupid r-sound. Made him get wet, hungry and bored.


Height Build
Very Large Lean
Moonglade Springs
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet