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Gareth Mercer Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
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(8 yrs, 7 mos.)
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Character Information

33 in. 109 lbs. 6.0 ft.

APPEARANCE Gareth was a creature to be feared. His coat having once been dominated by dusty browns and inky, luscious ebonies, his underside now grayed with age, and with eyes of burnished gold. His snout and forelegs bare the marks and scars inflicted by challengers past, and challengers long conquered. His build is powerful, though perhaps not as much as it once was.

PERSONALITY He was, for the majority of his life, a manipulator, known for going to great lengths to achieve whatever his heart so happened to desire. From lying to stealing to cheating to blackmailing to outright taking, no atrocity was too atrocious for him to delight in committing. Though, having been overthrown and chased from his land left him significantly more cautious, possessive, and startlingly aware of the consequences of his actions.

BACKGROUND Gareth was born alongside a brother and a sister. His mother was a cold woman, his father endlessly willing to feed her whims. It was these whims which killed him; it was the starvation that followed which killed Gareth's sister. In the face of tragedy, his mother left he and his brother without a word. It was this upbringing that left Gareth Mercer so bitter, and this bitterness that drove his ambition.

Love never enticed him like it did with most, as he'd scarcely known it. Instead, he aimed to lead--and a leader he did become, through any means he thought easiest. His rule was ruthless, employing fear and spilled blood to keep his cattle in line. Seeing what he'd become, his brother, too, abandoned him. Gareth was too far gone to care.

Good graces left the rule of Gareth in his seventh year. With their numbers grown, his subordinates overthrew him, and chased him from their lands. Word spread quickly through the south, and, with his name tainted, the man found teeth bared at every border. He knew he had to get away from it; to abandon the ruins he'd made. So, naturally, he went north--and found Horizon. Even there, though, he found a ghost of his past.


Height Build
Large Stocky
South of Horizon
Father Mother
Dead Also dead

Sister and brother—dead and worthless, respectively.

Spirit Symbol
None yet