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Name Pack
Geir Ek Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 3 mos.)
1280 SP

Character Information

friendly. helpful. selfless. submissive.
entertainer. pushover. humorous. mindful.
outgoing. productive. loyal. non-confrontational.

5.7 ft. 30 inches. 77 lbs.

Physically, Geir resembles his father. Large in height, his coat is more of a white rather than cream. He is stocky in build, but that’s just more of Geir for you to love on. His eyes are an average blue.

Adult size stats will be: 6.5 ft, 34 inches,~125lbs

"Whatever you need! I got this, just for you!"

His life was meant to be a situation where he was born into power and privileged. Instead he was born as a guest of the Evergreen Wolves alongside his brother and his sister, his father nowhere to be found.

He never knew {Ragnar}, was abandoned by {Sigfrid} and has had to let go of {Leif} and {Ylva}. He is quite alone, far away from even his Kin.



Height Build
Very Large Stocky
Evergreen Forest
Father Mother
{Ragnar} {Sigfrid}


Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet