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Name Pack
Gus Rogue
Sex Status
Male Starving
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 5 mos.)
0 SP

Character Information


A large, but lanky specimen, unable to fill out properly. His coat is an ashen grey with a pair of sooty ears and pale paws — one of which (the hind right one) is mangled, ravaged by strong jaws. He walks with a crippling limp, forced to lift it when he runs. A pair of amber eyes are set in his skull. They can either blaze like a forest fire or become dulled like an aged window.


Aggression had its hands on the reins of Gus’ bridle. His aura was like a plague. It sought to infect others with the same anger that seethed within his veins. Spurred on by his inner conflict: wanting to be completely alone whilst needing others. He wanted them to feel what he did and have nothing to do with them. Gus wasn’t sure what it was about being a lone wolf that could draw others in. The empaths. Their only purpose in life being to knock down walls that others had taken so much time and care into crafting. They were architects. Gus was a craftsman who wanted to be left to his humble work.

If they heard his story, some might say it was her fault. The maker of his ruined leg. At the time, he had thought so as well. It was why he chose to forget his past. Just be Gus, just Gus. Only Gus. But she had given him something no one else would ever be able to give him: tension. Peace is a figment of imagination. She had taught him that — either intentionally or unwittingly. He was set in his ways, knew what he wanted — or thought he did.

Gus had more wolves to thank for what he was: a survivor. Had he an army, he would have squashed them all. But all he had was Gus, only Gus. While he hadn’t the slightest if that was for the best or the worst, he was still alive. That was all he cared about, in the end.


Height Build
Very Large Thin
Snow Peak Pack
Father Mother
Lyle Laurel


Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet