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Name Pack
Heiwa Atataski Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 8 mos.)
100 SP

Character Information


Heiwa smells like pine and raspberries. A strong scent that lasts for days and is unique.


A tall and thin wolf with a white pelt blanketed by black fur. Amber eyes pierce one's soul. Her face is primarily black. Her tail is also black, with a white tip. An odd but gorgeous mix. As she grows older she'll get blacker and blacker.


Untrue to her name, Heiwa is not one for peace. She is restless, never staying in one place for very long. This has caused her to be well-traveled and through her travels, very knowledgeable in herbs and other things. She enjoys harming those who harm the innocent. Mothers, pups, fathers. All deserve to live. All deserve peace. But those who rape? Dead. Those who murder? They die. In Heiwa's mind, she keeps the peace. She keeps wolves safe. She is a good wolf. But deep down. She's rude. She has dark desires. She has a deep-rooted bloodlust. A thirst for the pain of others. And she hates it. Despises that part of herself. She covers it up with jokes about death. By killing "bad wolves". She loves hearing the blood-curdling screams of dying wolves. She loves the metallic taste of blood. She loves the way bones crunch in her jaws, the way blood just oozes from another's flesh. She loves death. She occasionally allows herself to indulge in these sickening fantasies. Heiwa, though she tries to be, is not a good wolf.


Heiwa also has schizophrenia. This is how her brain portrays her urges to kill. She deals with these on a constant basis and frequently talks to "them", but is often seen as insane because she talks to herself all the time. The she-wolf has also developed names for certain voices. The one that always has her on edge she has decided to call "Kirot" and the one that urges her to kill everyone she calls "Falon". Heiwa hates the voices and has often thought about killing herself or getting someone else to do it for her so she can get rid of them.

Herbal Knowledge

White Willow Bark - Good for getting rid of headaches, but too much can cause harm. The tree grows in meadows, around lakes and rivers, and the edges of wetlands.

Chamomille - Helps stops vomiting. Grows in fields.

St. John's Wort - Good for keeping small wounds from getting infected. Also calms a wolf down. Grows in fields with lots of sun and dry soil.

Willow - The wood isn't poisonous, but the bark of the tree is. It takes a while to work, first comes vomiting, then extreme nausea, then death. Don't chew on it. Grows in places with moist soil like next to rivers or in fields where it rains a lot.

Ginger - Good for stopping nausea, bloating, and helps with hurting joints(arthritis). Grows in warmer climates. Easy to find because of the smell.

Catmint - Makes wolves sleepy. It grows in dry river banks and chalky soil.

Hops - Poisonus. Small amounts can cause vomiting and the wolf will be sick for a few days. Large amounts can cause a quick death. Grows in most soils, in rainy places that are also warm.

Rosary Pea - Very deadly. 3 seeds can kill a large wolf. Grows in plains areas.

Wolfsbane - Very poisonous. Can be found in mountainous areas. Killed Heiwa's mom.

Last picture in slideshow is cute lil baby Heiwa for giggles.

Mods I will message one of you ASAP about her herbal knowledge. Yes, I did the research on how they affect canines and where they grow.


Height Build
Small Thin
East of Horizon
Father Mother
Koroku Atataski Akatashi Atataski

Shi Atataski

Hakai (half-brother)

They'd die.
I'd hurt them.
Other Relationships
{Relic} - He showed her kindness and hospitality when she first entered the valley, and he will always have her respect and gratitude for it.

{Stephan} - A brooding guy who is very skeptical. She doesn't know his name.

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet