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Hestia Rogue
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Female Healthy
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(5 yrs, 3 mos.)
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Character Information

Personality - Hestia is similar to her sister, Tyra in some ways. She talks slightly more than her sister, but all in all… stays quiet unless there is a need to speak. Hestia prefers to talk in grunts, but do not mistake this as dumbness. Hestia is actually pretty smart. She believes silence is a form of brilliance. Those who spew their brain are fools because he or she opens themselves up to attackers. Since Hestia is small yet lean, the woman prefers to use actions or words (if need be) rather than physical attacks. Though Hestia is quite and seems welcoming, the she-wolf secretly analyzes and judges those she meets. Hestia has manners. Therefore, she normally knows when or when not to act or speak. Hestia finds it hard to open up to others, or welcome them into her circle. Unlike her sister, Hestia doesn’t want to be as dominate. However, if she deems someone “unworthy” then she will claim herself higher than he or she. Hestia doesn’t care much what others think of her, if she has a good reputation, then good… if she has a bad or fearful reputation, great. She believes any reputation can be twisted to her advantage. Hestia is strong like her sister, not allowing storms to tear her down. She goes after what she wants, sometimes to the point of being obsessed.

Appearance - Hestia is small but lean. She is built for the desert. This woman has a rusty red and orange pelt that has a thin black blanket glazed over her back. Though her build is small, she has long legs for running across the hot sands. She also has a longer muzzle to take in more air. Hestia has a darker mask around the front of her face, which makes her bright yellow eyes shine. Her underbelly, chest, and legs are a creamish white.Her ears are also large like a normal desert dweller. Hestia usually has a bored or even regal look upon her face. This may give her an aura of power. All in all, Hestia may be attractive towards some wolves, but she has no special markings on her.


Height Build
Small Lean
A desert
Father Mother
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