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Name Pack
Hija Rogue
Sex Status
Female Pregnant
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 8 mos.)
1540 SP

Character Information


Shortly after the birth, Hija disappeared with her pups. Roman has to. It is unclear as to whether or not they left together or separately.


There is a sense of intense calm that follows Hija around. Because her mind is constantly in the present moment after instinctively considering the next move, she doesn't worry or rush. In moments of high stress, her fur may spike and her teeth may flash, but it's more of an early warning; she'll reel herself back in, having an uncanny self-control.

She's very disciplined. Ambition is what makes her tick, and she looks for a sort of perfection in everything she does. She holds honesty and respect in high regard, and she wants to be sure she maintains her integrity in the process of getting where she needs to be.

Hija expects wolves to maintain themselves at certain level of self-respecting caliber. She is the type of wolf who naturally pushes others to raise their own bars. The only problem with that is she is of the belief that everyone is great until they're not anymore. Everyone starts off strong when they first meet each other, but then they get lazy and she has little to no tolerance for that; something she does not have tolerance for.

Hija is, for the most part, about drive and ambition. But she's actually fairly light-hearted and loves to Enjoy. Experience. Live.

Afraid of real emotion.
Ruled by logic, Hija has a hard time when it comes to letting others into her inner world. In fact, she rarely lets herself in there. Because her focus is on the present but she has always considered the next step, she doesn't stop to really consider her feelings. Because of this, she doesn't know how to truly be empathetic—but she gives it an earnest shot.


Many would say that the calm before the storm is just a feeling - not an actual physical state - but on the day when Hija had watched her mother die, there had been a noticeable lull that came over both her and her mother at nearly the exact time only moments before the world exploded. Yaele had stood and moved to the outer edge of the clearing, standing tall with her nose to the wind. Hija tilted her head up too, but there was no scent that would be cause for alarm, just a hunch.

She saw her mother stiffen for a moment. Seconds later, two wolves - muddled grey - burst through the trees and struck Yaele with a brute force.

As a born loner, Hija knew two things—defend what was needed to survive, and run if you could live without it. You didn’t pick a fight you couldn’t win. She could hear her mother yell for her to go. The instinct to flee was still there, but the drive to defend was overwhelming. It was her mother. Her eyes grew wide as one wolf, the male, demolished Yaele; grabbed her head in his massive jaws and bit down with force. The other wolf stood by, searching the area, and zeroed in on where Hija stood rooted to the ground.

In an instant, she’d felt a blaze of hot rage boil up in her blood. Her heart was beating like a jackhammer. She wasn’t even a year old yet - she knew she had to get out of there. She tucked tail and ran as fast as she could, for as long as she could. And when she felt like she couldn’t run anymore, she remembered the way her mother’s skull had crushed in on itself, and she ran more.


  • Hija was only 10 months old when her mother was killed. She never met her father, and doesn't know if he's alive.

  • To keep herself motivated and safe, she played a 'Shadow Game' every night: stay in the shadows, don't let the moon touch you. If you're still alive come morning, you won.

  • A quote her mother said, that she holds onto: If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, you must go together.

  • She was taught not to panic over the little things. If you were still alive, and could still hunt, you were fine.


Height Build
Average Muscular
A place further than Taiyae.
Father Mother
Unknown Yaele


Other Relationships

{Roman}: Strong feelings for him.
{Verin}: Friends, like a brother.
{Vesper}: Friends, looks up to him.
{Nyla}: Best friends, like a sister.
{Dante}: Tolerates.
{Chai}: Friends, but reserved.
{Valentina}: Polite exchanges.



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