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Name Pack
Icarus Dusk Twilight Vanguard I. Chief
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 7 mos.)
2555 SP

Character Information

Late Autumn HY4 — To protect the Twilight Vanguard. Such a big heart, so full of love - but nobody to give it to.
By RAINY!! His pelt is predominantly dusty white. His face and chest are marked by a dark charcoal mask, as are his ears and tail tip. Silver blankets his back, giving the impression of being dirty even if he had somehow managed to clean himself. A pair of dark hazel eyes stare out from the black wash of his face. Though they are deep, they always seem to hold a spark of mischief to them.

Icarus has reached his adult height. He looks constantly disheveled, though he has been trying to groom himself better, and his body is covered in small scars barely noticeable unless one searches for them. His lower stomach is nearly bald with scar tissue, and his sharp, pointed face possesses a boyish charm. He has begun to develop a muscular physique despite his gangly long-leggedness.
For such a cheery boy, strangers might be surprised to know how much he has truly endured. But that is what comprises Icarus at his core: he is a survivor. He has outlasted tragedy after tragedy and emerges seemingly unaffected - or, if anything, stronger. Adaptable and difficult to break, Icarus only continues to learn and grow from hardships. He has a noble heart, and he won't let anything stand between him and his ideals.

Icarus has a heart as big as his body. Those who earn his favor (which isn't hard) will find themselves with a friend for life, as Icarus is someone who will dedicate perhaps too much time to ensuring his loved ones are happy and safe. He adores his friends and family, and he isn't afraid to let them know.

Relentlessly optimistic is a pretty accurate way to summarize Icarus. He always finds a reason to smile or something to crack a joke at, and he thrives off of good moods and excitement.

Being as hardy as he is, Icarus doesn't let go easily. He forms bonds quickly and clings to them, placing an inappropriately high value on anyone he considers a friend. Insults and mockery roll off his back with little effect. If you think being mean to him will get him to leave you alone, you're super wrong.

Unfortunately, for as much as he loves and wants to make others happy, Icarus has a tendency to get carried away with his goals. Once he sets his sights on something, he will charge headlong into it with little regard for the person he is actually doing it for, or those around him. So many seasons of solitary travel has made him independent, and at times inconsiderate.


Icarus is born alongside Dalus and Tara to mother Rhea Dusk and father Azazel in the Emerald Labyrinth in HY2.
Late Spring HY2

Icarus is born and meets the Medicine Man, Josalyn. He is a happy potato.
Early Summer HY2
the whole thing is coming i swear. i just got lazy
Full Summer HY2
Late Summer HY2
Late Spring, HY2 0 years, 0 months
Dalus, Tara, and Icarus are born to Rhea Dusk and Azazel. They spend their days as warm, fuzzy, happy potatoes.

Early Summer, HY2 0 years, 1 month
All Icarus knows is rain. He likes to fight the thunder. He meets Cree, who scares the poop out of him, and Eerik and Aksel, who he idolizes. He also meets Josalyn and develops a brief cough, but gets over it.

Full Summer, HY2 0 years, 2 months
The rain stops. Cree offends his family's honor, so he stands up to her. He meets a new packmate, Clover, who is friends with Josalyn. Then he meets Astrid after stumbling upon Cree crying over a dead bird, but his mom busts in and annoys Cree and Astrid, thoroughly embarrassing Icarus. It's okay though, because Cree finds him afterwards and apologizes.

Late Summer, HY2 0 years, 3 months
Icarus and Eerik encounter a skunk at the Ol' Great Big. Icarus is later told of an attack at the borders in which Dalus and Cree were involved. He awakens one morning to find Dalus gone and, in searching for him, experiences the massive earthquake that shakes the valley, then helps rescue Eerik who has fallen from a cliff. He gets in some hunting practice, meets Zehnai, and gets lost in the shrouded pines.

Early Autumn, HY2 0 years, 4 months
Under construction.

Full Autumn, HY2 0 years, 5 months
Under construction.

Late Autumn, HY2 - Full Winter, HY3 0 years, 6-8 months
Under construction.

Late Winter, HY3 0 years, 9 months
Icarus finally returns to Horizon Valley only to find the Northern Order and his family vanished; thankfully, he has at least one friend to greet him: Darcian.

don't you feed me lines about some idealistic future
your heart won't feel right if you keep tearing out the sutures


Height Build
Average Muscular
Emerald Labyrinth [Northern Order]
Father Mother
{Azazel} † {Rhea} Dusk

{Tara} Dusk ♀ - Littermate
{Dalus} Dusk ♂ - Littermate

{Aksel} Holt
You're my brother. You give me the confidence I never had before.
{Ross} Thorn
You're my brother. Your grumpy face is the light of my life.
{Darcian} Aekyr
I wish you would stay.
{Josalyn} ♀, {Epidemic} ♀, {Kronos} ♂, {Atalya} ♀, {Artem} ♂, {Aiden} ♂, {Braith} ♀, {Cleo} ♀
{Tiberius} Zarin
Don't think I've forgotten what you've done. I won't let you hurt my friends again.
It's Complicated
{Nayomi} ♀
I don't know what to think of you. You become more of a memory each passing day.
Other Relationships
Fawn ♀ †
You were my first best friend, we were supposed to be supreme overlords together. Where did you go? I still think about you.
Recent Encounters
{Jethro} ♂, {Jay} ♂, {Sokol} ♂, {Mintaka} ♀, {Tesla} ♀, {Tamaska} ♀, {Scott} ♂, {Bucky} ♂, {Auracilla} ♀, {Leas} ♀, {Rathbone} ♂
Teasing To Please (Left Side, Strong Side) - Cute Is What We Aim For
Riptide - Vance Joy
Nothing Better - The Postal Service
Dynamic Particles - One Silver Astronaut
Curiosity - Carly Rae Jepsen
Feeling This - Blink 182
Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
Closer - Tegan and Sara
Treasure Box
Appearance headshot by Rainy! <3

Altair & Icarus (by Dom! <3)

THE BOIS (by Jill <3)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet