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Name Pack
Idemoni Shaka Hellmaw Empire II. Loyal
Sex Status
Female Starving
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 6 mos.)
1760 SP

Character Information

Meek | weak | brainwashed | scared | submissive | loyal | religious

Born in a pack that hated her, despised her, because they all believed in a story, in a religion that drove them mad. And she ended up just as brainwashed as them. She believes she needs to kill ''another one like herself'', to become a ''normal'' wolf. Her whole life is based around this madness, this children's fairy tale, that the adults turned into a way to control others.
They're hunting her.

Ida is no longer Ida.

''Demon'' list

- Bright colored coats. Whether or not the coloring is natural, she still believes it's a demon feature. She also believes normal looking wolves with at least one interesting marking on their coat can be considered demons.
- Different colored eyes. Green eyes, blue eyes. They're all bad. Yellow, golden, brown, grey and amber are normal to her. But those other eye colors? Nope. And heterochromea? Hell no! Don't get her started on that! Even if one of your eyes is still a color considered normal to her, Idemoni will not like!
- Different shaped bodies. Tall with long legs but extremely thin? Small or even petite yet muscular? Shudder!

These eye colors and any other shades of the blue and green eye colors are features of demons.

Mixtures of eye colors are demonic features, as well. Even if one of the eyes is considered a normal color, or both eyes are, if there's heterochromea it's considered a demonic feature.



Insindiso is the god.
He is pure, and kind. He's the world's light and life. Pure white in coat, surrounded by a bright aura, with eyes golden and pretty. Sleek yet strong build. Insindiso takes care of the sun rising and setting, of the nights turning into days. He gives life to the world, and chances to any reborn wolves that seek redemption, that seek a better life.

Okubi is the devil.
He is the darkness, the pain. He is dark, unkind. He's evil. He's the world's darkness and death. Coat as black as the night, with a blood red aura surrounding him, his eyes a bright blood red, terrifying. Sleek yet strong build, same as his brother. Okubi takes care of the moon coming and going, of the days turning into nights. He takes lives, gives death to the world, and creates the demons that roam the earth seeking for the redemption Insindiso is willing to give them. Okubi tortures his brother, by taking all the good things away.

Okubi betrayed Insindiso. He thought his brother was stupid for believing there could only be good. And to prove he was right, Okubi became the opposite of his brother. To this day, they are enemies. There is no more love between them. If you think the world is meant to have life and death, think again. Imagine a world without death and pain. Imagine a world with only love and happiness and light. Are you feeling betrayed yet?
- All demons are meant to be shunned.
- Demons are either killed or banned from the pack if they break the rules or endanger the lives of pure wolves.
- Demons have no say. If they decide to be exiled, pure wolves are still allowed to hunt them down and kill them.
- Demons are considered bad luck to the pack, ignore them at all costs.
- Demons cannot have any high ranks in the pack, nor any of the other ranks. They're supposed to be without a rank for the rest of their lives.
- If a demon gives birth to pups and the pups are demons, as well, the parents and pups are either killed or banned.


Height Build
Average Average
Imbali Valley
Father Mother
Kgabu Shaka Thadie Shaka

Ulwazi (F)
Amahle (F)
Lerato (F)

Jabulile (M)
Funani (M)

Litter mates:
Phila (M)
Siyanda (M)
Liyana (F)

She's unworthy to have one
''She's not mine, She's his...''
Two stillborns
{Eden} (demon)
{Hedvig} (demon)
{Stormfront} (demon)
{Ororo} (demon)
{Nima} (her obsession)
{Kolana} (demon)
{Manson} (demon)
{Lorenzo} (demon)
{Maia} (demon)
{Kara} (demon)
Visited areas
Eastern Wasteland
Adder Creek
Verdant Hills
Fossil Butte
Sandstone Gorge
Western Planes
Strongwind Range
Skyrise Pass
Lake Melody
Other Relationships
Voice actor
Julia Roberts
Adrian von Ziegler - Night Mist
Adrian von Ziegler - Morning Dew
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet