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Name Pack
Igbo Black Rogue
Gender Status
Male Ill
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 10 mos.)
1560 SP

Character Information

Appearance- Igbo Black has lost a lot of weight this winter and his winter coat is not full developed. He is gaunt and his bones peak out.
Personality- Mr. Black is more emotional and easier to become riled up due to the pain of his physical weakness. Additionally, recent events in The Kingdom (from himself and others) have lead him to become extremely distrustful, to the point of constantly being paranoid of his actions and who is speaking to him and whether it interferes with his main goal.

Weight: 70 lbs
Height: 22 inches (~2 feet)
Length: 5 feet
With a small stature, the shady pelt of Igbo Black lays flat and matte. His amber eyes offer no significant appearance, except when in thought. His scent is typically earthy, offering different scents of plants.
Igbo Black's basic treatment of others is summed up for what they can do for him. Igbo feels a great disadvantage of his size and weight, therefore he uses his knowledge as a weapon. His acquired taste for dabbling in herbs have given him a sense of confidence in how wolves will treat him if they know Mr. Black can solve any emotional or physical issue. Regardless, Igbo is generally relaxed. He mostly has a chill demeanor. He tends to wiggle himself into trouble and exit with a quick escape.
On another note, his insecurity have given him compassion to smaller, or deemed weaker wolves. One could say he is "size-ist" against larger wolves.
Being the runt and surviving left Igbo's fate up to chances. Being unable to perform the tasks of most wolves, Igbo took to eating different supplements, which in turn inspired his love for herbs. Testing on himself and other wolves eventually lead to Igbo slowly making his way out of his natal pack.
Igbo's Muse XXX. by Kendrick Lamar (DAMN. Album) or any Rebelution song..
Herb Knowledge
Igbo Culture Igbo is a south Nigerian language/culture and what is below is pure fiction. Nothing written below has anything to do with the real culture unless purposely! applied!
-A pack following Igbo Culture is named Igbo Culture.
-Igbo has multiple complex meanings. On one hand, Igbo is a symbol of death, but can also be referred to as a God itself. Igbo can also be reference to the Culture's identity. To experience being within a Culture, it is defined as Igbo, or experiencing this higher-level-deity-worshiping life. Therefore, when a pup or runt is expected to die at birth, it is named Igbo, in order for the member of Igbo Culture, to have the experience of the Culture. The name itself carries a tremendous weight. It is very unlikely for a pup named Igbo to survive. He/She can be seen in different perspectives depending on one's faith to the experience of Igbo.
-Igbo Culture has an obsession with death, in that it is a start and a beginning. Life and death are practically synonyms. There is a value for high transparency with all actions and a simple notion to enjoy life. As in enjoy life through the nature of the Igbo Culture.
-Language and symbolism is highly valued within any Igbo Culture. For example,the family name within the wolf, Igbo, culture is Black. Mostly due to the genetic gene of black fur and the mentality uniting the family. The renaming or naming of oneself is allowed. One exception is if the name is in relation to Igbo.
-Each Igbo Culture is different. Some may value a more rigid lifestyle, others more so ease; however, the devotion to Igbo Culture is none the less.
-The pack, Igbo Culture, is broken up by three families: Black, Violet, and Lapis.
-The head of each family takes the place of one of the three "leaders" or directives. While having three families can amount to large numbers, each family is spread out across one specific land.
-While the Black family is the heart and majority of Igbo Culture, Lapis follows second with medical practices, and Violet follows third with a blend of tasks. WIP







Igbo Culture


Height Build
Petite Thin
Northern California
Father Mother
Yogi Naomi

Ivory: the undesired brother

{Lux}: His love. He considers Luxurious a partner in crime and a companion. He respects her artistic interpretation
Abaeze Ebo Black
Lapis Black
Other Relationships
{Damien}: the first meatball that Igbo met in Horizon
{Daniel}: Damien is looking for you?
{Elliot Daniels}: King of Meatballs.
{Eyja}: First Brotherhood wolf met. Looking for her family.
{Stark}: Another Brotherhood member, possibly not for long?
{Nima}: Truly, a queen. Igbo wishes to gain her trust. She paves the way.
{Sikozu}: Interesting. Igbo wants to speak to her more.
{Wayfarer}: Moody. Puts Igbo on edge.
{Idemoni}: A silent female, has not said much besides Nima's name.
{Manson}: Crazy. And proud about it.
{Taho}: An old soul, he likes hunting? AND tracking animals? He can't tell a berry from a bush, but Igbo considered him a pal.
{Natasha}: .. best word for her is youthful..
{Emmalynn}:.. tiny child what are you doing..
{Thrush}: ???
{Adonai}: (known as Losef) You stress me out with your stupidity.
{Belarus}:(known as Harrow) Wtf
{Maia}: (known as Lin}: Same as "Harrow"
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet