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Name Pack
Igbo Black Rogue
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Male Healthy
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(5 yrs, 4 mos.)
4825 SP

Character Information

IGBO by Kam<3
(more art at the bottom bc J can't code that well)

 70lbs . 22 in tall. 5 ft long.

Tiny, gaunt, slithery, an overgrown coyote

Voice Actor: Marshall Lee (by Donald Glover) 

Scent: (Currently) Earthy, stingy if interpreted as~

With a small stature, the shady pelt of Igbo Black lays flat and matte. His amber eyes are bright and bold against his coat. Due to a strenuous upbringing, Igbo has sharp, rugged appearance. His bones tend to jaunt out unhealthy. When he is in shape, his constant activity leaves him well-defined muscles. 

Two scars on maw-- one from Kopec, another from Kyra.


inquisitive . skeptical . critical .

(Originally) Igbo Black's basic treatment of others is summed up for what they can do for him. Igbo feels a great disadvantage of his size and weight, therefore he uses his knowledge as a weapon. His acquired taste for dabbling in herbs have given him a sense of confidence in how wolves will treat him if they know Mr. Black can solve any emotional or physical issue. Regardless, Igbo is generally relaxed. He mostly has a chill demeanor. He tends to wiggle himself into trouble and exit with a quick escape. 


Igbo's time at the Kingdom left him not only physically weak, but insecure and paranoid. His inability to secure a safe area or pursue what he originally that he could do ruined what he thought he could do. After moving to the mountains, Igbo's reorganization of his priorities gives way for family first and keep those he cares for close. In turbulence events, Igbo is caught inbetween mood swings. Unable to find the right choice, caution and static decisions lead him; however, due to Nima's death, Igbo now realizes that his indecisive behavior slaughters what he believed he had.

 .Close & Personal.


In honesty, Igbo loved Nima. When he thinks about what he should of done, he is filled with regret. The memories he reflects back on are of times when he could of been more open.


Being the first honeymoon love of Igbo's, he was able to be vulnerable in ways that he never had. And in their partnership, Igbo continued to be selfish-- unable to leave Nima's side. He knows that he has done wrong, but believes nothing can fix it now.

{Abaeze Ebo Black}:

Igbo loves his son, but regrets not spending enough time with him.

{Lapis Black}:

Little Lapis. Lovely Lapis. Litte feet. Igbo would do anything for her, even to the point of believing keeping the Empire together was what was best for her. Now knowing her true feelings, Igbo holds Lapis as a last string to the man he was before and is trying to be.


Igbo is sorry. He wanted to help the best way he knew how. He is angry, confused, and frustrated by your death.


The bane of Igbo's existence. Never again. The mischevious, playful days of Igbo Black died when he joined the Kingdom. The nightmares he had about Elliot finding him, Nima, or the children still haunt him even after reconfirming his death.


Igbo holds Amelia dear. One of Nima's children that Igbo believes to actually consider him a father, Amelia means a lot to Igbo. She is not only forgiveness, but a better future.


Igbo believed Tychus to follow in the same footsteps as Elliot--but, tried to give an open view. He wishes that he could of been a better parent to Tychus before he died.




Igbo values the time that he had with Naga as a child, but finds her lack of presence now concerning and worrying.

 .Middle Ground.


Posied. Intelligent. Controlled. Igbo is glad he was able to grant her entry into the Empire-- but, is sadden at her departure.


Capable and strong, Igbo respects him even though he left. There are bitter feelings.


Igbo despise Kiel for leaving Nima and never returning. He does not want to see Kiel ever again.



Igbo wonders if she could of came with him and Idemoni. He regrets not speaking to her, or if she is even alive, or how her pups are.


Another regret. Regretablly recruited. 


A nice fellow. Treated Igbo normally. He would not mind crossing pathes with him again.


Emma. Another failure. He should of reached out to you before it was too late. It was not her fault.


Mysterious woman. Igbo enjoys her silver and coy tongue. 


Man of the springs.



First meatball Igbo met.


Damien is looking for you.


First Brotherhood wolf met. She is looking for her family, but is now in charge of the Brotherhood


Another Brotherhood member. Igbo does not expect him to be there for long. 








Igbo believed that he was only there for Nima until it no longer benefited him, and he has left.


Igbo met you. Probably would not remember.



Igbo has no trust for you.


Igbo knows you were at the Empire, except one left so fast. 



Pre-Horizon: Being the runt and surviving left Igbo's fate up to chances. Being unable to perform the tasks of most wolves, Igbo took to eating different supplements, which in turn inspired his love for herbs. Testing on himself and other wolves eventually lead to Igbo slowly making his way out of his natal pack.

Horizon History: pls read thread logs for one day Jesse will be very proactive and fill this in with their heart's content

Igbo Culture Igbo is a south Nigerian language/culture and what is below is pure fiction. Nothing written below has anything to do with the real culture unless purposely! applied!

A pack following Igbo Culture is named Igbo Culture.

-Igbo has multiple complex meanings. On one hand, Igbo is a symbol of death, but can also be referred to as a God itself. Igbo can also be reference to the Culture's identity. To experience being within a Culture, it is defined as Igbo, or experiencing this higher-level-deity-worshiping life. Therefore, when a pup or runt is expected to die at birth, it is named Igbo, in order for the member of Igbo Culture, to have the experience of the Culture. The name itself carries a tremendous weight. It is very unlikely for a pup named Igbo to survive. He/She can be seen in different perspectives depending on one's faith to the experience of Igbo.

Igbo Culture has an obsession with death, in that it is a start and a beginning. Life and death are practically synonyms. There is a value for high transparency with all actions and a simple notion to enjoy life. As in enjoy life through the nature of the Igbo Culture.

Language and symbolism is highly valued within any Igbo Culture. For example,the family name within the wolf, Igbo, culture is Black. Mostly due to the genetic gene of black fur and the mentality uniting the family. The renaming or naming of oneself is allowed. One exception is if the name is in relation to Igbo.

Each Igbo Culture is different. Some may value a more rigid lifestyle, others more so ease; however, the devotion to Igbo Culture is none the less.

The pack, Igbo Culture, is broken up by three families: Black, Violet, and Lapis.

The head of each family takes the place of one of the three "leaders" or directives. While having three families can amount to large numbers, each family is spread out across one specific land.

While the Black family is the heart and majority of Igbo Culture, Lapis follows second with medical practices, and Violet follows third with a blend of tasks.

Igbo x Lux by Aeon!


Height Build
Petite Lean
Northern California
Father Mother
Yogi Naomi

Ivory Black: Undesired brother. Critical Igbo follower.

{Lux}: Ex-mate.
{Abaeze} Ebo Black {Lapis Black}
Spirit Symbol