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Name Pack
Immanuel Abbey Evergreen Wolves II. Aide
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 1 mos.)
705 SP

Character Information

Immanuel died happily thinking about those he loved in HY2, Early Winter in the thread Take this pleasure and take it with the pain.

A wolf's past
Name Immanuel Abbey
Nicknames Manu, which is generally what he goes by now.
Breed Mexican Wolf x Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Shoulder Height 26 in
Weight 71 lbs
Length 5.1 ft
Theme Song Children of the World - BrunuhVille
Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons

Cannot be changed
Appearance Manu is a thin fellow, but he isn't too short. He is just below average height, but he does not weigh much and is thin. He has almost no muscle and is quite delicate, but he sometimes doesn't realise this. His coat is mostly a creamy colour, but he also has some orangey brown bits on his nose and behind his ears. His back has become grey and black, but his underbelly is cream and orange.

After an attack by Tiberius, Manu has been left with some scars on the right side of his face. He has one just on the outer edge of his eye, one on his muzzle, and one near his ear. These scars are permanent. His photos have now been edited to reflect this.
Eye Colour Brown

But their future
Traits Playful | Immature | Ambitious | Independent
Personality Manu still acts as though he is young, but he would like to think of himself as being independent. When he is alone, he can be independent, but he usually hides this trait when he is around others. However, when the situation calls for him to be serious, he can be, especially if it is an urgent matter. He might need a bit of a push, though. He tries to make everything about play when he can, so he can sometimes come across as annoying or over the top.

He has changed since being with the Evergreen Wolves from his manipulative self to more of a playful one. However, he has still not lost his ambitious nature; he still wants to become someone strong, but not necessarily physically anymore. Instead, he wants to become something that is helpful towards the pack.
Strengths Willing to learn, ambitious, independent
Weaknesses Playful almost all the time, physically weak
Habits Wanting to learn new things, exploring, asking questions
Fears Losing everything

Can become great
Manu's Goals He wants to grow up to be helpful and have a family.
Current Location Evergreen Forest


Height Build
Small Thin
South of Horizon
Father Mother
Isaak {Irene}


Other Relationships
Good terms (5)
{Dai}, {Romulus}, {Xenon}, {Rufus}, {Ophelia}
Knows (7)
{Kivuli}, {Nudd}, {Willa}, {Meir}, {Talio}, {Cypress}, {Zahrah}
Heard of (0)
Bad terms (0)
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