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Name Pack
Inigo Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 2 mos.)
3270 SP

Character Information

Pronounced ee-NEE-go.
Voice Acted by Chris Evans

Inigo is tall, with a build that is neither bulky nor lean, lying comfortably within the realm of average with a strong, limber physique. He stands thirty-two inches at the shoulder and averages at around a hundred and fifteen pounds.

His eyes are his most striking feature due to a genetic irregularity- the left is amber in color while the right is a bright shade of sapphire blue. He has lost the wide-eyed, curious mien of his youth; Inigo's visage is well suited to a calculating, impassive expression, and the young wolf has a tendency to look rather cold and reserved most times. He would look almost regal if he didn't carry himself in such an unassuming manner.

Inigo's coat is rather slick and lies close to his body, and it is a rich shade of black, though in strong lighting hues of dusky bronze become evident in his fur, especially on his legs and along his back. The fur along his nape and between his shoulders lightens to a shade of bright yellow-blond, a stark contrast to his otherwise dark fur. There's a silver V-shaped marking on his chest, and the fur on his tail lightens to the same shade, which also dapples his cheeks and forepaws sparingly.

He was a happy child, despite his rocky start in life, resilient and able to recover from the trauma of his early life. Inigo was born with the heart of a curious wanderer, with a desire to learn everything he could about the world around him and beyond- the night sky and its innumerable stars have always been a source of wonder for him. He takes joy in small things, and likes collecting little trinkets- shells, feathers, interesting stones. Aside from collecting trinkets, some of his favorite hobbies are stargazing and storytelling- or rather, he makes up stories on his own. He hasn't reached out to an audience to share his ideas in quite some time.

In social situations he is generally rather laid back and low key, soft-spoken and unobtrusive; he typically makes for polite, if rather sullen and reticent company. He does not speak of himself at length, and keeps his emotions hidden as much as possible. He has gotten quite good at wearing an impassive mask in any given situation, and he is comfortable with spinning lies if necessary. His mask is effective, but obvious, as Inigo finds it difficult to show anything but neutrality when he is trying to avoid displaying emotions, and cannot easily will himself to express what he does not feel.

Each loss he has endured has chipped away at the core of him, leaving little behind but a battered husk. Where once he was outgoing and jovial, now he is withdrawn and sullen. He finds it difficult to connect with those around him, and expects the worst of every wolf he meets. Although this isn’t to say he does not care for those around him- given a chance, Inigo will choose to help rather than harm. Nevertheless he strives to remain apathetic in interactions with others, because it hurts less when he does not allow himself to form attachments to wolves who he believes will ultimately abandon him.


Depression • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder • Panic attacks.

Inigo suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, triggered when he was a pup in Taiyae, when humans invaded his home with their strange weapons. Loud noises cause him to flinch or to cower when he is unprepared for them. Thunderstorms can be of particular difficulty. The trauma worsened exponentially when he was nearly mauled to death by a bear in his second year.

When he is stressed, the logical part of his mind tends to recede, and he can easily turn to aggression out of fear and anxiety, even those he is close to. On the verge of death, Inigo has reverted to a primal and hyper aggressive state, and lashes out even at those whom he is closest to with full intent to kill, even at the risk of damage or death to himself. This is not something that he can control, and it frightens him to think that he can lose his grip on himself so completely.

Repeated abandonment by wolves he had grown close to in his formative years threw him into a state of depression. When he witnessed a frail and starving wolf die right in front of him, alone and unremarked, Inigo realized that he had been slowly heading down that same path, and seeking a quick end up his pain, tried to commit suicide.

A life of loss has left him scarred and broken, expecting only negative experiences from those around him. As such, he’s shut himself off from forming attachments of any kind, as he desires to protect himself despite the fact that he is not naturally a wolf who desires solitude and loneliness. He can not let himself care, because more pain would break him. He struggles for indifference.

tally of losses

Jacinta, who found him wandering lost and alone after his world fell apart, took care of him until they reached the valley. She was not a great hunter and truffles to provide for the both of them, and Inigo learned of edible plants from her. She disappeared shortly after they entered the valley and he has never stopped missing her. He still hates the taste of cattails.

{Grey} took Inigo under his wing when Jacinta disappeared, and was there for much of his formative months. After an argument, Grey parted ways with Inigo and was never seen again, and his loss left Inigo bereft of a father figure.

{Rim}, Grey’s sickly, frail son, and the wolf who kindled a desire for creativity and storytelling in Inigo, was separated from them and apparently died alone. Inigo will always remember their shared story of Leviathan and Nightshade, and their children of sky and sea.

{Kaetiq} and {Avalon} were wolves Grey was gathering to start a pack, to provide somewhere safe for Inigo and the others to call their own. Each wolf departed shortly after Inigo met them.

{Oakley}, one of the first friends Inigo made with the Alliance, suffered some kind of attack in HY3 and died.

{Gulliver}, who was instrumental in saving Inigo’s life when he was attacked by a bear, left shortly after Oakley died.

{Xander} was a child of the Stormborn Alliance, with whom Inigo shared a love of stargazing. He disappeared shortly after Inigo returned to the valley in HY3.

{Chekov}, the first wolf Inigo invited back to the Alliance and who joined to have a home there with his friend, died in HY3 while Inigo was away.

{Poet} left, and though he eventually returned it seems as though their friendship meant nothing. Much is the same with {Apollo}.

His siblings, {Enigma} and {Anthrax}, left without seeking him out, and Inigo does not know why. Few of the wolves Inigo met in the Alliance have remained there.


  • Inigo is born, alongside his siblings Quint and Enigma, to Darcia and Saul, alphas of the Kasanei Clan, a pack with militaristic tendencies. He remembers little from his early days beyond the hot, dry redlands where he was born.
  • Humans begin to invade Taiyae when Inigo is just three months old, and run off or kill most of the wolves in the area. In the confusion, Inigo is separated from the rest of his family and flees across the sandy desert that separates the valley from the rest of the world. Having escaped, be waits for his parents to find him, but they never do. Although he doesn't know what happened to them, he suspects they were either killed or simply fled in a different direction than him. Either way, he realizes pretty quickly that he's on his own.
  • After wandering alone for a short time, growing leaner and weaker, Inigo is discovered by Jacinta, a friendly rogue who offers to let him stay with her. Inigo happily goes with her.
  • Eventually, the five-month old pup and his guardian wander across the wasteland that leads into Horizon valley.
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Height Build
Large Average
Father Mother
Saul Darcia

Quint, Enigma, Toboe, Zoltan, Anthrax, Cyanide, Tzu, Naomi, Salem

Other Relationships
Acquaintances: {Jacinta}, {Grey}, {Rim}, {Kaetiq}, {Marei}, {Kimya}, {Nayeli}, {Frost}, {Schatten}, {Avalon}, {Lala}, {Elexzra}, {Grux}, {Atticus}, {Atlas}, {Oakley}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet