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Name Pack
Ink Skyrise Empire
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 1 mos.)
3790 SP

Character Information

Note: Ink is no longer in the valley! He has left and is technically inactive. This account is only active as Fao's admin account! Thank you!!

bleak. calculating. dutiful. selfish.
survivalist. taciturn. polite. thoughtful.
cold. judgemental. enigmatic. distant.

5.9 feet. 32 inches. 95 pounds

Ink is on the low end of large in height, but his limbs are lanky like an ill-fed coyote and his body shape is much the same. His fur, rather short, especially in the summer months, when his winter coat disappears and all his fur lays flat to his body. His fur is nothing but black, mimicking that which his mother named him for, truly only lightened by light and not by its own pigments. He is a black wolf, his one true spot of color being his eyes. These are amber, rich in a red-orange hue, sharp and watchful. He hold himself in a regal manner, light on his feet and aloof. He has something of a boyish look about him, despite being a full adult, but as he opens his mouth, a deep rumble of a voice betrays his age. He walks with a slight forward limp, a bullet still deep in his left shoulder. His face bears a number of small scars, as do his legs. Clearly, whatever he’s been through has stuck with him, and there’s no hiding it.

Voice Acted by John 117

"Everything is a means to an end. And endings are all we have, anyway."

Born and raised on a mountain in Taiyae, Ink's fondness for the terrain continued well after the one he'd called home was no longer under his paws. Though his history is clearly a riddled one, he speaks nothing of it, and simply lets the way its shaped him from the gentleman he used to be into whatever it is he is now speak for him.

Ink has loyalty to {Sparrow}, though it is sometimes strained. He would do anything for {Faolan} and {Rook}. Ink had picked up clues that his coward brother {Dust} was somewhere in this valley, but has not acted on it.



Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons

--by Drew, who has my heart


Height Build
Large Thin
Horizon Mountain, Taiyae
Father Mother
Faolan [d] Bolero [d]


Stillborn male (Thanos)
Stillborn male (Unknown)
Stillborn female (Unknown)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet