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Iris Rojas Rogue
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Female Healthy
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Young adult
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looks breed love

Iris is a small thing, at the same time delicate and stocky. Her parents’ genes combined the most clearly in her appearance than her unknown siblings’, giving her a look that is both fluffy and thin, like a feathery dog’s coat. Her mother was of Mexican lineage, and her father came from much farther north, his pelt always dense and round in appearance.

Whites, creams and grays line her body, but in essence, Iris can be simply described as gray. Her markings are pale timber, yet youthful, unfaded. Her eyes are bright amber, not quite golden. Unfortunately, her coat is uncomfortably warm for anywhere much warmer than the Horizon valley, and so this is about as close as she can be to her family whilst still living comfortably. Sure looks pretty, though!

Her back end, though… is where things begin to get noticeably strange. Her back end is malformed, having not fully developed in the womb, and in the summer months its odd, sunken shape can be seen through the short fur. She has only one hind leg on her left side, which has formed mostly normally and is functional. Her right hind is tiny and underdeveloped, twisted against her body and unmoving. It forms a slight indent in her hips where healthy muscle would have formed, but her pelvic bone structure is sound. It does not cause her pain, but she has never been able to control the deformed limb. Her spine is formed normally as well, meaning she can use tail signals normally (though wagging too hard is known to set off her balance a bit). All of her organs seem to be functioning well so far, so the physical "problem" is mostly aesthetic at this point in her life.

However, having only three legs does put extra strain on her front end, and as she ages, Iris may experience some joint pain in her legs as well as pain in her chest and right leg from the extra exertion. She also is not an exceptional solo hunter compared to her more abled counterparts, being held back in speed and the weight to hold down prey. She has learned well to utilize her strengths against her weakness, however, and is far more aware of her balance than many wolves who do not have to measure it constantly. This makes her surprisingly good at sneaking around and rather faster than one might expect from a wolf with only three legs, even if she can't quite keep up with those of her size and fitness with all four legs. Having been born with her disability, Iris is unbothered and performs quite well, all things considered, though she is mainly able to subsist on scavenged kills without a reliable hunting partner or partner(s). She will spend most of her life in the companionship of other wolves, unable to take down prey on her own and, while fully developed on her front end (where the teeth live), nevertheless handicapped in her ability to make a speedy escape if need be.

possible health issues later in life (for my reference)

When Iris is around 5 years old (or much earlier, if she is not careful not to overexert herself), she will likely begin to experience pain from the strain on her body from having to balance on only 3 legs. If she reaches the ripe old age of 6, she'll most likely start developing mild arthritis in her working hind leg, which will continue to worsen as she ages.

a lily in wolf's clothing

A positive upbringing with plentiful support has left Iris with a fiery confidence, although it has lessened from her childish aggression into a more solid, seemingly unbreakable spirit. She is full of energy and brightness, and holds herself with feminine grace only thinly masking an exuberant child underneath. This she-wolf is full of love and sass, and touchy as well. She nips and nuzzles and kisses her newest friends, something she is simply used to having grown up in a pack with little regard for personal space.

Though it is hard to be completely naive when one looks like she does--Iris is not a stranger to the comments, both rude and curious--there is no doubt this she-wolf is not a hardened war veteran, or a traumatized child, holding bitter resentment towards those who took advantage of her at her most vulnerable. She has been taught her smarts by wolves more experienced than her, but does not have a lot of experience living without the guidance of an older wolf, and tends to get anxious around strangers when she is completely separated from those she trusts.

Iris values hard work, kindness to children, & willingness to have a good time. She also takes great care to manage her physical appearance, and fancies herself quite the lady, although it doesn't take much to get her to drop the act and start rolling in the dirt again like a puppy.

At this point in her life, she is open to most possibilities, simply looking to make her own way in life in a climate more suited to her body. Unsure what exactly she wants (and sort of regretting the journey now), she values her family dearly, and misses them, especially now that she is separated from her brother Victor.

She loves lilies, ironically, not her namesake, the iris. Any time they are around, Iris can be found decorating herself with them.

birth, rebirth

Iris never knew her parents--or, she never knew they were her parents. She was raised by her maternal first-cousin, once removed, Luigia, who she knows to be her mother, although it is clear they are not related in such a way by blood.

Iris’ birth parents, Precious and Lukas Uccello, travelled with Luigia when they immigrated down to Mexico, for Precious desired a warmer place to raise her family. She was a young mother, and a mother whose body had always known the cold; due to travelling complications, and the heat of the southern spring months, Precious’ first litter did not end up entirely healthy.

The three of them were born in a sunny, unfamiliar field in June. One girl was completely healthy, sporting her mother’s pelt and loud, hungry cries. The second pup was of unidentifiable sex, but still fully healthy and crying. Luigia would identify this one as a boy.The third pup was Iris.

She was a lovely, soft gray thing, and she cried incessantly. She had difficulty moving on her own to reach her mother’s teats, as she bore ly one normal hind leg to push herself with, and one tiny, twisted and gnarled dead weight on a sunken back end. Even at birth, it was clear that the girl had not developed properly in the womb, and her mother, wracked with exhaustion and fear from the journey, rejected her.

Being a far older and more experienced mother, herself, Luigia took sympathy on the child. She pressured Precious into nursing the infant along with her other two children, with the expectation that she, herself, would take it in as soon as they had reached their destination. Iris would never know it, but she would become the reason for much of her birth mother’s trauma in the following years, although to say Precious was in any way ready for children of her own when she had them would be wholly incorrect. A child does not chose her mother, just as a mother can never chose her children, and must accept and love regardless of her own expectations.

Luigia was, as far as Iris is concerned, everything anyone could have wanted in a mother. As a young child, Iris was fed stories of being found as a wonderful surprise one day by her mother, and how grateful she was to have the daughter of a fairy, or an angel, or the woman of the sea… whatever Luigia could come up with that day.

The adopted sister will never know the horrors that befell her blood siblings, nor will she know of her birth mother’s resentment of her very existence. Raised as an only child by a kind, experienced mother and always surrounded by grown-up, loving older brothers and sisters, Iris grew up in a way that some might describe as spoiled, but she was never rotten. Her mother was loving, but unafraid to discipline her youngest child when she acted out.

Despite not growing up with a father, Iris never lacked support or guidance. Her aging mother, Luigia, had birthed three litters in her lifetime; a whopping 9 siblings who inhabited the same massive familial pack would dote upon her throughout her entire childhood, playing with her and teaching her everything they thought she might need to know, growing up.

Regardless of her odd physical appearance, Iris’ childhood was nothing short of idyllic. Her siblings respected their mother’s authority and would have never dreamed of rejecting a child she’d taken in, not to mention that they had been raised to value and teach children of all sorts, as they were the future. Any rude stranger was early on met with the resistance of several large, fiercely protective family members, and fiery little baby-Iris took little time in adopting the attitude. For a while, 'Iris' was a name that elicited a wave of exhaustion in the adults around her, as at 6 months, she was an assertive child with tendency to be mouthy, both verbally and with her over-aggressive play.

All things, though, must eventually come to an end, and in the summer of her second year, Iris found it was time to disperse, even if only for a while. The pack was quite crowded, and whatever her parents had been, they'd cursed her with a coat much thicker and heavier than her family, making the hot Mexican summers nearly unbearable. She left with one of her older brothers, Victor, in order to ensure her safety as a young, disabled she-wolf. He was happy to come along, 5 years old and eager for adventure himself.


A few days before her arrival in the Horizon valley, however, Iris and Victor were separated. One night, when they layed down to bed, he was there, and when Iris woke up the next morning, he had mysteriously vanished. She has no idea what happened to him, and ventures into the valley to seek him out, or anyone who may have seen him, despite her own nerves about meeting strangers in a strange land all alone. Worse yet, they have arrived in the dead of winter, and Victor does not handle the cold nearly as well as she does, nor do scents seem to hold as well when the ground is constantly being re-covered with snow. She is desperate to find him again, for his sake and her own, and ventures into the valley in hopes of catching his scent, or anyone who has seen him.


Height Build
Petite Stocky
Far south of Horizon
Father Mother
Lukas Grist Precious Uccello

Prudence “Finch” Uccello—littermate, brother. unknown.
Orielle Uccello—littermate, sister. unknown.

9 adoptive brothers and sisters please dont make me name them right now

momma said i'd find a nice man but i can take care of myself >:/
Other Relationships
Luigia Rojas -- adoptive mother, biological aunt (unknown).
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