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Name Pack
Irving Redthorn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 3 mos.)
445 SP

Character Information

I R V I N G . R E D T H O R N

P E R S O N A L I T Y ______________________________________________

Irving is willful, creative and passionate. Often, those who meet him remark that he's confident and positive, almost to a fault. He always wants to have an answer and enjoys impressing those around him. Irving loves to meet new friends and generally be positive. However, he has a few buttons that can be pushed. He can't stand if anyone stands by while an innocent is hurt.

A P P E A R A N C E ______________________________________________

Irving is a mexican/gray wolf, with rings of black fur around his chest and back, fading in to a beautiful warm auburn. His cheeks, belly and legs are a creamy antique white. His eyes are a beautiful sharp amber. He's small compared to the gray and arctic wolves, only weighing in around 90 pounds. He isn't especially muscular, but certainly not out of shape.

L I F E S T O R Y ______________________________________________

- Meets up with Jacqueline to talk about the Royaume and his role there.
- Pack meeting with Jacqueline, Bunny, Margarita, Selra, and Clement.
- Irving meets Isidore and Vepkhi and visits the Hillside Sanctuary with them both.
- Selra returns from the mountains and they snuggle a bunch! :*
- Played in the lake with Zelda.
- Went a little south to the Verdant Hills and helped Oberon defend a kill from pesky crows.
- Met Parseltongue while waiting for Selra to return.
- Went for a walk in the Wormwood Grove and met Selra! <3
- Met Roxy and saw Ruby in the desert, he and Roxy made their way to the Verdant Hills together.
- Met Phoebe in the desert and hunted mice with her.

Pre-Horizon: He doesn't speak about his previous life often. He lived in a pack with his family, and one day humans began to live nearby. Once it became too dangerous, Irving told his pack they needed to leave, and they didn't want to. So Irving left all on his own for the valley.


Height Build
Average Average
Southern US
Father Mother
Suron Erelah

Many sisters! If you want to play one pm me :)

Maybe soon!
Not yet.
Phoebe, Roxy, Parsel, Oberon, Zelda, Bunny
Isidore, Vepkhi
Love Interest(s)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet