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Name Pack
Iscariot Aekyr Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 3 mos.)
295 SP

Character Information

Stocky but tall, with a light, washed-out timber coloration. The lights of his coat are gray-white; the darks are a dull red-brown. He has a hint of the Aekyr wing markings on his face, though the agouti striping of his fur makes them less obvious. His eyes are expressive and mismatched, with the right being his mother's aquamarine, and the left his father's gold.

Iscariot (who has quite appropriately nicknamed himself "Riot") has an explosive personality, riding out every high and low of his emotions to the extreme. He speaks his mind and is often blunt to a fault, often provoking others without care for the consequences. Fortunately, he believes he can back up his talk; raised in a roguish culture and equipped with a sturdy frame, his confidence and genetics may aid him in fights. That said, Iscariot lacks self-awareness and tact, probably more than the average youth. Despite this, he believes himself to be a good wolf, though his definition of that term may be a little skewed.

Born in Taiyae before humans invaded. He and his sister Pace were their mother's second litter, born into the Rebels (a non-pack group of rogues with a somewhat violent culture). Prior to having Iscariot and Pace, Aevyn had mated with a wolf named Crash, producing three illegitimate pups, whom she quickly abandoned to the care of the Rebels (one of these being {Dante}). One year later, the eccentric healer had finally settled down; dark of fur with marine-colored eyes, she had found a mate in a tall, pale-colored wolf named Brazen. Iscariot and Pace were the result of their union. Brazen was killed in a skirmish, and the pups learned of his death just days before they fled Taiyae. After Taiyae, Aevyn brought Pace and Iscariot to Horizon, but vanished soon thereafter. Iscariot and Pace were split up (how is up to you) at 7 months of age, and now he's here alone.


Height Build
Large Stocky
Gateway Barrens, Taiyae
Father Mother
Brazen Aevyn


Spirit Symbol