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Name Pack
Isidore Hillside Sanctuary III. Seeker
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 4 mos.)
455 SP

Character Information

Theme Song: Better Days - Hedley

Adult height, weight & length: 20in, 56pnds & 4.4ft

And I'll keep praying I make it, like someone worth saving, i still got some fight left in me

If you haven't noticed by now, Isidore is rather tiny. Still growing, she was precisely the runt of her litter, and the lightest in coloration. Only growing up to reach the height, at maximum, twenty-one inches, the girl is known to have to look up the majority of the time. That doesn't mean she doesn't try to stand a bit taller when she can, which can cause a bit of a chuckle when prying eyes see it. Her colors flourish from creams to whites to the rarity of copperish-brown that dots periodically throughout her fur coloration. It's most noticeable during the summer months.

During the winter months, her fur grows far quicker and longer, though, it is rather thick and silky which can offer some relief to the frost-biting cold. During the autumn, she tends to find leaf litter stuck oddly enough to her fur as if hitching a ride. Because her fur grows increasingly thinner during the summer, it's easier for knots to form which indicates her need for grooming to remove them. A habit, perhaps. But it's an innocent one. Nevertheless, it does help in the end to prevent matted fur.

Her coloration description starts at her face, where a layer of white is most prominent. The only take away is the cream color on her forehead and the top of her muzzle, which fades right between her eyes. Her legs are also white. Her back has a faded marking that is white as well. Her eyes are one of the most striking features of her appearance, as a child her eyes held onto a puppy-ish grey-blue, but as she grows older, they're becoming more prominent in a light, cerulean shade of blue. Her personality, thankfully, is as sweet as her appearance. She is rather innocent as well, trying to lift the mood when she can. However, as she is growing and experiencing the world for itself, she's starting to be more understanding and open to ideas, more welcoming and forming from an innocent girl, taking a role of loyalty and appreciation of what the Hillside has done for her. The girl wears her heart upon her sleeve.

She can also be rather stubborn, as in, if someone asks her to do something that she doesn't want to do, then she won't. Once her mind is made up on something, it is rather difficult to change it. She is someone, given time, who gives off one of the most beautiful cases of loyalty. If given an important job or task, the girl will go through with it without asking questions, usually.

Her naivety will be something that she outgrows, her innocence will stay with her forever. She is beginning to understand that the world isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, and because of that, she’s forming a backbone that will usually be seen if she’s insulted or someone she loves is insulted. The girl is very protective - the quick change from lovey-dovey to ferocity can be surprising. She will not hide from what she believes in.

* She is very receptive to change and during the course of her life, will take on many different personality traits of others who have an impact on it.


Height Build
Petite Average
Forested area
Father Mother
- Constance

Two siblings, unsure of location. Believed to be deceased.

Sees Carrick as a brother.

Good TermsNeutral
{Catrine}, {Carrick}, {Vicodin}, {Nanook}, {Cassian}, {Sebastian} {Nala}, {Goblin},  {Effie}, {Montauk}, {Finn}
Bad Terms
Spirit Symbol