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Name Pack
Jacqueline Bissette Royaume Magnifique I. Queen
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 7 mos.)
1640 SP

Character Information


Despite her large frame, the lady carries herself gracefully. She dons a thick, dark pelt, tailored for the frigid clime of Canada, which contains a mix of browns and blacks on her flank and back. Her hindquarters and underside bear whites, creams, and grays, and the lady possesses a piercing set of amber eyes.


After spending the first two years of her life under the tight reign of her parents, Jacqueline makes her freedom paramount. Very rarely will she hold back her opinions or emotions, even if she doesn't fully understand them yet. Her reckless nature can get her into fights rather quickly, drive her to do asinine schemes that sometimes turn out well, and other times end horribly. Jacqueline acts in accordance with her audience; she might observe for some time and tailor her charm so that she has the most appeal over a group. This is a trait that's carried over from her life within her family, where she had to use her intelligence to outsmart her siblings, though it's manifested itself differently now, and this is partly due to her appetite for attention and praise, given that she was scorned and scolded time and again by her parents.
Being accustomed to self-motivation, Jacqueline is full of drive. She seeks to better herself constantly, to observe others and learn from them. She analyzes her own actions, too, and sometimes dwells on the past, kicking herself because her actions weren't--and never will be--perfect. As such, she seeks success when in the presence of others. If she has a duty to someone she respects, she's guaranteed to give it all she's got.

As Jacqueline matures, and pours all her devotion into assembling a pack, she has been putting more emphasis in becoming a better leader, and not following the same pattern her parents had in her natal pack. Jacqueline has begun changing, and the transformation may not be a quick or easy one.

History: Pre-Horizon

Born and raised in Canada, Jacqueline learned much about the hardships of survival. Her parents ran a tight ship; as soon as they was able, she and her three siblings were expected to carry their own weight and provide food for their family's cache. She learned the ins and outs of battle, and her parents encouraged the siblings to spar over who was the 'alpha' of the litter; they were allowed the best part of a kill, the warmest sleeping spot, and some decision-making authority for the group. Jacqueline, though large for a female, had to give it her all to beat any of her siblings in a spar, but the rush of adrenaline that she felt when she won drove her to train, to hone her skills and bulk up. With a cunning mind that could easily pinpoint her siblings' weaknesses, and the muscle to back it up, the dark lady usually found herself king of the hill. By no means, however, could she be considered happy.
Always a troublemaker, Jacequeline was constantly reprimanded for sneaking off, disobeying orders, or whatever else she'd gotten into, and by the time she was mature enough to strike out on her own, the lady left without looking back, headed south toward warmer weather and bigger opportunity. At this point, she entered Horizon Valley.

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Height Build
Large Muscular
Father Mother
Jacques Therese

Same litter:


(One year old as of early spring, HY5—Jac doesn’t know about this litter.)

(PM Jacqueline if you’re interested in playing any of Jac’s family!)

{Beata} ✝, {Edda}, and {Pala} (adopted)
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