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Name Pack
Jay Allyn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 2 mos.)
1735 SP

Character Information

Appearance; 34 in. / 110 lbs. - when healthy.

A rare arctic specimen hailing from the far north, this wolf is a completely plain creamy white. His size is also on the larger end and this, along with the scars on the left side of his face surrounding the cloudy, white, and sightless, left eye would perhaps make for an intimidating figure. With time fur has begun to grow back in places, masking what remains of old wounds, but they will always be visible.

A lovely art by the fantastic Wynter


As of 8/17/2018 - Exiting Horizon

After spending nearly two years in Horizon Valley, Jay had officially moved on from the region with his mate, Athena. Though the two attempted to settle among the Adunati Rangers, Athena's discontent in a pack without her siblings or family eventually caused the two to decide to leave the valley, intending to travel to the home of Athena's family. They will presumably reside here permanently, and likely will not return to the valley.

As of 4/24/18

Upon reuniting with his daughter Tyra, whom was formerly believed to be deceased, Jay has officially reclaimed his birth name. No longer identifying as Ghost, Jay began the slow, and at times arduous process of rediscovering himself, while finally coming to terms with his past and allowing many painful wounds - both physical and mental - to heal.

While fragments of his alter identity Ghost yet linger, Jay has largely moved past his previously closed off, selfish, and bitter nature. He has become more open and compassionate towards others, especially those who seem to suffer from traumatic past events, as himself. Realizing now that his past experiences have offered him valuable insight, charitable acts are now much more common, as well as kind words. Jay will almost always seek to help someone if he can, due to a strong desire to prevent others from experiencing pain as he has.

Also important to Jay is his home pack, the Stormborn Alliance. Having played a large part in helping Jay forge his new identity, he is now devoted to doing his part, no matter what it may entail, for the pack and its members. Of particular significance to Jay is one Miss {Athena} Stormborn. What began as an innocent sort of attraction developed, unwittingly at first, into something more. Although his relationship with her was thrown into uncertainty after what seemed an overly dramatic misunderstanding, following a period of separation, reconciliation took place and feelings were at last expressed. Jay's relationship with Athena has since grown more intimate, and he finds himself excited to discover what the future with her will bring.

Site History/Former Persona

Joining persona is below, keeping this on here as a sort of history to show character progression.

Formally and formerly known as Jay Allyn, but now most commonly identifying himself as Ghost, this wolf has only one goal in his life, and it is simply that. To keep on living, utilizing whatever means or resources necessary. While this may sound like a relatively simple and mundane task, for Jay - or Ghost, it is not so easy. Thanks to being completely blind in one eye, such ordinary but essential tasks like hunting, or even just going for a walk are made more difficult, causing humiliation for a formerly proud wolf.

Usually quite rude due to a lack of sympathy toward others, Ghost is truthfully blunt when addressing or assessing others. This does not mean he is beyond lying however, if he has something to gain from it. He will deceive, cheat, steal, or manipulate if he feels it's in his best interest or necessary, while feeling no guilt about who he might hurt and leave behind in his wake. He's prone to talking to himself and will attempt sarcastic humor at times, which goes well with a generally pessimistic and condescending attitude. Kind words or charitable acts are a rarity on his part, and will only be sincerely given to anyone young, inexperienced, or impaired such as himself. Otherwise it may be just a ploy. How he treats those he meets is largely dependent upon on his mood on the given day.

Hailing from the far north but being forced to travel south to hopefully find more prey he could catch successfully, Ghost finds most of Horizon valley and its environments, strange and disdainful even though he is the foreigner. He will also often lament the loss of vision in his left eye.

Other Info.

Voice -- James Hetfield.

Themes -- Fade to Black


Height Build
Large Muscular
North of Horizon
Father Mother


{Tyra} -- Daughter, offsite birth.
Spirit Symbol