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Name Pack
Jaylan Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 3 mos.)
2870 SP

Character Information

In HY5 Full Summer, AJ left the valley (temporarily) with his best girl Maya

Voiced by: Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

Theme Song: Greatest Show


31 Inches, 99 pounds.
In colour AJ is a light brown timber, being tan with a charocal overlay across his back and the top part of his face, and paler, creamy-coloured cheeks and underparts. His eyes contrast with his lighter colouration, a dark brown that verge on black, bright and laughing. He's a touch above average in height, with an average build, his fluffy coat hiding his lean musculature. Frequently seen with a wide, ready smile.


Cocky, friendly, goofy, laid-back, energetic, annoying, protective, fun-loving, loyal, competitive, playful, sociable, not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

AJ is an attention-seeking jokester who defaults often to immature humour, a charmer who oogles the pretty girls and for that matter the pretty boys (swoons internally when one actually has time for him), and lives to enjoy life. He's easy enough to get on side thanks to his massive ego, making him easy to win over with a little praise.
He's not so good with the Feelngz Talkz - stemming from being crushed when his mother abandoned him as a puppy, even though he was raised by and was close to his father and uncle. He's actually not so bad at picking other people's emotions up - he's just not good at actually dealing with them, or his own for that matter.
For all that he loves to mess around with friends and flirt, he's nowhere near ready to actually settle down with anybody, either mate or pack, having some pretty major trust issues when it comes to romantic relationships - it didn't work out for his parents, so despite his tendency for optimism, he doesn't really believe it will for anybody. As for packs he tends to mistrust them and will typically believe the worst of most packs.
He's good at problem solving and picking up on fine details, and is a talented enough hunter, especially as part of a group, that he has rarely had to struggle physically in life. He loves nothing more than having a good laugh with his buddies. It's a good thing he cherishes his friends so obviously, because AJ had a tendency to bite off more than he can chew and may need good folk onside to bail him out.


Born on the east coast, his family life was always a little messed-up, with his capricious mother leaving him as soon as he was weaned. His father and uncle raised him, which is probably why he's a guy's guy. They parted amiably on all fronts when AJ joined a pack. Which was technically less of a pack and a collection of casual age-mates and wolves who had grown up together, without the formality of leadership or ranks. AJ helped hook up his two closest friends, which he's not so secretly super proud of. The group split apart for good after AJ and one of his friends had a short-lived affair with the twin daughters of an Alpha of a neighboring and very powerful pack. The pack, known to be fierce warriors, turned on AJ and his friends. The gang thought they could stand up for themselves, but after one of their own was badly hurt in the escalating battles, the group reluctantly agreed to split apart. AJ, who had always been a homebody up until then, was bitten by the travel bug and began to work his way west. Though he misses his old way of life he isn't afraid to start over somewhere new, arriving in Horizon Valley bright-eyed and eager.

Did You Know?

Loved Horizon Valley from the moment he set eyes on it form Skyrise Mountains. Strong eyesight and hearing, moderate sense of smell. Favourite food is moose. Hates his birth name and doesn't admit it to anybody, but oddly won't change it outright. Terrified of bees. Has a fondness for sunsets. He finds yellow eyes unattractive but has a thing for blonde fur shades.

How it happens, I don't care
If it's raining or what I wear
I know today is taking me were I'm meant to be
Doesn't matter where I go with my
Phoney jewels, or rock star phone
I'm waiting for a friend to call, or the rain to fall
Life goes by
Who knows why
I can't wait for the world to spin
I can't wait to be happenin'
Oh, what's it gonna take
I can't wait for the time to come
When I'll be shining like the sun
I can't wait
(I can't wait)
Everybody has their day
Where things just seem to go their way
An angel's gonna smile on me when I'm meant to be
Anything is possible no matter how incredible
You never know who I might meet on this crowded street
Life goes on
Like the sun
I can't wait for the world to spin
I can't wait to be happenin'
Oh, what's it gonna take
I can't wait for the time to come
When I'll be shining like the sun
I can't wait
(I can't wait)
I haven't got forever and I haven't got all day
Oh I don't want my world to stay the same
So where's that magic moment to carry me away
I can't wait for the world to spin
I can't wait to be happenin'
Oh, what's it gonna take
I can't wait for the time to come
When I'll be shining like the sun
I can't wait
(I can't wait)


Height Build
Large Average
East Coast
Father Mother
Kev -

Nah, he’s an only puppy

Dating {Auracilla}
Other Relationships
{Maya} - His Best Girl. Current travel partner, adores platonically.
{Eudora} - Was meant to be a travel partner but ditched him, sadface!
{Astred} - Crazy and possible rabid nutjob

{Josalyn} - *dreamy sigh* Josalyn...
{Forrest} - Listen to this guy when he talks!
{Nomad} - studly AND nice!
{Auracilla} - Aura his boo, kay?
{Daniel} - Cute if slightly shy guy, wants to see lots more of!
All the AJ apparel

AJ Playlist
Larger than life, Backstreet Boys
In The Summertime, Mungo Jerry
Radio, Matchbox 20
Spirit Symbol
None yet