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Name Pack
Jean Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 6 mos.)
280 SP

Character Information

Appearance: Jean has a unique visage. Her coat is rather thick and fluffy, with some "curly" fur. Her base coat is a rich, dark brown that is easy on the eyes. Her underbelly, legs, under the neck, and a bit under the muzzle are frosted tips of whiteish grey fur. Some of her brown fur on her back is a bit frosted as well. Her eyes are a soothing amber with flecks of green. Jean has a black semi-collar around her neck. It cuts off at the underside of her neck where the white begins. She also has a black muzzle .Then, she also has a black triangle just bellow her shoulder blades that is "cut" in the middle with some more frosted tips.

Personality: Norma Jean is a lovely maiden, no less. She is known to have a silver tongue and is exceptionally kind. However, this fiery female also is very stubborn, and if you get her angry... She will not back down from a fight or argument, though she doesn't prefer to fight because if her size. Jean is also head strong, but is always willing to put others needs ahead of hers if he or she deserves it. Another thing is that Jean picks who gets her respect. She doesn't hand it out. This woman studies the wolf and analyzes to come to a conclusion of either he or she gets her respect or they don't. This indicates Jean is intelligent. She can be known for having pity on others and is good at deciding what is fair and just. Jean usually can also calm down others... using that silver tongue of hers, but sometimes it doesn't work. Jean is also known for having a wild and untamed spirit that can change on the dime.

History: Born in the cold region of Montana to a simple family in a small pack., Jean was never thought to be something great. While her mother was pregnant with her, she and her mate were captured as prisoners of war from a battle. There in nasty conditions the pair was put in, Jean was given life. However, her mother died giving birth to her. This caused Jean's father to blame Jean for her death, which made him hate her. When Jean was old enough to realize her father despised her, she worked hard to gain his respect and love. However, he never noticed her. Because she was never taught anything by her father except harsh religious things, Jean was forced to grow up to quickly and lost out on a normal childhood. Apparently, Jean observed, a prisoner of war could gain respect and have an actual rank in the pack. However, her father never tried. Therefore, Jean gave one last shot to gain her father's love. The young girl charmed and worked hard to rise in the ranks until she became huntress. Her father did not care, though. Enraged and hurt, Jean fled from the pack in order to get what she deserved. Now she arrives in Horizon to find that.

Note- Jean has an outline of a personality. This can change and expand over time. Note #2- Jean has a country accent, but it is smooth and welcoming... not overly country.

Note #3- Jean has basic knowledge of herbs. Stuff to help stomach ache, cuts, head ache, pain etc...


Height Build
Petite Lean
Father Mother
Abusive Long Gone


Other Relationships

{Marcus} (knows as Wight) ~ I don't know what to think of you anymore... Thank you though, for giving me happiness for the first time.

{Alegna} (knows as Spice) ~ Carry Me.

Marcus getting hit by bus, and Alegna and Jean are the guys piggybacking. Alegna is carrying Jean... cause Jean is done with life.

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet