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Jonsi Tells Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Character Information

JONSI ("YOHN-see")

mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be borzois


95lbs. 32 inches. 5.5 feet. (size reference)

Long and leggy, with a silvery coat that sits close to his body from the midline down but goes shaggy and coarse all along his ruff and back, Jonsi is something of a striking figure. He is not terribly large, but long of ear and snout, and holds himself with great poise. His eyes are the same green color of unripe apples.

Jonsi has tipped the balance over into middle age, which is not difficult to miss. Little black scars pock his muzzle and forelegs, and his chin has gone especially silver. Fortunately, he is quite sure that he cuts a certain, stunning sort of figure and so his self-assurance remains intact.

i know you are, but what am I?

art by fenshae!

PRINT: independent. inquisitive. full of whimsy.

Jonsi is generally a pleasant creature, somewhat formal, somewhat strange. He is content to make a good impression and remain under the radar while snooping around at whatever catches his interest. For the most part, he's a positive or at least neutral force in the universe, although he occasionally finds the spirit to tease at others' expense. He is a loner, a visitor, a spectator to others' lives and it quite deft at stepping out of the way of duty and responsibility.

He is, or was a storyteller, though this hasn't much come up in Horizon. Since getting here, he hasn't been up to much.



  • Don't Poke the Bear (x)
  • Wandered out of the valley


  • CAUTION: Crabs. (x)
  • Cowabunga Rude (x)
  • Undertaking (x)
  • Passing Time with Wildcats (x)
  • Wolves Which Come Out of the Sea (x)

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in passing
Spring, HY4: {Neeve}, {Epidemic}.
Winter, HY3: {Vincent}, {Marcellus}, Apollo, {Bucky}, {Maeve}, {Regent}, {Yuna}.

Autumn: {Apollo}, {Caesar}.
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