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Name Pack
Josalyn Vedi Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 10 mos.)
3440 SP

Character Information

As of Oct 23/2017: her profile needs to be updated. STAY TUNED.
Note: an obvious change is her hind left leg, which looks twisted and a little limpy. Various deep scars cross her left hip down her thigh, suggesting her leg had been forcefully broken and healed crookedly. She walks with a slight limp in her gait. Also, she's a squirmy cuddler/sleeper. Expect her to stretch out and move around a lot during the night.

as winter takes me now, of cold and clammy skin
a barren empty womb as i am born again
it's pulling at my hair and crawling all within,
a gentle beating heart is swept away by sin

the monster in your head won't surface again
be still my child, wash away the sin
and i as future kings walk off the edge
hold me by my name - hold me til the end

Ever since arriving in the valley and joining the Northern Order, Josalyn had been able to put on weight and gain some muscle. Once thin almost to the point of starvation, she is now considerably heavier with notable muscle lining her legs and torso. Her fur remains thin as a hallmark of her birth in the desert, and so the subtle curvature of her form is rather easily noticed and not very well hidden. Her fur is thickest around her neck and stomach. It takes on a rich golden colour, with clouds of dark brown along her hackles and tail. Light cream washes her underbelly, muzzle and legs. Burnt sienna marks her blaze, ears, and the tip of her tail. Her eyes are bright yellow as the summer sun, always warm and inviting.

OPTIMIST, SCHOLAR, BLEEDING HEART — Josalyn is an unyielding optimist who chooses to see the best in everything and everyone. She is a chipper, kind creature who will never fail to give everyone a chance and even second chances; she will always search for a reason to smile, even when life seems to be at its darkest. She is bursting with love for the people in her life, and she will not hesitate to make this known. Above all else, she believes in the potential of her peers and will not stop until she sees them succeed, whatever their goal may be (well, so long as its morally sound). Josalyn is known to have an incredibly soft heart, and it doesn't take much to rend sympathy from her if somebody happens to be in need. She'll go out of her way to help others and is a chronic people pleaser.

With a mind that is always working, Josalyn values education and intelligence. She has a sharp wit and fairly keen memory (though is prone to forgetting a couple things every now and then), and tends to draw conclusion through quick analysis. Tactical and resourceful, Josalyn prides herself on her smarts. And yet, she still has a knack for coming off as surprisingly dim-witted; sometimes on purpose, other times entirely far too naive of the world. In fact, Josalyn tends to lapse into something of a party girl attitude when the situation permits. Rest assured, Josalyn takes her responsibilities very seriously and will just as quickly snap back to business mode.

An avid respect for plant life and nature has turned her into an adept observer. She is naturally passive, but will speak out if necessary. Finally, Josalyn tends to wear her heart on her sleeve in a most capricious way. She is wary of suitors, but once someone captures her romantic attention, she is wholly enamored.

Strengths: Medicine, Plant Identification, Tracking, Conflict Resolution
Improving: Fungi Identification, Animal Identification, Child Care
Weaknesses: Hunting, Fighting, Overly Trusting

Northern Order flag, made by Raylee!


Born in the pack of Crux Grotto to the Beta pair alongside her siblings Orion and Nephilim. Made quick friends with other pups who were born outside of the pack, including Darin. Josalyn was trained by her mother at an early age to identify and use medicinal herbs. A little over half a year old, a wildfire broke out across the pack territory and separated the pack. Josalyn, Orion and Darin banded together to search for the rest of their pack, but to no avail. They headed north instead, to discover this valley.

Full Autumn, HY1 1 year, 1 month
Josalyn arrives in the Eastern Wasteland with Darin and Orion. They soon meet Tehya and invite her to join their group. The foursome travels south-west and takes refuge in the mountains.

Late Autumn, HY1 1 year, 2 months
While lingering in the mountains, Darin meets Poppy. Not long after, Orion abandons the group; Josalyn is crushed and blames Poppy for replacing her brother. The foursome leaves the mountains, during which Tehya breaks away. They enter Falter Glen and encounter the Firewing Brotherhood, faced with the prospect of joining a pack, but Darin resists.

Early Winter, HY1 1 year, 3 months
The trio settles down in Shadowed Dell, but Josalyn leaves, unhappy with their status as wanderers. She meets Bohemian, Darin's brother, and Crimson. Josalyn returns to Darin and Poppy, keeping her meeting with Bohemian secret from her friend.

Full Winter, HY2 1 year, 4 months
Josalyn learns of Poppy's pregnancy and meets Ruark. She is faced with a hormonal change due to the mating season. Darin meets Solomon, who invites the trio to take up residence in Firefly Woods with him and his aspiring pack.

Late Winter, HY2 1 year, 5 months
The trio arrives in Firefly Woods. Solomon establishes the Northern Order, and Josalyn meets her new packmates, Rhea and Zehnai. Though relieved to finally be a part of a pack, Josalyn clashes with Rhea and her new mate, Azazel. Josalyn reveals her true colours to her packmates after pleading with Solomon and Azazel not to kill an injured trespasser, Moraz, and instead heals him. Josalyn meets Poet and promises to teach him medicine in the spring. Finally, she participates in a hunt with Zehnai and Solomon. Josalyn visits the coast.

Early Spring, HY2 1 year, 6 months
Josalyn is busy helping the Order's three pregnant females, Zehnai, Poppy, and Rhea. She begins her medic lessons with Poet, meets Memphis, Bjorn, and Hija, and acts as a mediator for some small spats between Rhea and various packmates.

Full Spring, HY2 1 year, 7 months
Joaslyn helps Zehnai deliver three pups while Bjorn throws a temper tantrum. She meets with Ruark again, who seems to be courting her. Poppy gives birth, but flees not long after, leaving her and Darin's pups without a mother. The Yahn brood is given to Zehnai to raise. She meets Memphis again, who is interested in joining the Order, and then encounters Ruark who regretfully has to leave to take a pregnant Dakota to another pack across the valley.

Late Spring, HY2 1 year, 8 months
Rhea delivers her three pups with Josalyn's aid. Josalyn revisits the coast, where she meets Karevik and Rhian and discovers a pretty glowy cave. Poet brings an injured Colette to the Order and seeks Josalyn's help. Concerned for the pups' health, Josalyn decides to travel south to the Skyrise Pass in search of horsemint and as an excuse to search for Orion. During her journey, rain seizes the valley; she meets Sparrow and learns of the Skyrise Empire, meets Clover with whom she hunts, and meets Hywell and Iscariot. Josalyn takes Clover back to the Northern Order, who is eager to join a pack. Back in the labyrinth, Josalyn is dismayed to find her den and stores flooded. Azazel corners Josalyn and attempts to work out their 'trust issues'.

Early Summer, HY2 1 year, 9 months
Now that the pups are older, Josalyn is eager to spend time with them. With her den flooded, Josalyn relocates to a new den and struggles to recover her stores. Karevik comes to visit her, and Memphis and Josalyn bond over their unfortunate pasts.

Full Summer, HY2 1 year, 10 months
The rain finally stops. Josalyn finally meets Mortimer, Solomon's brother. After an eight-month-long absence, Orion reappears in Firefly Woods, injured and close to death; he is quickly accepted into the Northern Order, where he is able to recover. Josalyn meets Meinir. Memphis finally comes to the borders looking to join the Order, much to Josalyn's delight after she realizes her crush on him. Dalus and Cree are endangered by two vicious strangers; Bohemian protects them, Josalyn is stunned by her inability to protect her packmates. Bohemian later joins the Order. Solomon encounters Nephilim and tells Orion and Josalyn about it, making Josalyn eager to see her other brother.

Late Summer, HY2 1 year, 11 months
An earthquake nearly causes Eerik to fall to his death, but he is rescued as the Order comes together. Josalyn meets Ruark again, who is unhappy in the Stormborn Alliance. Hywell appears near the Order's borders on the verge of death; Josalyn, Orion, and Cree watch him die. Shattered, Josalyn unloads all of her feelings on Memphis and seeks comfort in him. After, she decides she needs to improve - first she seeks out Darin to learn how to fight, then she visits the Evergreen Wolves to present the idea of a healer's gathering to Meinir. Solomon calls a pack meeting to discuss their hardships over the summer and introduce apprenticeships. Josalyn attempts to determine if Cree or Dalus are interested in becoming a medic apprentice, but it seems neither of them are. Orion decides to challenge Darin for the Warlord rank after his discussion with Josalyn and Cree, causing Darin to lash out against them. Feeling guilty, Josalyn attempts to talk things through with Darin and rekindle their friendship.

Early Autumn, HY2 2 years, 0 months
Josalyn is summoned by a savage Zehnai who has progressed to a late stage of rabies. She makes the decision to poison Zehnai in order to end her suffering and protect her packmates, though the decision isn't made easy in the presence of Zehnai's children.

Herbal Knowledge

Josalyn keeps caches of herbs interspersed all throughout the Labyrinth (Northern Order territory) as well as Firefly Woods. Most of her herbs are stored in her den, which is a wide alcove inside a mass of twisting roots that serve as shelves. The floor of the den dips down near the back, which houses many holes in which she stores her fresher herbs.

On Hand:
Oak Bark - thick plates of bark that serve as trays to carry herbs (x)
Barberry - high in vitamin c, useful for staving off infection, eaten or used in poultice (x)
Wild Strawberry - high in vitamin c, stimulate growth of connective tissue, eaten (x)
Parsley - leaves high in zinc, reduce wound healing time and size, eaten (x)
Comfrey - leaves stimulate wound healing, used in poultice (x)
Gentian - roots treat fever and hypertension, eaten (x)
Raspberry - leaves tone and strengthen uterus, chewed then eaten (x)
Witch-Hazel - leaves reduce swelling, itching, and internal inflammation, eaten or used in poultice (x)
Stinging Nettle - non-stinging leaves high in protein and vitamins, strengthen uterus, eaten (x)
Horsemint - soothes upset stomach and reduces indigestion (x)
Round-Leaved Sundew - sticky leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, treat respiratory problems - (x)
Glowworm Silk - a bundle of sticky silk, used as dressing for wounds
Fennel - entire plant acts as a pain reliever - (x)

Herbal Remedies for reference


Fumes — The Eden Project
Complete Rhinoceros — Dolphin Striker
Strawberry Swing — Coldplay
Staying — Koda


Height Build
Small Average
Goldfish Harbor [Crux Grotto]
Father Mother
† Datorris Vito Azalia Vedi

{Orion} NOBrother
Guardian and beloved brother.
{Nephilim} — Brother
Estranged, but misses.

Good Terms

{Darin} NOBest Friend
Like a brother. Has fun with him.

{Solomon} NOChief
Appreciates, admires, privately romanticizes without pursuit.

† {Zehnai} NOFriend
Adores, feels guilty over. Misses greatly.

{Rhea} NOFriend
Craves approval and friendship.

{Clover} NOFriend
Loves like a little sister.

{Memphis} NOCrush
Makes her heart flutter.

{Karevik} — Friend
Fun time friend.

{Poet} SAStudent
Has fun with, teaches medicine to.

{Cree} NONiece
Darin’s daughter. Wants to understand and be close to.

{Bohemian} NOFriend
Happy that he is part of the Order and reunited with Darin.

{Ruark} SAFriend
Worries for, wants to see happy.

† {Hywell} — Friend
Wishes she could have helped him.

{Eerik} NOPackmate
Zehnai’s son. Amused by, fond of, feels guilty.

{Aksel} NOPackmate
Zehnai’s son. Feels guilty.

{Astrid} NOPackmate
Zehnai’s daughter. Feels guilty.

{Icarus} NOPackmate
Rhea’s son. Adores.

{Tara} NOPackmate
Rhea’s daughter. Adores.

{Dalus} NOPackmate
Rhea’s son. Wants to teach medicine to.

{Nikolas} NOPackmate
Darin’s son. Worries for.

{Ferris} NOPackmate
Darin’s son. Worries for.

{Meinir} EWFriend
Healer of Evergreen Wolves. Greatly enjoys being around.


{Poppy} — Ex-Friend
Wants to redeem, but unsure if she can forgive.

{Sparrow} SEAcquaintance
Member of Skyrise Empire. Uncertain.

{Rafael} — Acquaintance
Lives outside of the Labyrinth. Wants to trust.

{Mortimer} NOPackmate
Solomon’s brother. Wants to know more.

{Willa} EWAcquaintance
Guardian of Evergreen Wolves. Wishes she would understand Solomon’s choices.

{Ayla} — Acquaintance
Wants to learn more from.

Bad Terms

{Vandal} — Enemy
Rogue. Behaves suspiciously, does not trust.

{Azazel} NOPackmate
Rhea’s mate. Does not trust, views as a murderer.

{Bjorn} — Acquaintance
Holt children’s father. Thinks he hates her.

{Suspiria} — Suspicious
Identifies as a murderer, dislikes.

Heard Of

{Pipin} — Threat
Warned by Ayla as a rapist.

Other Relationships
{Goliad} Vedi - Adopted Cousin
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet