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Name Pack
Juste Dumont Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 7 mos.)
100 SP

Character Information

Juste proudly boasts his father's northern lineage, born with soft blue eyes and sporting a thick arctic coat which looks terrible on him during the spring and summer as it sheds, but is very magnificent and fluffy during the fall and winter. He was the shining essence of his father's will, free of his mother's patterns, free of any markings at all. Some of his littermates had few patterns, or some peppering, but not Juste! He was the best of his siblings! And they scarred him for it as they grew, biting his face and his legs where his fur was thinnest, marking him forever. Now the scars have blackened, and mar his features as imperfections.

Overall, he has grown into a large wolf, and through training has built his body into a muscular shield for the siblings he chose to protect over the ones he chose to abandon.
He has a strong sense of justice, of right and wrong; his morals may be biased, and of course, he will assume he is always doing the right thing, but he is always striving to better the lives of his younger brother and sister. He will not hesitate to jump in front of danger for them, and he will not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of others if it will save the lives of his young charges.

Juste is naturally kind to strangers unless he is given express reason not to be. He will openly engage in conversation but will drop anything and everything if called upon by either of his siblings.
After Arriving in Horizon
Pre-Horizon History
They have traveled from their home in search of a better one after an attack on their family.

Juste took his two younger siblings in an effort to save them, having always treasured his mother despite her misgivings. He did not see his father during the fight, but did catch a glimpse of his mother: struggling against an onslaught, but relief flashed in her eyes when she noticed her children with Juste. It did not need to be said—it couldn't be said—but he would raise them. They were his brother and sister, anyway. He owed it to them to give them a good life. As for his other siblings, those that were jealous of him, of others? That lived with spite in their hearts? Truly, spawn of their mother. They disgraced their father.

He hopes they died that night.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Outside Horizon
Father Mother

Soma, Ailsa, Shanoa

Younger Half-Siblings:
{Vox}, {Esper}

Other Relationships
Spirit Symbol Emblems
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