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Name Pack
Kaete Adunati Rangers III. Ranger
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 7 mos.)
2535 SP

Character Information

Kaete is a wolf of average height, or almost a little toward the small side, and is lean and not very muscular, but a swift sprinter. Her fur is mainly white, tinged with cream in some spots, and her most striking marking is a sort of stripe of dark grey/charcoal/almost-black that runs along her back and down her muzzle. There are small eyeshadow-like marks above her eyes in the same dark color, and some light grey/silver-ish fur around the stripe in some places. Her left eye is a pale blue, while the right eye is amber.

(personality 4.0) Kaete has been through a lot of changes. One thing that can be said about her is that she's controlled by her emotions, and her emotions tend to be influenced by other people a lot and can change rapidly. If people are being nice to her and she has something to look forward to, she can be normal and happy and nice, and then it can all come crashing down as she gets very dramatically angry and/or sad, usually because of thinking no one likes her and everything is hopeless. She is highly insecure and finds it difficult to believe that there's anything good about herself, and can jump to exaggerated and ridiculous conclusions about what people think of her and how they're just trying to hurt her. This leads her to sometimes be selfish and find it difficult to care about anyone else either, not to mention the tendency for bitterness, jealousy, desire for revenge, etc. Even if she does nice things, she usually has some ulterior motive. With friends as a good influence, she can be a good and loyal wolf, but when she gets her feelings hurt, it all comes crashing down again and things get unpredictable. While she has come to learn that it is possible for her to have true friendships, she increasingly yearns for more than that, as time goes on. Nothing crushes her frequently-crushed soul more than the loneliness.

(Backstory is being worked on, might not be fully revealed until someone asks about it IC or I make an adoptable related to her, but basically her parents were overprotective because reasons and they barely let her talk to anyone else in the pack, and so she was the socially awkward loner and got either ignored or bullied by the other kids in the pack while growing up, and ended up leaving as a yearling)

Recent Happenings: (in the autumn or so)
-- Still unsure about whether she could really be a "good wolf", Kaete expressed her concerns to Bucky in her usual whiny dramatic fashion, and he tried to reassure her and tell her he believed in her, so she decided to stay and become a Ranger. She and Bucky started to be able to have more normal conversations together, with no yelling and arguing.
-- Gosh, that Bucky sure is a great guy. He did so much for her, and he was able to deal with all her drama, and he was really really great. She couldn't stop thinking about him for some reason. Oh. Wait. She suddenly realized she had a crush on him.
-- One of the main problems being that she still wasn't sure if he (or anyone else for that matter) was even her friend. When he was concerned about Caesar leaving, he wasn't in the mood to talk to her as much as usual, leading her to come to the conclusion that no one would ever be her friend ever and all hope was lost (it made sense at the time, okay). So she wandered out into the range to mope and cry in the distance, and met Jay who had a lot of advice about not giving up.
-- She regained some confidence and went back to the gorge to tell Bucky that she was leaving and also what an uncaring jerk he was. After lots of arguing, a convenient flash flood swept through the gorge to put an end to it, and Bucky kinda sorta saved Kaete's life, and got swept away by the flood himself and injured. Somehow this ended up making Kaete realize that Bucky really did care about her and was her friend, so she stayed with the Rangers.
-- Kaete and Bucky started spending more time together, which was nice but unfortunately just made her crush worse. She tried to be supportive and helpful with ideas for the pack, even naming their territory, Wavehaven Gorge. Soon, the Adunati Rangers officially made their claim.
-- Kaete went on a long patrol with Bucky and Nomad, mainly to visit the packs in the east. They had some fun times together and Kaete started to become better friends with Nomad too. Kaete still tried to be the best Ranger she could be, but she still wasn't sure if she was doing it for the Rangers, or just for Bucky. She started to plan to tell him her feelings, and perhaps let herself get overly hopeful that it would go well.
-- The most major event to happen on this patrol was when Kaete ran across Ororo, one of Casscade's sisters that they had been looking for, along with her "friend" Zaan who seemed a little unstable and bit both Ororo and Kaete before running off. It was one of Kaete's bravest moments... but she still thought she did it all for Bucky. Meanwhile, she also found out that Runic, one of her first friends (or acquaintances or whatever he was) in the valley, had disappeared, along with many other missing wolves from the Idavoll Circle and Starfall Cadre. The Rangers were the only friends she had now.
-- After returning home, it was time for what she had been building up to for so long. Kaete finally told Bucky that she liked him. Sadly, not only did he not like her back, he said he thought that he never would. Obviously, Kaete was not happy with this, but, but, she would be okay, right? They were still friends, and he even told her some comforting stuff about how she would find someone else. Yeah, that'd be great. She could look forward to that. She was okay.
-- She wasn't okay. After a few days, she had a delayed reaction of horror and agony when she realized that it wasn't just a little crush, her feelings for Bucky were very strong and she was pretty sure it was love. And the thought of not being able to have him, and someone else having him instead someday, was killing her. Somehow she happened to run into Zaan again, who told her that she shouldn't give up on Bucky and she should try to make him love her, which seemed like good advice at the time because she was very upset okay. Not that Zaan seems to know a lot about love exactly, but again, very upset okay. She sympathized with Zaan who also seemed to have a hopeless love for Ororo, and she started to think that he wasn't such a bad guy after all because he gave her some sort of hope when she was at her lowest point. And she also kinda told him where Ororo was, but let's just forget about that.
-- So, Kaete confronted Bucky again to tell him the full extent of her feelings, and try to convince him to give her a chance, or at least find out why he wouldn't. Naturally, this only made things worse for the most part, because he was even more firm than before on the fact that it was impossible for him to ever like her, and the whole thing made him, in his own words, uncomfortable. At length, she finally had to give up again. Having lost all hope yet again, and not knowing how to deal with this, she decided that it might be better to leave home, at least for a while. To get away from the pain of being around him, to try to find something else to live for. Bucky didn't argue with this, but did make her promise not to bang random dudes.
-- And so, Kaete is currently planning to go on a little journey of self-discovery. Having spent nearly half a year with her life revolving around Bucky, she might be quite lost without him. Also it's winter, so that's pretty inconvenient. Will she ever be able to go back home? Will she ever find happiness? WUT WILL HABBEN?
(Last updated: about a week into early winter. I tend to only update it every few months so yeah :p)


Height Build
Average Lean
Outside Horizon
Father Mother
no one will ever love me oh god why *runs away crying*
*more crying*
Other Relationships
Important Wolves
{Bucky} - The closest friend she ever had by far, and had a positive impact on her life, but she developed romantic feelings for him that were not returned, and she's still in too much pain to know how she feels about him now.
{Nomad} - Probably her second best friend, the only one she can talk to now that things are weird with Bucky. Very sweet and good at cheering her up, but so far she still doesn't feel as close to him as she was to Bucky.
Other Rangers: {Caesar} - {Pharaoh} - {Casscade} - {Pike} - Kaete hasn't spent a lot of time getting to know them, but considers them friends and thinks the Rangers all care about each other and are loyal to each other as packmates.
Other Known Wolves
{Regent} - Caesar's sister. Seems too serious and harsh. Might become a Ranger.
{Marchioness} - Caesar's sister. Seems much friendlier and more cheerful than Regent. Might become a Ranger.
{Magnus} - Some guy from the Proleator Kingdom who was looking for Caesar. Seems okay. Might become a Ranger.
{Zaan} - It's complicated. He attacked her when they first met, then tried to help her when they met again, when she was devastated over Bucky. She has sympathy for him and thinks he's not a bad guy, just weird.
{Ororo} - Casscade's lost sister who Kaete found and "rescued" from Zaan, which she seemed very grateful for.
{Comet} - Ororo's... friend? Kaete didn't really get to talk to him, but their public display of affection made her sick.
{Jay} - Another of the wolves that picked her up when she was down, giving her hope at one of her lowest points.
{Beauregard} - She holds a grudge against him for almost getting her in trouble and generally being a jerk. She later found out he was worse than she thought. He seems to be gone though.
{Astrid} - Nice girl from the Tribe, rescued Kaete from seagulls and is also a healer.
{Pierre} - Leader of the Cadre, seems like a nice guy who was trying his best to deal with things.
{Charcoal} - Pierre's brother, seems like an okay guy who wanted to help out.
{Zak} - A guy from the Cadre. Didn't have many manners, and weirded her out a little.
{Marzena} - Nice lady from the Brotherhood. Mother of Stark. Kaete sorta lied to her though, so meeting her again might be a bit awkward.
{Valentina} - (Kaete doesn't yet know she's dead) Leader of the Brotherhood, last she knew. A bit cold.
{Stark} - A pup in the Brotherhood that Bucky is friends with. Seemed grumpy when they met, but that could be because his mentor had just died.
{Kara} - Former leader of the Circle, seemed okay, if a bit intimidating. Apparently disappeared.
{Runic} - First sort-of-friend in the valley, but he seems to have vanished.
{Bragi} - Too smart and poetic and confusing. Friends with Ororo apparently.
Forgotten Wolves
{Montana} - {Deimos} - {Emmerich} - {Spring-Roll} - {Tobias}
- Wolves that she only met once a long time ago and/or they didn't make much of an impression on her, and they were never important again. This list will grow over time.
- The only one with some impact on her was Emmerich, who led her on and then abandoned her in her first winter in the valley, which was not good for her self-esteem.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet