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Name Pack
Kamaal Uruz Fellowship I. Mistress
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 8 mos.)
5350 SP

Character Information

"Going To Hell" — listen "Kill Me" — listen
Father did you miss me,
Been locked up a while.
I got caught for what I did but took it all in style.
Laid to rest all my confessions I gave way back when.
Now I'm versed in so much worse,
So I am back again, and he said

For the lives that I take, I'm going to hell!
For the lives that I take, I'm going to hell!
Every day I wake up
Every day I wake up alone
Every day I wake up
Every day I wake up alone

Let me open up the discussion with
I'm not impressed
With any mother fucking word I say
See I lied that I cried
When he came inside
and now I'm burning a highway to Hades
Species Fur Height Weight Length
Canis Lupus Lycaon Average, sleek 30 in 79 lbs 5.8 ft

Tall, dark and foxy - that's Kamaal in a nutshell. The younger of the two siblings, she stands at 30 inches at the shoulder and weighs in no more than 79 pounds at any given time. Long legs and a slender build covered in lean muscle create a rather attractive figure, especially when one considers the colors that lay upon her coat.

Coloration-wise, she's almost entirely monochrome, save for the shades of soft cinnamon that dominate her sides and underbelly. Tinges of silver are also present throughout her body, but are rather faint to nonexistent. An intense set of orange eyes, burning like live coals, stand in stark contrast against her dark visage, demanding you turn your attention on her.

As most would expect, scars litter Kamaal's body, but most of them are fully hidden by her sleek coat. Those that aren't, are the ones that lie on the right side of her loins and the gashes that rest on the upper part of her chest and extend up until they meet her throat. The fur on her neck has not grown back fully - especially that located on the upper part of her chest - allowing for the nastiness of teeth to show. Ah, the courtesy of the ever-loving-Holly. Aside from that, her right ear possesses a strong notch near its base, nothing too tragic.

Starlight Peaks

With: {Fray}, {Skuld} and {Freyr}
''I know it breaks your heart, two years, no calls''

  • After stumbling upon Sparrow, Ink and Freyr, Kamaal and Fray decide to take the latter back to their ice cave, to see if he's indeed who he says he is. Could this be true? Is Skuld's lover not dead after all?
Taylor Momsen — Voice Example
Amen - Halestorm
Gonna Get Mine - Halestorm
I Miss The Misery - Halestorm
Everybody Wants Something From Me - The Pretty Reckless
Heaven knows- The Pretty Reckless
Hangman - The Pretty Reckless

Traits Brash| Cold|Manipulative|Atheistic|Sadistic|Masochistic
Best Traits Loyal, confident, warmhearted, ardent, affectionate
Worst Traits Brash, hardheaded, manipulative, sadistic, masochistic
Fears Failing like her father had before her


Kamaal having spent quite a bit of time around Malachi as a yearling and Yuna now as an adult, has learned a few basic things about healing. Hopefully her knowledge will expand in time.

  • Boneset - Helps soothe aches and pains.
  • Cleavers - Stops bleeding, applied in a paste along with marigold.
  • Comfrey - Used as a painkiller for arthritis, applied as a paste, don't swallow.
  • Lavender - Reduces anxiety and inflammations, antiseptic.
  • Marigold - Used to clean wounds. Applied as a paste to the infected area.
  • Willow bark - Found year-round, used to soothe muscle pain and arthritis.
  • Yarrow - Stops bleeding. Miscarriages or allergic reactions are possible


She didn't have the most pleasant childhood, that's for sure. Though, she's not one to mope about it either. Her mother died from rabies, leaving her and her brother under their father's care, only to be soon abandoned by him too. He had to find happiness in his life again, and wasting his time raising two little brats seemed too much.

Raised by a man called Majai, a half-sibling to Roux and Lievan, she had a rather rough time growing up. Her and her brother, Kyoren never really got along well, often resulting in beating each other up, until one or the other gave up or... Ya know, someone stepped in and stopped them from trying to kill each other.

What she thought to be a rough time growing up, only grew rougher when Majai got gutted in front of her by Lievan. The experience shook her mentally for the most part and forced all the pent-up rage, along with a whole hurricane of emotions, to explode at once. She challenged Lievan to face her and ultimately got her ass beaten up pretty badly. Her brother did practically nothing to aid her situation and even went as far as chasing her out of the mountainous region, her own fucking home.

Injured and starved, she wandered, until she eventually gave up and passed out. Luckily enough, though, she was found by a male called Malachi, who happened to know quite a bit about healing. Still, not even a yearling, the red man grew fond of her, and proposed to change her name from "Amilia" to "Kamaal". She agreed, his words soothing, telling her to let go of the pain.

Telling her to start anew.

Her savior grew possessive of her, however, to the point where he ended his relationship with his mate, Aeva and left his only son under her care. He wanted to pursue his toy, the one whom he had nurtured back to health. Perhaps she played her game wrong, gave off the wrong signals, but whatever the case, Malachi fell hard for her and she stayed with him, a wicked sense of pleasure keeping her there. But, as the weeks went by, Kamaal realized that she could not offer him what he asked; not without sacrificing her own happiness. He pained her, opened past wounds and made her bleed. He was not what she sought, so she left after having given him a taste.

On her own again, she happened across her father's scent trail during one of her travels further south and followed it, demanding an answer, a justification for why he abandoned them and never looked back. Unlucky. She was unlucky, losing his scent after a heavy rainfall and ultimately wandering into a place ran by two rogues - Akiva and Ryu. Bickering at first, the trio seemed to cool down after realizing they could benefit from each other. They made some sort of deal, striving to make a group of their own. Soon after, a third man joined the group, a dark male going by the name of Atticus. They grew close over time, Atticus coming to view Kamaal as a younger sibling of sorts. However, he didn't stick around for long, seeing as his belifs didn't align with Akiva's. Despite Atticus's leaving, though, life was good, easier and it got even better when Kamaal confessed her feelings to Akiva, only to have her return them.

Being a few months younger than her lover, Kamaal's opinion didn't hold much power and she practically had very little say in anything, which caused her to lash out one night when her and Akiva had snatched a few mushrooms from the forest they resided in. A physical fight broke between them, resulting in Akiva's death and the disposal of her body in a nearby creek. It was no longer safe in the forest, so Kamaal - even though heavy-hearted - left the scene without looking back.

Alone for yet another time, she entered the lands of Graywood where she was met with the proposal of joining the pack that resided there, the Graywood Alliance. There she met Renegade among others, whom she grew rather close to when he offered his assistance in raising Ares who was presumably abandoned by his parents at the pack's doorstep. Perhaps unwillingly, she resulted in becoming his adoptive mother and Renegade his adoptive father. The pair of them hit it off well and their friendship only solidified when Renegade saved Kamaal from getting trampled over by a buck. However, a destructive flood followed by equally merciless weather, had the land crumble as if it was nothing. Trees fell, Spade River and Ashman Lake flooded causing chaos and striking panic in everyone that was in the area. Graywood ended up falling apart, leaving whoever was spared to head their own ways.

Having searched the land for days and ultimately finding no one, Kamaal left believing that her adoptive son and the man whom she had started to develop feelings for were dead. She was empty, having lost everything once again. Her father was gone, killed by a mountain lion in the lands of Graywood and buried by his own daughter and her companion, Renegade. The answers she sought from his lips were never going to be voiced. If only she had arrived in that place a week earlier, perhaps she could've saved him. But, alas, time was not in her favor.

What was left now? Nothing.

With no goal in life and no set destination in mind, Kamaal wandered in the valley of Horizon. Deep down she still believed that some wolves from her old pack were alive and she occasionally searched for any sign to confirm her suspicions, but to no avail. Until, of course, the proof she was looking for smacked her in the face. Renegade was alive and they reunited with each other in late spring of HY3.
They agreed to separate again, hoping to find more Graywood survivors by covering more ground. During her time away from Renegade, Kamaal met a pup named Clara, belonging to the Hillside Sanctuary, revealing her more motherly side.

Kamaal and Renegade eventually reunited again in the Evergreen Forest, where Kamaal came across Meir, a healer residing with the Evergreen Wolves. He advised Renegade and Kamaal to find Boneset for Ren's aching leg, sending them in the Hills to find what they were after. Life after that was mostly uneventful, with the two of them growing closer each passing day. At the beach, Renegade brought up the possibility of them starting a family come spring, which Kamaal turned down, in her fear of failing as a mother. Still at the beach, she met a timid female named Yuna, whom she came to consider a close friend after the girl patched her up from her fight with Holly and Klass, two dumbasses who believed she was a wanted criminal.

A still recovering Kamaal happened across Yuna a few days later and ultimately defended her from Tidus' ex, who apparently wanted to have him back again, with the help of her adoptive son, with whom she reunited with a few days prior and Fray, whom she knew as "Walter". They rose victorious, but not without getting vomited on by Abrielle, but oh well... Couldn't have it all, could you now?


Height Build
Large Lean
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Agahi ♂ † Roux ♀ †

Kyoren  ♂
Unnamed stillborn ♂ †
Trojan ♂ †
Unnamed stillborn ♀ †

Fray ♂ - It's official now
Ares ♂ - Foster son, sort of

Buffy ♀, Lynn ♀ and Xavier
Family Tree
Other Relationships
Majai ♂ † - Stepfather
Ryu ♂ †? - Former packmate
Atticus ♂ - Former packmate, friend
"Roots" — listen
I thank you for all the lives you've led
I thank you for every word you said
I thank you for walking away
I thank you for the promises you broke

For always watching, watching while I choke
I thank you for teaching me
Yes, I thank you for your hurting
Malachi ♂ † • And here you are, hunting me down in this godforsaken place. You are blinded by your addiction, believing that what we have is love. Keep your distance, our master and toy game is finished.

Akiva ♀ † • You pained me and I returned the favor. You were an interesting partner and friend Mrs Akiva, but perhaps our relationship ended on a sour note. I'm sorry.

Renegade ♂ • We're no longer together and perhaps we're better that way. You broke me, I broke you. We broke one another.
"River of Fire" — listen
Let it rain
Let it rain
Oh won't you let it rain
Let the storm rage
Let the water run higher

Let it rain
Let it rain
Oh won't you let it rain
Baptized in a river of fire
Fray ♂ • An asshole in the beginning and a mere toy to keep myself entertained, you've somehow managed to crawl deeper inside and hold my heart in your hand. I love you, but the heart is a fragile thing. Be careful, it can break.

Skuld ♀ • We've.. gotten close, perhaps way too close. You were a dull woman, absorbed by the glistening lights dancing on the night sky, but I cannot deny I feel something strong towards you. You're my friend, but perhaps.. there's more hiding behind that title.

Yuna ♀ • Our friendship has been formed under strange circumstances and has been tested more than once. I consider you family and I will remain loyal to you and true to my word.

Meir ♂ • The Evergreens didn't suit you and that is fine on its own. The respect I hold for you is great and I hope that our friendship can grow stronger over time.

Aran ♂ • Whilst you're not exactly a favorite of mine, I can tolerate you well enough. You're lucky Meir is a friend of mine, or else my patience would've faded way quicker.

Ares ♂ • I'm sorry... I'm sorry for having failed you. I'll give you the space and time you need, hopefully, you'll come to see things differently.. in time.

Rufus ♂ • I'd like to consider you a friend and ally, but alas, my choices have created a certain distance and unspoken tension between us. Perhaps, I'll get a chance to fix my mistake, if only I could see the future.
"Oh Lord" — listen
Oh Lord won’t you save me
Save me from my soul
Oh lord won’t you forgive me
For I have lost control

Oh lord won’t you tell me
Am I the righteous or the damned?
Oh Lord won’t you please hear me
Do I obey or do I command?
Fray ♂, Skuld ♀, Yuna ♀, Meir ♂, Flit ♀, Clara ♀, Savannah
Grigore ♂, Randy ♂, Orion ♂, Hellion ♂, Cypress ♂, Gerwin ♂ †, Nameless ♀, Sunfall ♂, Tidus ♂, Tasuku ♂, Laura ♀, Talio ♂, Wrenegade ♀, Dresden ♂, Bucky ♂, Kara ♀, Marigold ♀, Holly ♀, Klass ♂ †, Conner ♂, Ylva ♀, Pharaoh ♂, Efeon ♂, Fawn ♀, Eerik ♂, Nomad ♂, Pierre ♂, Mari ♀, Kitsune ♀, Zaan ♂, Whiskey ♂, Vito ♂, Arren ♂, Regent ♀, Marchioness ♀, Chai ♀, Aran ♂, Freyr ♂, Bali ♂, Rota
Kilian ♂, Beauregard ♂, Valentina ♀ †, Natasha ♀, Altair ♂, Abrielle ♀, Vincent ♂, Pace
Tiberius ♂, Malachi ♂ †
Renegade ♂, Ares ♂, Rufus
Andi ♀, Arrow ♀, Eden ♀, Caesar
By Atari: x, x
By Bird: x
By CZ: x
By Isabel: x
By Kurome: x
By Loveboxer: x
By Madeline: x, x
By Spry: x
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet