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Name Pack
Kamaal Rogue
Gender Status
Female Injured
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 5 mos.)
3560 SP

Character Information

"Going To Hell" — listen "Kill Me" — listen
Father did you miss me,
Been locked up a while.
I got caught for what I did but took it all in style.
Laid to rest all my confessions I gave way back when.
Now I'm versed in so much worse,
So I am back again, and he said

For the lives that I take, I'm going to hell!
For the lives that I take, I'm going to hell!
Every day I wake up
Every day I wake up alone
Every day I wake up
Every day I wake up alone

Let me open up the discussion with
I'm not impressed
With any mother fucking word I say
See I lied that I cried
When he came inside
and now I'm burning a highway to Hades
Species Fur Height Weight Length
Canis Lupus Lycaon Average, sleek 30in 79lbs 5.8ft

Tall, dark and foxy - that's Kamaal in a nutshell. Her father's onyx fur graces her whole being, deeming her the queen of the night. Her pelt has mostly stayed the same since her puppy years, never seeming to fade as she began to fill out her body completely.

Dark cinnamon, beige and faint tinges of silver mingle harmonically to create her cloak of midnight hues - which is a rather common trait among the wolves of her species - but striking nonetheless. But, her pelt is not what draws attention her way - it is her eyes. An intense cognac braces them, deeming them a pair of stunners for any unsuspecting soul that dares cross her way.

However, as beautiful as she may appear to some, she certainly is not harmless. Not even close. Scars litter her sides from previous scuffles with her brother and strangers alike. Three deep lacerations caused from teeth rest on the upper part of her thorax, as well as two other scars which are located on the right side of her stomach. Luckily for her though, most of them are covered thanks to her sleek coat of midnight hues.

But, as it would only be logical, not all of her wounds are hidden to the eye; her right ear is a good example. A large chunk is missing near the bottom of it, a sign of foolish fighting when she was but a few months old.

Verdant Hills

With: {Renegade}
''Sunrise colored eyes''

  • After speaking with Yuna, Kamaal decides to give it a go and sets out to find Renegade. The pair begin to talk, Renegade asking his ex travel companion about her feelings toward Fray, after having made his toward her clear. Speak of the devil, Fray joins the party, but, is quickly shoved away. Kamaal wishes to end things on her own and confesses that while she still loves Ren, her feelings toward Fray are hazy. A physical battle ends up breaking between the two of them. Perhaps some kind of wicked dance.
Taylor Momsen — Voice Example
Amen - Halestorm
Gonna Get Mine - Halestorm
I Miss The Misery - Halestorm
Everybody Wants Something From Me - The Pretty Reckless
Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
Hangman - The Pretty Reckless

Traits Brash | Cold | Manipulative | Atheistic | Sadistic | Masochistic
Best Traits Loyal, confident, warmhearted, ardent, affectionate
Worst Traits Brash, hardheaded, manipulative, sadistic, masochistic
Fears Failing like her father had before her


Kamaal having spent quite a bit of time around Malachi as a yearling and Yuna now as an adult, has learned a few basic things about healing. Hopefully her knowledge will expand in time.

  • Marigold - May be used to clean wounds and prevent infection. Applied as a paste to the infected area.
  • Cleavers - Stops bleeding, usually applied in a paste along with marigold.
  • Boneset - Helps soothe aches and pains.
  • Willow bark - Found year-round, used to soothe muscle pain and arthritis.
  • Comfrey - Applied as a paste to the area where the pain is strongest. Used as a painkiller for arthritis, don't swallow.


Height Build
Large Lean

North of Horizon

Father Mother
Agahi ♂ † Roux ♀ †

{Kyoren} ♂
Unnamed stillborn ♂ †
Trojan ♂ †
Unnamed stillborn ♀ †

{Fray} ♂ - Relationship thing
{Ares} ♂ - Foster son, sort of
Other Relationships
Majai ♂ † - Stepfather
Lievan ♂ † - Uncle
Rumchata ♂ - Uncle, estranged
Rajin ♂ - Uncle, estranged
Shakuru ♂ † - Grandfather
Nakomis ♀ † - Grandmother
Muse ♂ † - Grandfather
Monja ♀ † - Grandmother
{Malachi} ♂ • You offered me your services completely oblivious to the fact that you were being manipulated against your will. Our time together was exhilarating, but true love was never meant to be between us.

Akiva ♀ † • You pained me and I returned the favor. You were an interesting partner and friend Mrs Akiva, but perhaps our relationship ended on a sour note. I'm sorry.
{Flit} ♀ • Your humor is appreciated and so is your attitude. You're quite okay, just don't mess up.

{Clara} ♀ • You are Grigore's child, not mine, but I still feel inclined to offer my services.

{Ares} ♂ • Somehow you survived the disaster that took so many away, but the time we've lost cannot be replaced. It was my fault and I will make up for it no matter the cost.

{Rufus} ♂ • You're interesting company mr Rufus, always seeking to find the good in others. Our conversation was an interesting one.

{Meir} ♂ • Your choice is respected. Thank you for offering me your services and advice. You make good company.

{Yuna} ♀ • Always looking to save the ones in need. Despite me not possessing the same beliefs as you, I still appreciate the fact that you offered your services when asked for them. I owe you a favor, it seems.

{Savannah} ♀ • I'm surprised to see you're not scared of me, kid. You're an interesting bundle of fur just like your father.

{Fray} ♂ • You professed your love towards me and I professed mine. I will keep my word.
{Kilian} ♂ • It's a wonder no one forced you to eat your own balls. Don't make me be the one who does.

{Beauregard} ♂ • Arrogant little fucker, you're about as useless as my fucking father. Go do the world a favor and die.

{Holly} ♀ • Too bad Sir Snowball influenced you into believing I was evil. But then again, as Blue-Eyes said, you can't have a Klass without some Ass.

{Klass} ♂ • How much ass did you suck, boy? Did you overdose?

{Valentina} ♀ • I don't know if I should be offended or not. Do you really want to kill me, honey? Come on, bring on the show, let me put you back in your place.

{Natasha} ♀ • Maybe I should've played rough with you; you don't seem to take well to kindness.

{Altair} ♂ • Why must most of the the kids in this valley be like this. What did you suck on when you were little?
{Grigore} ♂ • You wish to play the rough guy sitting in the corner, but you seem to be failing every time you try. Be yourself, get rid of that outer wall.

{Randy} ♂ • You're a pussy, my grandmother has more balls than you. Useless mongrel.

{Orion} ♂ • I will make sure not to wake you up again. Don't worry, beauty sleep is very important, I know.

{Hellion} ♂ • Child at heart, isn't that what they say? You don't seem to have changed much, always so innocent.

{Cypress} ♂ • Dumb or not, I seem, to have a hard time figuring out where your mind is lurking, dear Cypress. Please call me once you find it.

{Gerwyn} ♂ † • Sick and stubborn as hell, I like you already. I just hope that you reached home before it was too late.

{Nameless} ♀ • Ouch. Manners, doll. Hasn't your daddy told you that snapping at strangers is indeed impolite? Nonetheless, I hope you and your old man returned home before it was too late.

{Sunfall} ♂ • Were you the one whose scent flooded the Labyrinth?

{Tidus} ♂ • Yuna's mate may I presume? I hope you take good care of her, if not... time get a visit by the Boogeyman. Boo, scary.

{Vincent} ♂ • Clean shirt, new shoes and I don't know where I am goin' to. Silk suit, black tie, oh yes all the good stuff. Too bad I'm not going crazy over a sharp dressed man. Maybe the lack of vomit would've helped, love.

{Tasuku} ♂ • Afraid of the water, are we? It's okay, don't worry.. your secret's safe with me.

{Laura} ♀ • Shaky legs, shaky legs! I didn't scare ya, did I?

{Talio} ♂ • Pretty face, but not my type, sadly. You seem chill, like all your other Evergreen friends.

{Wrenegade} ♀ • Here birdy birdy, come on. Come to me, let's play. Don't get me wrong, you weren't bad company, just... not the best either.

{Skuld} ♀ • Your presence is oddly soothing, but you don't seem to be much of a talker. Oh well, silence is nice sometimes.

{Dresden} ♂ • Black fur, golden eyes, a total bad body look. What do those eyes of yours hide behind them, Mr Dresden?

{Bucky} ♂ • What's up with all the blue-eyed dudes? Is this a trend I'm missing? Watch your back rough boy; wouldn't want to see that ass snatched by Sir Klass.

{Kara} ♀ • I hope that the respect I hold for you is mutual. Though, I have to admit that the way you hold yourself is reminiscent of a spoiled little princess. I hope I'm wrong, hun.

{Marigold} ♀ • Damn, I have no clue what your motor's running on, but please share your secret with me.
{Renegade} ♂ • You came at the Cove, only to spit that you love me in my fucking face and yet.. you pain me. What is it you seek?
{Andi} ♀
{Arrow} ♀
{Eden} ♀
{Pharaoh} ♂
{Ceasar} ♀
{Bali} ♂
{Elliot} ♂ (name not known)
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Art by the amazing Atari <3
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Taylor Momsen

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