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Name Pack
Kara Volsunga Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 5 mos.)
3885 SP

Character Information

Kara Volsunga
Arctic x Mexican Wolf
Height and Weight
25 in and 81 lbs (A lot of fluff)
Voice 1

Her body physique falls between that of an arctic wolf and Mexican wolf. She is medium in height and length, but with a slender. Her fur is dense and fluffy as if she hails from the arctics, but her coloration greatly resembles her Mexican wolf heritage. The backs of her ears are russet along with patches over her blue-gray eyes. The rest of her face is the purest of white. The rest of her fur is a mix of russet, grays, and white. Her colors fade upon her underside and down her legs until turning completely white.

Regal | Merciless | Intelligent | Trustworthy | Caring | Dreamer
The way she moves is that of royalty. She is polite with manner and dainty with actions- most of the time At times she may act like a spoiled princess as a result. She was also taught the value of trust and keep one's promises. She never goes back and never lets anyone down. She is honorable with what she says and is one of the most reliable wolves around. She can be loyal, but this would take some work. She may be trustworthy, but that doesn't mean she easily trusts others. It takes time for her to warm up to strangers and at times she can be aloof. She can be very caring for others and even show kindness, especially to those who have earned her trust. To everyone else she can be seen as a cold, bratty, and ruthless creature. She shows no mercy to anyone and doesn't mind a bit of bloodshed. She has been well desensitized to such things. Kara is a quite intelligent and often is more of an observer, only to react after analyzing every little detail. With this she is a day dreamer. She loves to dream of beautiful places and fun adventures. She dreams of magical happenings and sometimes the taste of blood from vengeance.
She strives to have a pack of her own and be surrounded by others that she trusts. She also hopes to be a mother someday since she was deprived of her parents from the day she was born. Lastly, she seeks to destroy all enemies that she creates. Because isn't that fun?
  • Starry night skies
  • Big storms
  • Cold weather
  • Eating Caribou
  • Hunting
  • "Smelling the flowers"
  • Dislikes

  • Hot weather
  • Being lied to
  • Weak wolves being annoying
  • Water

    Kara is a part of a beautiful legacy. Her mother, Sigrun, traveled down from the arctic region to flee from her father's wishes of her becoming mates with someone he had chosen to continue their powerful bloodline. She journeyed far from her home land and met her mate Helgi, the Mexican wolf. Together they started their own pack. Kara was the only survivor of her litter, the third litter her parents had. While her mother was pregnant with her, her father had set out to destroy another pack. The reason is unknown to Kara. Him and his small group of fighters killed all but one within that pack. That one wolf, left bitter and angry came back and slaughtered him within his own territory while no one was around. Kara's pack members told her they believed her mother died of heartache the night she was born, and that her mother passed away. She never got to know her parents, only the glorious stories her packmates told her.

    Thankfully, she managed to survive thanks to the pack's beta pair who had their first litter of pups that year. They had three healthy pups and took Kara in. They treated her with utmost care for they believed she was the reincarnation of her mother. They believed she would be just like her mother and all the stories they heard of her feats in the North. She was a great fighter, one that grew stronger every time she fought. She had earned the nickname of Valkyrie, and that nickname was passed onto Kara. As a youngster she was taught to be noble, regal, but also ruthless when the time called for it. Kara lacked the size and stature of her mother, but that did not mean she didn't develop her own ways of doing things. In fact, she wasn't entirely sure she had the same spiritual beliefs as her pack. She wasn't sure if she was the reincarnation of her mother. She was her own entity. She was Kara.

    As a puppy she was so spoiled by the entire pack for they had loved their previous leaders so dearly. She was expected to take her place as their alpha once she grew to be an adult. She was taught how to hunt and fight from a young age. She always thought it was only to defend herself, but to her surprise that was not the case. At 10 months old she was put to the test. She was told they were going to inspect another pack. She didn't learn the truth until she got there and her pack ended up slaughtering all of them. Instead of assisting, she stood there and watched too shocked to do anything.

    Eventually, her pack managed to desensitize her to their ways and she was trained to be one of these wolves sent on these crazy missions. She relieved others of wolves that were no longer wanted, who did horrible things to others. Rogues and other packs would come to them for help. It was a service that they were doing and she was growing used to it.

    Yet why did she leave? ~To be continued~


    Her first year...

    Upon her arrival to Horizon, she was suffering from injuries from her fight with Asmund and Asta. Thankfully, she came across a wolf named {Meir} from the Evergreen Wolves who helped her heal her wounds. From there she wandered around and met many significant wolves in her life. One of them was {Pace}, a wolf who helped her to realize what she wanted out of life after listening to her talk about her home and creating a pack. Kara no longer wanted to wander around aimlessly. From there, she decided to travel around Horizon and map the area out as well as collect valuable information. Information that would end up being dangerous...

    One of the other wolves that made a significant impact on her life was {Nephilim}. The golden wolf was her first love and first heartbreak, but it was all her own doings. While friends with Nephilim, she met a group of dangerous wolves and learned of others such as {Tiberius}, {Maddox}, {Kyoshi}, and {Xenios}. She learned of them taking over what was once the Skyrise Empire from a wolf she respects, {Sparrow}. However, she decided to stay out of the dangerous mix.

    Along her journey, she befriended a strange yearling who greatly reminded her of a different version of herself, one that is weaker in body and mind. His name was {Klaus}. She took a strong liking to him, despite his twisted perception that he believes that she and he were gods and that everyone else were mistakes. It seems even in Horizon she cannot escape her Nordic ways and the belief of her reincarnation. Over time, their friendship grew into best friends.

    While exploring away from Nephilim as their relationship was starting to bloom, she met {Bali} while she was in heat. He was a captivating older male. Strong, intelligent, and also handsome. How could a female in heat resist? He ended up being her weakness and the two of them became mates. When Kara went to tell Nephilim, he did not take the news well and he soon disappeared while warning Kara to stay away from the mountains. Heartbroken that the wolf she loved left, she returned to the Lake where she began her mission to start a pack, Idavoll Circle. It was there that she birthed her first litter of pups, {Sif}, {Rota}, and {Altair} Penumbra. However, there has been a looming question- is Bali really their father? During her travels, Kara was raped by {Darin}, a wolf from the Northern Order. With so much drama, her relationship with her mate has become a flawed and strained one.

    Bali and Kara had a strained relationship. Kara's feelings for him faded over time. A male named Makoa showed up who she fell instantly in love with unlike ever before.


    Height Build
    Average Lean
    North of Horizon
    Father Mother
    Helgi (Deceased) Sigrun (Deceased)


    PM Kara if you are interested in playing one of her siblings!

    First litter

    {Sif} {Rota} {Altair}

    Second litter

    {Sigurd} and {Vitalis}
    Other Relationships
    {Nephilim}- Soft and handsome

    {Finch}- First female friend with an interesting character.

    {Klaus}- You are a different, weaker version of me.

    {Makoa}- Has stolen my heart

    {Darin} - Slain

    {Anais} - dead?

    {Bali} - Father of her first litter and tries to keep her own pups from her. Unforgivable.

    Yahn Family

    It's Complicated
    {Tobias}- Kept me from my pups. I would kill him if he was not Finch's mate.
    Human Play-by
    From Vikings

    Spirit Symbol