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Name Pack
Karevik Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 7 mos.)
1855 SP

Character Information

I've got a broken heart and a broken smile;
when I fall, I get up even if it takes a while.

Fao's version of Karevik!

'Karevik stepped on a thorn, and cried out in shock. The cry made him cough so hard all his old wounds came back and he lost a lung. 'Why can't I do anything right without Pace?' he wondered bleakly, before darkness came over him and he sank to the ground in despair at his writer's constant torment.'


Height Build
Average Average
Actual birthplace unknown.
Grew up in La Mauricie.
Father Mother
Never met Can't recall

Unknown, if any

Other Relationships
{Flit}, {Inigo}, {Malakai}, {Pace}, {Soleil} {Chai}, {Dante}, {Floyd}, {Hunter}, {Jude}, {Lyra}, {Ruark}, {Shade}?, {Shaw},
{Shade}?, {Zehnai} {Clementine}, {Osiris}, {Rhea}
Injury History
Tossed around by Osiris for being annoying on 07/26/15, bruising healed completely on 07/29/15.

Collided with a deer during a hunt on 08/03/15, bruising and shallow gashes healed completely on 08/18/15.

Attacked by Dante for trespassing on 09/20/15, nape and throat punctures healed completely 10/17/15.

Aspirated seawater and bacteria into his lungs on 10/29/15; suffering from walking pneumonia. Reduced activity, lethargy, coughing fits, difficulty breathing, fevers. This is a mild case of pneumonia which should be able to go away on its own after a few weeks to a month or so, provided a strong immune response, unless he aggravates it by pushing himself too hard. Recovered on 12/28/15.

Dove face first into a porcupine on 06/06/16. Rufus had to pluck a bunch of quills out of his chest, face, and mouth. It was the worst. Porcupines are the worst.
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