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Name Pack
Kaya Silvano Imperial Faction I. Gladia
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 4 mos.)
3165 SP

Character Information

“The weak shall succumb so the strong may survive. Today, we are the strong."

"Sentiment has no place in survival."

Voiced by: Glenn Close


33 inches, 100 pounds.
Tall, powerful, thick-legged and wide-hipped, Kaya could never be described as dainty, but she is assured in her movements, if not graceful. She's a light silvery-white shade, more white than silver, though it varies in strength depending on the light, as do her pale aquamarine eyes.


Goal-oriented, disciplined, and responsible. She craves the stability and organization of a group, not for the same sentimental reasons many do, but because she knows to be in a pack would secure her a life less difficult than that of a rogue. She's willing to work to maintain her place in a group as well, not shying from routine tasks such as hunting and patrolling. Despite a strong work ethic, her morals are far from pure. Falling in with Crixus seems to have norushed the darker side of her personality - or maybe that started before, when as she views it, her original mate ruined the powerful pack they ran together.
Kaya can be manipulative when it suits her, and when it's required of her, will behave in whichever way will guarantee the outcome of a situation that she desires. She isn't readily inclined to assist those in need, once allowing a boy she deemed to stupid to save drown in front of her without lifting a paw to aid him. Very clearly, she views survival of the fittest as a universal truth.


In her last pack, she served as the lead warrior before being ushered in as its alpha, and she ruled until the pack grew too few in number to maintain its territory.

Upon arriving in Horizon, Kaya was impressed by few wolves, none of whom lived up to her crushing high standards until she met Crixus. Though his less intelligent brother Abaddon opposed her, she was drawn back to Crixus and his desire to begin a pack with strong morals and values. At first it appeared she and Larisa, Crixus' cousin and mate, might get along quite well. But after an episode in which Kaya attacked Larisa's sister after she disgraced the family name, Kaya had not forgiven Larisa her childish tantrums. Nor was she greatly affected when Pearl Island's waters claimed Crixus as a victim, but she was delighted when Dragomir pledged himself to the future pack - and to her.
Kaya was a founding member of the Imperial Faction in Winter, HY5.

Did You Know?

Sharp sense of smell and hearing, below average eyesight. Favourite food is otter. Kaya has just begun to develop cataracts, detectable to those who have a keen eye. This affects her long-distance vision. She also has the early stages of hip dysplasia, (brought about by her active, largely mountain-dwelling life coupled with her large size) but thinks the occasional twinges in her hips after bouts of strenuous exercise are simply the effects of age. She has a fondness for being referred to by her last name.


Height Build
Very Large Stocky
Far north of Horizon
Father Mother
Blade † Kitana †

Jade, older sister, potentially dead by now.

{Dragomir}, Current
{Lorenzo}, former.
Lorraine † and Joan †
Other Relationships
Niece: {Maverick}
Kaya, a Killer

Poker Face
Spirit Symbol
None yet