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Name Pack
Kestrel Starfall Cadre III. Emissary
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 0 mos.)
1425 SP

Character Information


Created by the talented {Morwen}! AKA Maiyev <3 ^_^
  • Height: 22 in
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Length: 4.6 ft
  • Eye color: pearlescent silver. Glows like the moon.
  • Coat: darker shades of grey mixed with some light grey throughout her coat; dark blue-black band masks her eyes; rusty copper coloring on both ears, tip of her snout, and racing down each leg on the outsides with white on her undersides.

Kestrel stands at a slightly less-than-average height of 22 inches with a slender build to match. Though she may not be the strongest wolf around, her agility gives her an advantage when needed. The top half of her coat is predominantly a dark gray with variations of whites and lighter grays sprinkled across that blends into a soft tan down her legs. Her face is the most striking feature overall with looking like she’s wearing a dark blue-gray raccoon mask across her silvery eyes and splashed with white around her muzzle and down onto her chest and undersides.


Personality alignment: ISFJ - The Defender

Having been involved in a string of fatal incidents involving her family, Kestrel has grown to be a cautious wolf. She has been betrayed more than once and, therefore, has many trust issues that will be difficult for her to overcome; especially the betrayal of her brother and sister blaming her for their mother’s death and banishing her from their sight forever. Because she was always the weakest of the litter despite not actually being the smallest, she has convinced herself that her mother’s death was indeed her fault, causing her self-esteem to drop to an all-time low. Before parting ways from her only living family, she was still inexperienced in the ways of hunting, fighting, and various other abilities.

During her time alone, however, she has worked hard to hone her skills to become the wolf she was always determined to show her family she could be. Kestrel grew to be rather spiteful and can come off as sarcastic if she doesn’t like you, although she tries her best to be kind to everybody. Rather than having a “doing” personality, this female is much more of a thinker and planner. She assesses her situations before diving right in, which has resulted in both wins and losses and causes her to have many “what if” moments. Call her indecisive, but she never knows the correct decision to make because she’s paranoid of having an unfortunate outcome. This applies to meeting others or just living her day-to-day life.

Kestrel desires nothing more than to have companions, but her uncertainty of most wolves prevents her from making friendships easily. Having a lack of faith and trust in the concept of living in a pack, she may be destined to never join one again after what happened in her past. However, if she meets the right wolf, they could possibly sway her in that direction if it’s for her overall well-being. Despite her high, thick walls, once a wolf genuinely befriends this overly suspicious creature, it wouldn’t come without rewards. Kestrel offers one of the most impenetrable friendships to those who take the time to get through her guard.


Kestrel and her two brothers and sister were born to the alpha male and female of a small and slowly growing pack that dwelled far away from the borders of Horizon. Her parents were very loving and protective of her and her siblings and all seemed right in the world. However, a few other wolves in the pack were secretly plotting to kill the alphas out of sheer greed and selfishness and also because they disagreed with the way the alphas were leading them. They had cold hearts and disagreed with the passive demeanor of their leaders. When they attempted to carry out their plan, Kestrel’s father and strongest brother strayed behind, doing everything in their power to distract the insurgent wolves so the rest of their family could escape.

Ultimately this ended in the deaths of both her father and brother. Terrified and heartbroken from the betrayal of those they trusted and loved, her mother, Vixx, led Kestrel and her siblings as far away from the territory as their legs could carry them. They lived together as a small family for months. During this time, Kestrel remained the weakest wolf of the family and struggled to keep up with her siblings when it came to hunting and fighting, but was determined to show them that she could be the strongest. Despite this mentality and drive to succeed, she still lingered behind them.

One day, an aggressive and hungry bear approached too close to their den in a rage. For the sake of her pups, Vixx did everything in her power to distract the bear. In a struggle to stay and try to help or flee and live, Kestrel and her siblings decided to run. Once they were a fair distance away, they waited to see if Vixx would appear before them, and she did, but she came with a deep scratch along the side of her body and was bleeding profusely. She died moments later, which pushed Kestrel, her brother, and her sister to the brink of their emotions. Her kin blamed her for her mother’s death, saying if Kestrel wasn’t so weak then they could’ve helped drive the bear away from the den and their mother would still be alive and they forced Kestrel to leave.

Feeling betrayed once again, she reluctantly obeyed them and set off on her own. Lacking any experience on her own, Kestrel worked hard every day to hone her hunting skills so she could successfully catch at least small prey and survive to see the next day. After traveling for a few weeks, she’s finally reached the dusty entrance to what she would soon know as Horizon.




Height Build
Small Lean
Outside of Horizon
Father Mother
Alastar [d] Vixx [d]

Ghost – brother [d]

{Ryu} – brother

{Yuna} – sister


{Lyra} - Looks up to, respects, and admires deeply.

{Nyx} - Same as Lyra, though feels slightly more bonded to Nyx than she does to Lyra.

{Gerrik} - Doesn’t know very well, but thinks he’s goofy. Also wants to get to know him better.

{Finn} - RIP.

{Calamity} - Thinks is very unique and kind, but needs to gain some confidence about her appearance. Would be willing to help or keep company anytime.

{Ryd} - Has grown to really enjoy the company of her, despite her having been kicked out of the Cadre.

{Rain Caller}, {Pip}, {Liori}, {Clementine}, {Vagary}, {Raine}, {Azazel}, {Moon}, {Echo}, {Brynn}, {Kytes} (knows as Mari), {Rufus}, {Willa}, {Shade}, {Reid}, {Tala}
Knowledge Of
{Absinthe}, {Chai}, {Dante}, {Vesper}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet