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Name Pack
Kiel Lascrofe Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 11 mos.)
3625 SP

Character Information

Voiced by Jason Momoa


Height WeightLength
36 in 125 lbs6.4 ft
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Spirit Symbols
Early Winter, HY3
Early Winter, HY4
Season ArrivedSeason Departed
Horizon Year 3, Early Winter
Via Eastern Wasteland
I'll keep stepping on toes until
finally one snaps.
The Adventure

(If he does not tell your character explicitly, this information remains untold.)

A life lost here and there, a stray emotion nullified and forgotten. That was how this wayfarer lived and now at the point of over ripening, he has become lost in himself.

Here is a reflection of his life.

Aged 0 years, 0 months

Born. Birthed by Kait Fuji to Ezekiel Lascrofe II, 3 pups squirm in the darkness of a chilly cave. They do not know their futures, their rank or their names but over the next coming weeks, it'll all be of an impact to their lives. With a doting mother and a pack aiding their growth, they will strengthen.

Aged 0 years, 2 months

Awake. Weeks after their birth and into development, personalities begin to shine through. Ezekiel, stupidly brave and cheeky, Lebannen, Tattletale and sneaky and {Tehanu}, Compassionate and kind. Their mother, a kind, prestigious woman, became a wet nurse for a lowborn woman's child. They were socialising well, welcoming the unlikely bastard child their mother nursed, {Poisson}, into their gangly gang. A common question amongst the quartet was - "Where's Papa?"

Aged 0 years, 4 months

Apparent. Months on, the quartet begin to understand where they're allowed to be. Their coats have been determined and finally their ranks are granted. Ezekiel is labelled as True, {Tehanu} as Pure whilst Lebannen and {Poisson} are given Dirty. Treatment in the pack changes for the quartet.

Aged 0 years, 5 months

Careless. Childish crushes are developed, secrets are shared accompanied by giggles and naive boys tease young girls - "Poisson likes Kieeeel"

Aged 0 years, 6 months

Papa. Ezekiel II makes an appearance in their lives, taking his two sons under his wing. It soon becomes common knowledge what kind of man the leader of their pack was. Taken from the reaches of society, Lebannen and he began to call the darkness home. Their harsh regime began.

Aged 0 years, 10 months

Alone. Broken, Lebannen endures one of the many beatings from Ezekiel II and opinions begin to blossom. Ezekiel III takes a stand and takes a beating far worse. He is promoted to his fathers favourite. Lebannen is sent away with a few cuts, grazes and a bitter resentment to the boy that stole his father and his chance at leadership. "Training" is to continue in solitude.

Aged 0 year, 11 months

Eyes Open. A small, wandering male named Mercurio set up camp nearby and stumbled upon Ezekiel III during a hunt. They teamed together and formed an unlikely bond.

Aged 1 year, 0 months

Banishment. Mercurio stirred something within him. He made him smile and laugh and caused a feeling of lonesomeness when he was not there. Training would be over in a couple of months and the pair knew that. Their friendship would remain strong.

Aged 1 year, 1 months

Gone. Training ensued. It was harsh on his body and many a scar lay beneath his thick, blackened coat. He had filled out over the past few months and his unique features shone through. He was large, gruff and all the physical exerts had shaped his body. Ezekiel III had grown ill-tempered and his gaze steel. He didn't smile anymore and the silence called to him.

Aged 1 year, 5 months

Limitations. He had returned. Kait showed little emotion but {Tehanu} had quickly taken a liking to him. Though he was the chosen one, Teha was definitely his fathers favourite. Lebannen conversed through glares and a showing of teeth however played civil in front of their sister. Teha remained blind to their fathers treatment and took to trying to make her brothers feel that brotherly love. {Poisson} was the shadow of Tehanu and with the reappearance of the boy she once knew, she began to stick around. However, she had caught the attention of the wrong man. Mercurio became a thing of the past but on occasion, the pair would unite under the stars.

Aged 1 year, 7 months

Disgust. His father was grim. It was back at the Union's grounds as his father dragged him around, that his harem and the predatory method in which he poached upon the women became clear. It would appear as if the majority of the packs third generation (the one birthed whilst his father ruled) were related. It would explain the numerous bastards. {Poisson} was an unfortunate soul to also become part of the court and he reflected sympathy upon the woman.

Aged 1 year, 9 months

Lust. {Poisson} was held in a light to him and with that, he noticed a change in her. She would skip a beat to help him. Taking a stand, he went to his father and staked a claim for Poisson. Much to his surprise, the man agreed - but not without a spar. However, Ezekiel II continued to rough her up, prepping her for her season that was sure to come to the dubious pair. Stricken with grief, the wrongness of the union between Poisson and he, Kiel took to the stars, relishing in the one he knew was true. That night, he revelled in the touch and embrace that only Mercurio could offer him, their bodies connecting at first light.

Aged 2 year, 0 months

Blinded. Something ticked, a switch shutting off the lights. The man fails to remember this period in full detail however he understands the consequences. Lebannen knew, Ezekiel had told him. He trusted his brother to take Teha away, far away. The cries, the screams. He could hear them but the silence called to him. His ears were hot and thumped with his heart beat. It was drowning them out. Before him lay his father. Why? He doesn't remember. He checked for a beat, a pulse. Nothing. Looking to his left, lay a couple of others. Lifeless - gone. Had he done that? Then... His mother. Her breathing was laboured, her neck pumping out the blood that gave her life. She would be gone soon but he knew. There was nothing he could do. He felt cold, numb within. He felt himself speak but could not hear the words.

This was his fault. All of this... was his fault.

Aged 3 year, 6 months

Hollow. Nothing to report. He had adopted the name Wayfarer. He hops from territory to territory heading north. He travels by night, under the cloak of darkness.

Aged 4 year, 2 months

Lost. A large body of water is often spoken of, like a dream on the wind. It is called an ocean. He begins to head west, in search of this dream.

Aged 4 year, 8 months

The cusp of the ocean is in his grasp but a desert separates them. The desert is no feat but as a sand dweller himself, he feels he can make it. He wanders aimlessly in hope of reaching an end.

The Valley is entered.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Someplace with a bunch of sand, rocks and grass.
Father Mother
Ezekiel Lascrofe II † Kait Fuji†

{Lebannen} ♂
{Tehanu} ♀

Previous Mates
First Litter w/ {Nima}
1 ♂ | 2 ♀

{Kopec}, {Naga}, {Tychus}
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Hellmaw Empire

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