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Name Pack
Kilorn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 10 mos.)
0 SP

Character Information


In another lifetime ago, Kilorn was the dependable, funny one. He was always there to lighten the mood with a joke, or step up to teach the pups how to hunt. Kilorn was the funny uncle, who always had a sparkle in his eye when he talked to those he loved. He wanted nothing more than to settle down with his family and spend the rest of his life making those around him happy. That changed when everyone he loved died. Kilorn’s light nature turned stormy. The male still tries to be his old self, but it feels like a forced act. He trusted those around him, but looking at where that got him, he has a hard time putting his faith in others. He is cordial to those he meets, but he has a hard time going anything deeper than small talk. Some are off put by this behavior and his aversion to pack life, believing him to be self centered. Quite the contrary, he wants to believe in others again and find a place he can start over. He just doesn't really know where to start. So he roams, and makes small talk, and doesn't really settle down. Wolves become faces to him that he forgets, though he does try to leave them with a smile before he goes.


Once upon a time there was a pack north of Horizon lead by Chiros. Chiros was a kind wolf, with a son named Herran who was less than kind and wasn’t kept in line. Though not the largest pack, they flourished and all was well. Kilorn was a skilled hunter, large but fast, and he often lead pack hunts. He fell in love with a female named Kiara. She was kind hearted, and Sikozu's best friend. They were expecting a litter that spring, when "the incident" happened. Chiros had passed away a few weeks prior, leaving Herran in charge. He was ruthless, and many were unhappy with his lack of leadership. Kilorn was leading a small hunt with the females looking over the few pups that had been born thus far. It was at this time that Herran and a few of his blind followers decided to attack the females. Herran hated that females like Kiara and Sikozu had stood up to him against his mean antics towards the younger wolves, that night they were all taken advantage of and killed. Herran had never wanted to lead the pack, he simply wanted to bask in the torment. Sikozu had lived through this (you can read her short history), but it was only out of sheer luck and her own knowledge of herbs after the males left them for dead. Kilorn’s fellow packmates were attacked on the hunt, and he barely escaped with his own life. He later found his mate and friends dead, and assumes Sikozu is in the mess. He has been wandering for the last two years, which has brought him to Horizon. This spring will mark two years since "the incident".


Height Build
Large Stocky
North of Horizon Valley
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet