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Name Pack
Klass Rogue
Sex Status
Male Dead
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 6 mos.)
1980 SP

Character Information

Appearance: Klass is your usual white wolf. Currently healthy without any remarkable injuries. He has brown eyes
Current situation:
In love with <3 {Holly}<3!: Holly is always on his mind. She's his source of great happiness which he could no longer live well without. She is always there for him. Her beauty and greatness overshadows all her flaws.
Unsettled:Lost the home he made with Holly and now seeks a new one
First kill: What he has done broke his desire to be happy. However thanks to Holly, maybe being happy was still good for him. Life was just better that way

Personality Traits:
Purity of the heart: Is very unlikely to commit sin/crime and will act with pure good intentions
Primal instinct: In extreme situations, Klass' personality dulls and is unable to focus in a clear state of mind, leading him to do the most natural way a wolf would handle the situation.
Simple minded: Is unlikely to uncover any deep meanings.
No boundaries: He won't exactly stop himself just because someone is around.
Courageous: is unlikely to flee from situations he has a disadvantage in.
Naive: Will actually believe pretty much anything he is told.
Energetic: Mostly active and not easy to tire.
Honorable: Plays fair and prefers going head on.
Strong willed: Will not easily give in.
Fading Traits:
Desire to be Hero, is no more: Klass used to believe himself to be a hero, however having killed someone himself meant that was no longer possible.
No longer paranoid: Surrounded by allies as well as knowing the scent of his enemies has put him more at ease.


Klass was born with three brothers and two sisters. The pack didn't have anything out of the ordinary until one day Klass managed to save his sister from from a predator. He was considered a young hero at the time. He ended up thinking he was special and that he was responsible for protecting others. However it slowly got out of control. From that day there hasn't been any real danger but he had made it sound like there was danger everywhere just waiting to happen.

Instead of a hero he was a burden. He would cause group hunts to go poorly and even cause unnecessary injuries due to him trying to prove that he was a hero. No matter what they told him he still strongly believed to have the hero role. He was desperate for an opportunity to prove to the others he was still a hero. He wanted nothing more. He used nearly every little thing around him as an excuse but in the end his own pack started distancing themselves from him. He became unwanted and afterwards was never told anything or invited to any place.

It was driving him crazy. In his heart he knew that he was born a hero but he was treated like a pest. On a night where Klass' sanity was cracking finally a true threat had appeared before him. But the enemy wolf was unusual in every aspect. It's movements where silent and it left no traces. He had doubts that it was even real, His mind was just playing tricks in the dark. There was no way a wolf could move like a ghost and not even leave a scent so he ignored it.

The next morning he was faced with regret. Two wolves were missing from the group and no one knew anything about it. He felt responsible because he could have done something to prevent this. That one chance to be hero and he had ignored it and now he had to pay the price. He made it his own task to hunt down that dark ghostly wolf. When he told the others he was going to leave to track that the one responsible they easily encouraged him. Thus began the hunt on a wolf unlike no other.


Height Build
Large Average
Unknown outside place
Father Mother
Unrevealed Unrevealed

Unrevealed x2

Other Relationships
Killed listNever forget these wolves
One:{Jeremy} Surely he was a villain but he was also Laura's bother. It's too late to ask if it was right. What was done was done.
Opinion on othersBonus
{Abrielle}: -NeutralShowed up and left, didn't let the healer do any magic.
{Adrian}:Neutral A wolf at the meeting. Seems to be somewhat supportive but he isn't there when needed.
{Atta}: Friendly An ally that could handle herself in combat with more practice. Knows stuff.
{Bucky}: -Neutral Non believer
{Chaos}: --NeutralThe leader of the Union? Actually he was never there, which puts all the pressure on Holly
{Cypress}:Neutral++ And another nice wolf. Members of the EU are allies.
{Dalus}: Neutral A little strange but not dangerous and doesn't seem to have problems.
{Dante}: Neutral Wasn't the shadow wolf
{Eden}: -Neutral Wasn't the shadow wolf either
{Fray}: Neutral Cool Deer assassin or so he thought.
{Holly}: <3Loves<3 She is his wonderful mate and Klass loves her unconditionally. She is his chosen after all.
{Kamaal}: Neutral She is the evil Shadow wolf that promised to stop her evil ways.
{Laura}: Traitor Seemed like someone he should protect? No she had turned against the Union.
{Malkeen}: --Neutral Certainly had some fun times but Klass had noticed that Malkeen had abandoned the Union without a word
{Marcellus}: Disappointed A Legendary Healer willing to teach but where is he? Why was he not teaching? Did he leave too?
{Meir}: --DislikeShe is female, end of story!
{Nomad }: Neutral+ Friendly non believer
{Nudd}: Neutral+ A nice wolf out there
{Pip}: Neutral+Successful rescue (to his eyes)
{Renegade}:Enemy! Ally of the shadow wolf that must also be stopped!
{Rhian}: Friendly A mother who encouraged having pups.
{Rufus}: Allied Rufus is the leader of the Evergreens. Klass believed to be allies due to alliance created.
{Saski}: Friend? Brought the scared one home to safety. Holly approves. Not sure what do think of her right now.
{Stark}: Enemy? Really just a kid but still a threat if he is part of the Brotherhood.
{Sunfall}: Friend? Great hunting done together. But Klass isn't sure what to think of him
{Tahti}: Friend? She is mute, had some good interactions but she wasn't there during the confrontation. Klass hopes to find out more later.
{Tidus}: Ally? Sunfall's brother who seemed to have spread lies, However he might assist in creating an alliance.
{Valentina}: Enemy! A disrespectful pack leader! Her members are dangerous.
{Whiskey}: Neutral++ Kept the peace between the shadow wolf and Klass. Members of EU are allies.
{Zaan}: Dislike Helping wasn't satisfying at all, Sunfall disapproves of this darkish male.
{Zelda}: Neutral+ Sorta put him in a plan he wasn't aware of but it worked
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