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Name Pack
Kneph Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
400 SP

Character Information

updated 1/22/19

Kneph would be quite handsome were it not for the patches of mange spotted here and there among his pelt, causing a somewhat patchy appearance. Oh, and how he itches...regrown fur never lasts long. Where it’s unharmed, his fur is lustrous and tawny, with a dark saddle spreading across his back and some creamier coloration around his face and amidst his underfur. His eyes are amber, and are always darting about as if he’s scheming, or keeping a secret. His size is average and he’s generally lean, although hunger and mange give him a skinnier, unhealthy appearance. Kneph’s voice sounds like crushed barbed wire; scratchy, and nasally. When he moves, his posture is submissive, and always acts like he’s sneaking about.

In personality, Kneph has been described as ‘skeevy’. He slinks about, gathering rumours and secrets and spreading them about. This could perhaps translate into some sort of spy role, but as long as he’s packless, he’s happy just doing things for the hell of it. While he might not be the greatest guy around, he has a good time, and prides himself on that. He’s making constant jokes to himself, and can see the bright side of any situation. Really, all Kneph wants is friends, but being the unsocialized goblin that he is, he has a hard time with it! Sometimes, meddling in others’ business is just his friendly attempt at shoe-horning his way into your life. Given this, he does have a good sense of humour if one is willing to give him the time of day and put up with his more obnoxious traits. He also has a knack for story-telling, and enjoys rough-housing. Somewhat of a jester archetype. Can feel self-conscious about his mange problem, but doesn’t have the herb or healing knowledge to fix it yet.

Kneph has been nomadic his whole life. The pack he was born into moved from space to space, as it was a small and somewhat weak family. For the most part, they lived on stealing from other rogues or small packs and scavenging. There wasn’t much honor among these thieves, and they sort of behaved like heathens. Loud, boisterous, constant in-fighting, and infested with fleas and mange. Still, this was all Kneph ever knew, and he quite enjoyed it. The only thing he loved more was travelling, and this is what drove him to leave his family. It was common for wolves to check in and out of the pack, so there wasn’t much resilience to his leaving. From then on, he was on his own, stealing and hunting small prey to stay afloat. Now he haunts Horizon, drifting from place to place freely, having no clear goal or destination in mind.


SPRING: Kneph enters the valley and meets a couple wolves: Amarylis, who he hunted with but nothing more. Angel, who he conversed with and hasn't seen her since. Draven, his good, good friend who he is now travelling with! His mange is beginning to heal at this point, thanks to Draven's generosity.

SUMMER: Still travelling with Draven, with the goal of heading north to the mountains. His mange has healed considerably. He's no longer itchy or covered in scabs and raw spots, and his fur is beginning to grow back. By winter, it should be fully recovered. Draven and Kneph have grown incredibly close, forming a father-son bond (although Kneph is like, a little in love with him). Together, they decide to form a pack and have decided to take up residence in the Everlasting Caverns. Plans for the pack are being made.

green daysassafras roots
warding off regrets wasting your time / smoking cigarettes wasting your time / i'm just a parasite wasting your time / applying myself to wasting your time
placebo20th century boy
i move like a cat / talk like a rat / sting like a bee / and babe i'm gonna be your man
masked intruderstick 'em up
i got a knife, it's a switchblade / i think it's time for me to get paid / give me your money, don't hesitate, or you'll regret it
the blue vansilly boy
you might be wrong cuz' you know i'm right / if you lose your way just follow mine / i better leave, i better leave, i better stop
sum 41fat lip
as a kid / was a skid / and no one knew me by name / trashed my own house party cuz' nobody came
put me in a special school, 'cuz i am such a fool / and i don't need a single book to teach me how to read

voice claim: Jesse Sendejas of Dayz And Daze


Height Build
Average Lean
Father Mother
Unimportant Unimportant
Other Relationships
{Amarylis} - They hunted together, but he doesn't really know anything about her. Still, he never forgets a pretty face.

{Draven} - Incredibly important to Kneph. He'd follow Draven to the moon and back.

{Angel} - Just a pretty gal he had a conversation with.

{Wenda} - Asked her to join him and Draven. Sympathizes with her shyness and wants very badly to get her out of her shell.

{Jacqueline} - From the moment she looked at Draven like she wanted to eat him, Kneph disliked the woman. Incredibly jealous of her.
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