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Name Pack
Kodiak Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 8 mos.)
275 SP

Character Information

↞ vain | sensitive | hypocritical ↠

Coming from a humble family from the eastern part of the continent, Kodiac was meant to be brought up as a cookie-cutter, sweet boy. Unfortunately, as his parents were new to the whole “raising-a-kid” thing and hadn’t had good models of their own to learn from, they did a poor job with their first and only son. They let him do as he pleased, never uttering a negative word for fear of losing his love and trust. So, he learned that if he asked, he received, and if he tantrumed, he received more.

It was how he learned to live life. He expected his needs and wants to be met, but, because of his youth, had never encountered someone to decline him what he wanted... up until his parents denied him the right to fight a mountain lion.

Angry, he’d run away from his parents, leaving them to meet the fate they’d dreaded since the boy’s birth. He never sought the mountain lion, convinced that he would probably mess up his gorgeous face for it (which begs the question of why he’d even bring up fighting a mountain lion in the first place—he wanted to see how far he could push his parents, if they thought he was strong enough to bring down a mountain lion on his own). Offended by their belief that he wasn't strong enough, he left them in the dust of his anger.

It was only after a week of silent tantrum that he tried looking for his parents again, but because he'd traveled so far--and because they'd probably gone out in search for him, too--he was unable to find them. Set on the idea that they'd wanted to get rid of them, he gave up on his search, looking for a new, better family to replace them. One that would give him above and beyond what his former parents offered.

With respect to appearance, Kodiac is tall and sturdy--a good wolf to drag to a hunt if he's in the mood for it. His coat is a variety of different shades of browns, greys, and creams, some shades even tipping into black at his spine. Unlike the coloration of his coat, his eyes are a piercing pumpkin orange.


Height Build
Large Average
Father Mother
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