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Name Pack
Komet Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 10 mos.)
20 SP
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Character Information


Komet is a flirt. To everyone. He's kind. He's sweet. He's a bit clingy. And he gets attached easily. He is ferocious when it comes to those he cares about. He can become rude, cruel, and heartless when he is worried about someone. He is dedicated and loyal. All he truly wants is to settle down. His past demons haunt him though. Komet was a bad wolf in the pas. He went by a different name. He had a birth name, nd then one he changed to when he bcame who he was before the valley, and another after he changed for the good. Komet's old side, his cruel and evil side, exposes itself whendanger is imminent to him, or those he cares about. One might say dissociative identity disorder, which is triggered by danger or strong emotions of anger, worry, fear, or hatred.


His coat is a fluffy red, with a small bit of white. Sandy yellow forms a gradient from his reddish orange fur to the creamy white of his underbelly. Small bits of dark brown, almost black accents his tail and back along with a few other places around his body.He has silver eyes, glowing orbs of the molten moon.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Atuna's Hollow
Father Mother
Ashes Atuna


Other Relationships
{Damien} - Awesome dude. Good in bed. Partner in crime-ish. First friend in the valley.He'd kill and die for him, even if Damien doesn't feel the same.

{Daniel} - Adorable bean. Komet would kill for him because agh, so cute.

{Kumar} - Daniels friend. Playful bugger. Cute also. Annoying sometimes.

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet