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Name Pack
Kopec Daniels Hellmaw Empire III. Unproven
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 6 mos.)
765 SP

Character Information

Inspiration: Kirstie Darrow

Adult height, weight & length: 32in, 105lbs & 5.9ft

head in the dust, feet in the fire, labor on that midnight wire, listening for that angel choir

The child is no doubt an exact replica of Kiel. Standing at thirty-two inches at full adult height, she isn't the tallest in her litter, but she certainly isn't the smallest. An average size of the behemoths. She is on the slimmer side, but is at the end of the day, a powerhouse. Without hesitance, Kopec is the most eye-catching out of the trio, with her sleek dark elegance.

Though, as much as she is gorgeous, Kopec is not a wolf that can be physically manipulated easily. Her strengths lie at the core of her being. Her gait is somewhere between elegant and mysterious, holding herself in subtle imitation of the Empress. She uses this wisely, intimidation is well known to her. While her build is in the most extreme of heights, it isn't often that she's seen as masculine. The way she walks, talks and how she moves is one of the dead giveaways that she is without a doubt, a female. Upon her black beauty, her neck is stained with a white pigmentation, a sharp separation.

This marking traversed down the side of her neck until it eventually fades out. This isn't the only place that the white is seen, however, as her legs as dripped with white as well, including her eyebrows and the insides of her ears. Her eyes are intelligent and entirely judging. She doesn't trust others until they have shown her that they will continue to be loyal to her, no matter the cause. Her eyes are a orange-gold.

shiver to that broken beat, dark into the heat, soldier keep on marching on.

As a young girl, the youth is known to be a curious, talkative escape artist. Known to escape someone's grasp without them noticing it, be there one moment and gone the next; simply a fleeting shadow. Of course, as she grows, many will find her to hold a dominant, mysterious aura. Quiet, intriguing, she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it - even if that means wrapping certain individuals around her pretty little finger. Kopec is known to see strangers as enemies unless proven otherwise - and that's not a feat that's easily obtained. Kopec is an interesting individual, one who takes as she pleases when she wants it and where she wants it. However, she is rather mature for her age.

At the end of the day, she is the most loyal to her family, however, ever since her mother and father's disappearance, Kopec has decided that she will never let anyone hurt her or her family ever again. She has grown far more cautious with any sort of relationship - even to those she's known her entire life. Kopec is the ringleader, this is her playground and you're just the entertainment.

Will be updated as she grows.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Lake Melody
Father Mother
{Kiel} {Nima} †

{Naga} - Sister
{Tychus} - Brother
{Elliot} - Half Brother
{Amelia} - Adoptive Sister

Other Relationships
human play-by
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet