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Name Pack
Kronos Aelius Firewing Brotherhood IV. Brother
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 5 mos.)
1475 SP

Character Information


A mix of both his parents, Kronos has a rather unique appearance. His base coat is a mix of white and pale grays which changes to cream and russet on his sides, nape, and back. He has a black saddle that is entwined with brownish red. It extends down his tail and over the top of his neck. The backs of his ears are gray, along with a splash upon his face. He has one amber eye and one blue eye.


Kronos isn't one to view the world from a flowery point of view. In his short existence, he'd encountered enough good and bad to know that the world isn't purely either. He considers himself to be a realist; though, depending on the day, he may wax more on the pessimistic side of things, simply because of the cards that life had dealt him thus far. He can get himself into a rut when he's alone for too long, or around others that don't stimulate his mind. This typically results in him pushing himself further away from others and thinking increasingly negatively.
That being said, the Kronos is serious and thoughtful by nature. He possesses a natural curiosity to analyze and understand his surroundings, but he doesn't respond to them in the playful way that a typical young wolf might. He's very caring and sympathetic, but typically hides it beneath a facade of indifference. He has a big heart, but doesn't express emotion well. He usually takes time to come to terms with his feelings, and relies upon his 'gut reaction' as a dull reflection of his inner emotions.
Kronos values life and benevolence above all else, and abhors the idea of taking the life of another without good reason. In most situations, he would go out of his way to save another. Despite his difficulty with expressing emotion, he also has fairly strong paternal instincts, and wouldn't blink an eye at taking a pup in need under his wing. He's very laid-back with others, preferring to keep the peace than cause mayhem; if provoked, however, his cool attitude can turn to a cold one, or even become icy hostility. Not surprisingly, he dislikes those that seek trouble and discord.
Despite his curious nature, Kronos is a "go with the flow" kind of guy. He hardly ever plans in advance, and when he does, he usually breaks his schedule in favor of a more appealing activity. He puts his faith in chance, and knows that no matter how hard he pushes against it, fate will always govern his path. He has a tendency to suppress and stifle his emotions, especially negative ones, and can become apathetic after a while, if he doesn't sort his problems out.

**Character development:**
Since his time in the valley, specifically with such fun, lighthearted packmates in the Vanguard, Kronos is becoming more humorous and social. Very slowly, but he's getting there. He's also trying to seek the company of others more often when he's unoccupied, rather than sulking alone somewhere. Since his involvement with Epidemic, who has a stark-opposite mindset and more drive than he ever will, Kronos has started to pursue the things he really wants, rather than expecting them to come to him.

With an emotional rollercoaster of a winter, Kronos has grown increasingly distant from the rest of the Vanguard. He has, however, been pouring his heart into his rank as a Hunter, and has been providing Epidemic and the pups with plenty of food and attention. (He's basically only sticking around for them at this point.)

History: Pre-Horizon

Born in frigid Alaska, Kronos and his littermates lived in a small, familial unit in Alaska. Their father was hardly ever around, and their mother, Agengi, wasn't quite all there. Despite her craziness, Kronos still looked to her as a mother figure, and felt some form of love toward her. One of his littermates had killed Agengi, though no one knows who. Kronos suspects Hyperion, and for this reason, can be cold with him from time to time.
Recently, he and his siblings were split apart during a wildfire. Kronos roamed the valley alone for some time, and settled down temporarily in Firefly Woods.

Horizon Year 1: HY4-HY5

This is where he met {Epidemic}, and the two hit it off with a weird, fun, and understanding relationship from the beginning. He later met {Icarus}, who brought him back to the Twilight Vanguard and reunited him with his friend, {Epidemic}. Kronos and Epidemic grew increasingly close, going on adventures and hunting for the Vanguard together. Kronos developed a cute little crush on her and her rhythmic hips.
Kronos became much looser and more social as he spent more time with the Vanguard. His sense of humor increased, and his social skills did, too. The yearling was given the opportunity to grow up around a very fun, kind group of wolves, and it rubbed off on him. Later, he and Epidemic would had a falling out over the summer. Kronos felt lost without her, seeing little parts of her in the strangers he met. When they patched things up and reunited in the fall, Kronos realized his affections for her were beyond those of a simple crush. He couldn't dream of telling her, but his attitude toward her began to change.
As winter approaches, Kronos finds his whole being was put under stress. Epidemic went into heat and disappeared for a few weeks, and Kronos promptly went off to search after her. He encountered {Vicodin}, who reeked of her, and the whole encounter left him shaken. Upon finding Epidemic, he confessed his feelings for her, and things went south very quick. Epidemic's answer left Kronos confused and vulnerable, and the pair continued to grow distant over the winter.
Kronos's misery hits a climax during full winter, when he begins to suspect that she may be pregnant, and puts the pieces together as to why she said they couldn't be together. Kronos grows apathetic toward her and the Vanguard, putting up walls to protect himself from hurting any further, and goes for a walk. He encounters {Natasha}, a pretty spitfire of a wolf who makes an odd request of him at just the right time: to father her pups. Kronos agrees, perhaps for the wrong reasons, and the two meet up during her heat. Kronos isn't used to the kind treatment from Nat, and understandably forms a little crush on her during their time together. Guilt kicks in shortly after, however, and an untimely stomach bug punctuates the situation upon his return home.
{Ross}, {Epidemic}, and {Josalyn} gather around a sick Kronos, and Ross Natasha on his fur. He deduces what happened between the pair of them, and tells Epidemic while the poor boy breaches unconsciousness.
Kronos does a lot of soul-searching. He talks to {Ruby}, who gives him some not so great advice, and later finally forces himself to open up to Icarus about why he's been so distant and moody all winter. Finally, near the end of winter, he approaches Epidemic about the whole situation, but the interaction doesn't go as planned because she already knows what happened between Kronos and Natasha. Kronos deduces that Ross told her something he'd assumed from their encounter during his return, and begins to harbor negative feelings for the male.
The negative feelings only get worse as spring brings hardship. Kronos's packmate, {Scott} dies, and he finds that he feels extremely detached from the Vanguard and its members when he fails to feel as much grief over the event as his leader, {Icarus}. Later, when Natasha visits to announce that she's pregnant, Kronos is elated. Except, Ross's presence in the Vanguard, as a former enemy of Natasha, might throw a wrench into the pair's plans of allowing their pups to visit the Vanguard while they grow. This only furthers Kronos's resentment toward Ross.

**Muse for Kronos**

Just a little note! I feel as though Kronos's personality type, INFP, doesn't accurately reflect him, though I've taken the test multiple times. Some aspects of the type are true to him, some aren't. It's a weird mix.


Height Build
Large Stocky
Father Mother
Cavan Agengi †


Crushing on {Epidemic} and is suppressing feelings for {Natasha}
Other Relationships
{Icarus}, {Epidemic}, {Ruby}, {Natasha}, {Scott}, {Paige}, {Sebastian}, {Cleo}, {Opal}, {Astra}, {Atreus}
All unmet Vanguard members
{Hyperion}, {Vicodin}, {Cavan}, {Ross}
• Has a weakness for red fur.
• Super introverted, but typically closely-bonds with one other person and obsesses over them (just a supreme interest to learn about and be with them. Nothing creepy). The feeling doesn't necessarily last forever, and he can drop it surprisingly-quickly and disconnect if he loses contact/has too much negative emotion toward them.
Personality Type:
Spirit Symbol