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Name Pack
Kumar Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 10 mos.)
1115 SP

Character Information

Kumar has always been slightly larger than the rest, but also much more skinnier. Kumar's complexion is similar to that of a desert. He is tanned with patches of white. His eyes have always been a warm brown. Recently, his left eye has started to fog over, becoming more blue.
From birth, Kumar has always enjoyed the company of others. Never experiencing a lot of pain or loss in his life, Kumar remains very optimistic about himself and others. When he tends to get depressed, it is usually from a hurt or unhappy wolf. He feels their ache as his own. Though, he is always able to bounce back! He is quick to admire others and earn to compensate their needs over his own.
Kumar grew up with a loving pack with loving friends and perfect parents, but due to a conflicting love interest, Kumar was exiled.
Horizon History
Upon first entering Horizon from the Eastern Wasteland, Kumar met {Daniel} and {Napoleon}. Feeling a connection to Daniel, they share their past and future aspirations. Before departing into the Evergreen Forest, Kumar meets {Faolan} among one of the many hills of Verdant Hills. Once in the Evergreen Forest, Daniel revealed that he has a friend, {Damien}, who he wants to look for. Thus, Daniel and Kumar split up to alert other wolves of the area of Damien. Along the way, Kumar met a wolf named {Cypress}. However, still wandered around Evergreen Forest, Kumar entered Shrouded Pines, lured by the smell of the ocean. Afraid of leaving Daniel alone, Kumar screams Damien's name and swears to find him while running away from the coast. Damien was close by! Daniel and Damien are reunited! In other words, they (or at least Kumar and Daniel) now agree to travel to the coast together. Once they see the coast, wow, they encounter a cliff. It even takes them a whole winter to get down it. After they rest at the bottom of the cliff, Kumar, Damien, and Daniel get going down to beach, where they meet {Komet}. Together the four reside on the coast until one day Daniel goes missing. A fight breaks out between Kumar and Damien. They eventually find Daniel at a basin the mountains. Kumar decides to join up with the Soulfire Covenant, despite wanting to live on the beach. He and Daniel become closer, but in a rush of emotional turmoil Kumar runs away and...

What Kumar Remembers
-He bonk his head? Perhaps.
-He likes salty water, the noise of water, and fish
-He likes the smell of certain plants he doesn't remember
-He likes the color brown


Height Build
Very Large Lean
Northern California
Father Mother
Ret Aruna

Shah (brother)

Lal (sister)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Spirit Symbol