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Name Pack
Kyra Daniels Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 2 mos.)
1980 SP

Character Information

As of HY5, winter, Kyra has departed the valley with her ever beloved brother, Nero.

Spoken: Ky-rah ('Ky' rhyming with sky)

Child voice: Michelle Horn as Kiara from TLK2
Adult voice: Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago

Theme song - Paradise, Coldplay


Will mature at 33 Inches, 80 pounds
Kyra is currently severely underweight, not far off of starving. Despite her winter coat, already being lean, this would be fairly obvious to most wolves who see her.
As a puppy, she doesn't look so special. Her coat colour is plain black, and not even a fine, glossy shade but a rather drab example, shot through by greybrown undercoat. As she edges out of her puppy phase, she will begin to hint at at becoming a rather lovely young wolf as she grows into herself, heading towards turning into a tall, willowy beauty.


Kyra Daniels values several things above all others: Hygiene, good manners, precision, and her family, not always in that order. Even as a small puppy she imitates her mother's grooming sessions, cleaning anyone who will withstand her ministrations. If nobody is willing she will turn to cleaning her surroundings, and is exceptionally organized and detailed in everything she does.
She is often to be found trying to convince everybody else to value cleanliness the way she does. Those who agree are likely to be rewarded by her loyalty, but she will have little tolerance or desire to spend any time with those who prefer to roll around in the dirt.
Kyra can be both vain and emotional a girl - she feels things to quite a high extent but she knows it isn't always proper to reveal them, and in time will get good at learning to conceal what is truly in her heart. This young Princess deeply values good manners and politeness. She is talkative and loves nothing more than a good bit of gossip, always keeping an ear to the ground (metaphorically at least) for the latest tidbits.


Born at the Fossil Butte without shelter of a den, proving her resilience from an early age. In attendance were her mother, father, and nursemaid Thrush.

Did You Know?

Hates her name being mispronounced as Kee-rah. Keeps a small collection of sticks she likes to arrange in specific orders. Grooms herself obsessively when she's stressed.


Height Build
Very Large Lean
Fossil Butte:
HY4 Full Spring, Oct 30th
Father Mother
{Elliot} Daniells (murdered) {Antonia} (left)

Half siblings:
{Akira}, {Kato}, {Saelys}, {Cerys}, {Nero}, {Amelia}, {Aethon}

How unsanitary!
Other Relationships
Cerys - Kyra doesn't precisely remember why but she knows she's scared of her much bigger sister. Currently known as 'Grr-puppy'.
Nero - Rapidly developing a bit of hero-worship for Nero, currently known as 'Nice Boy'

Kyra at essentially all times:

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet