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Name Pack
Kyren Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 11 mos.)
100 SP

Character Information

Kyren is a british columbian wolf with a rich black coat. He's somewhat on the small size at least for his kind standing 27 inches at the shoulders. Even as a grown adult he still has a lean and lanky appearance, those legs seeming a bit long and gangly when compared to the body. His eyes are a rich golden color standing out nicely against the black coat. Kyren has a devil-may-care personality. He enjoys doing things his own way and taking his time about what he's doing. This isn't to say he's never driven to hurry over a thing he feel needs doing but in general he feels little need to rush. A good nap out under a bit of shade from a bright sun or exporing new areas both sound equally enjoyable. He's the sort to not bother actively challenging authority as authority means more work. Submit? Sure, why not. He's got plenty of confidence in himself so in many dangerous situations he can keep a cool head and yet if he finds danger he feels its best to walk away. Why risk his neck over something, at least without a dern good reason! The only thing that can get him into danger is his curiosity. So far so good though. Lucky devil! Friends? Sure, take them or leave them. Nice to have for a time but if you stick around them too long its bound to land you into trouble as they'll have their own goals and ideas. His life growing up wasn't particularly abnormal. Good parents, good pack with your normal set of morals and rules. You stay loyal to your pack, help in hunt, obey your superiors...those sorts of things. Still, just before he hit the two year mark he decided to leave. There was a world to explore and he was tired of being tied to his pack. Over two years of wandering taught him a lot on survival. He rarely bothers with big game unless it looks easy. He'll chat with other loan wolves and yes, he has slipped into other packs turf if hes truly confident they aren't close enough to spot him and never risks going far in. It's this curiosity problem that so far hasn't bit back. Someday it will... he knows it.. but puts such a thought to the back of his mind. He's fast .. so he'll just outrun any trouble he finds, at least thats the plan.


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