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Name Pack
Lapis Black Hellmaw Empire III. Unproven
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 3 mos.)
450 SP

Character Information


As a miniature version of her father, Lapis sports a black coat, but Sun bleached fur is spread throughout her body. Small and lean in stature, she ends up short of her brother with just a few inches.


Lapis Black will be a wolf of few words. She tends to hold the mantra “actions over words” seriously. Naturally skeptical, she will tend to doubt everyone on the terms of their knowledge and respectability until equally due; however, do not fill her silence with one’s own interpretation. While acting as silent and distance, she is versatile in nature. With her understandings set in actions, her personality can deviate the two sides of the same coin. Her lack of belief in what other’s say can lead her to be manipulative with her own words and actions, while in turn if another has consistency in both requirements, her undisclosed loyalty may follow. In other words, manipulation and deceit may become a bad habit of hers when instinctively mischievous and curious to see how others react with words and actions by her or by others. With her apparent dismay for verbal communication, her true expression of unfiltered emotions lies in her physicality with others. Lapis Black’s ability to balance the how she perceives others, how she wishes to manipulate herself, and her authentic expression may conflict. Additionally, she will feel a close bond with her family members, but holds them under high scrutiny.
(Applicable) Traits

persuasive, intelligent, skeptical, cold, reserved, distant, loyal
Personality Notes

Reserved and gentle, the girl aims for independence from a young age on. Shows great promise as a herbalist, and will often search the mountains for plants to study.

“From which stars have we fallen, to meet each other here?”

Credit to ~ defineDEAD


Height Build
Small Lean
Skyrise Pass | Nov. 10
Father Mother
{Igbo} {Lux}

{Abaeze} — Brother
Kind. Stay with me.

Other Relationships
{Kopec} — Royal.


{Tychus} — Royal.


{Naga} — Royal


{Amelia} — Royal

Dislikes. Trying to like.

{Igbo} — Father

Neutral. Feels forgotten.

{Tomas} — Teacher

Admired. Only friend.

Spirit Symbol