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Name Pack
Larisa Negrescu Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 7 mos.)
880 SP

Character Information


Healthy and uninjured


A porcelain creature with snow-white hairs. There isn't a single shade of any other color on her pelt. Her eyes are a cold ice blue. Large in stature and possessing a sleek leanness.


Around her family Larisa is an extrovert. She feels empowered, opinionated, strong, and capable. She has always been in the midst of her immediate and extended family, they mean everything to her. To her family she is kind, forgiving, generous. She will forgive their transgressions and seeks to keep them happy and close. In the same measure, she expects to be treated respectfully in return. She can be close-minded and stubborn, particularly when she doesn't get her way. She expects her family to give in to what she wants. She has something of a princess attitude. While Larisa would not likely express her feelings on the differences of the sexes, she will defer to male family members, but expects to be protected and cared for in return.

Around strangers, Larisa is a much more wary wolf. Firstly, she believes almost everyone outside her family is beneath her. Wolves that don't share the Blanc bloodline are most likely worthless and unworthy. Secondly, strangers are dangerous. Without her family, she has found the world a much more harsh place. She tries to interact only shallowly with strangers when it's necessary. There is a chance that she will accept strangers into her 'family'. Notably, she felt that Abaddon's deceased mate was worthy of being treated like a blood-relative. She is usually self-righteous and holier-than-thou with strangers, particularly if she feels that she has family nearby to come to her defense if necessary.


Firm believers of the importance of bloodlines, the Blanc's claim to be descendants of the first wolf, Lupus. Historically, the family—formally with the surname, Lupus—slaughtered any wolf they believed to be impure: those with deformities, abnormal markings and eyes, and/or lack of intelligence. An uprising killed most of the family. The survivors adopted the alias, "Blanc" and became much more private about their beliefs and lived in nomadic familial packs. However, the number of believers continued to grow beyond the original Blancs as their children made their own families with other wolves (there a few cases of inbreeding within the Blanc's).

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Born a Negrescu with her mother's Blanc blood. She and her three siblings were raised in a warm family by Darius and Aquila. Her siblings adorn more of her father's dark coat, especially Dragomir. Her aunt, Huldah, adored her. Larisa's life was peaceful with her family. She was pampered by parents and loved by siblings - they all were. They travelled often and saw many things. But every year for spring, they would return to Blanc Point. Their family reunions were one of her favorite times of year. Her strong, outgoing personality shined brightly in the midst of her family. She felt comfortable and secure, loved and surrounded by wolves that would forever be her family.

At just over three years old her family again returned to their birthplace. She was excited to see {Abaddon} and {Crixus} again, cousins on her mother's side. She had taken to flirting with her cousin Crixus and was beginning to consider the possibility of a serious relationship. Her plans and life were irreparably changed when a lightning storm caused a forest fire to destroy the Point, separating Larisa from her family.

All of her family scattered from the Point and Larisa ran until exhaustion finally made her stop. She returned, but in the place that had once been her most favorite and joyful she only found ash and what she thought must be the remains of her family - though whether distant or close relatives, she did not know. She wandered from there, searching for any hint of her family that remained and slowly coming to recognize that the rest of the world was a cruel place. She came to horizon a full year after the forest fire.

Full Summer - in progress...





Entered the valley: Full Summer, HY4



Height Build
Large Lean
Blanc Point
Father Mother
Darius Aquila

{Dragomir}, {Narcisa}, and Serafim

PM if interested in adopting

Dear Cousin {Crixus}
Other Relationships
{Abaddon} - cousin



Theme Song
Fancy - Iggy Azalea
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet