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Name Pack
Larus frá Norðri Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 10 mos.)
205 SP

Character Information

“The line between poison and medicine is subtle; the Greeks used the word ‘pharmakon’ for both.”
– Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose
Name & Pronunciation
Lárus — LAOW-rus       Sigurðr — sig-URTH       frá Norðri — frow NORTH-ree
Lárus's name is always pronounced "laow-rus" but may be spelled Lárus or Larus.
Lárus has traveled from the north in search of his sister, Siberian. He refuses to believe she may have died in an accident while hunting. He is also seeking to learn more about medicine and what kind of flora/fauna are in this region.
He has a moderate build, but due to his lack of interest in physical combat or finesse, does not have much of a muscular tone. Instead, he has a more lean and agile cut. He has grown to be as tall as most male wolves but is not anything extraordinary in terms of bodily appearance. He often slinks and avoids eye contact, and is very much submissive in posture. His fur is a mix of silver and grays with some darker gray and black patterns, and black peppering in the darkest areas of his gray. The grey is darkest along his neck where his family-name mane sticks up like a stiff, rough tuft of fur.

His eyes are a bright spring color, hovering between yellow or toxic green depending on the light they're viewed in. It's important to note what they are watching.
Lárus is a seemingly detached wolf, though not aloof; he may generally come across as quiet or disinterested but is observing more than he may be willing to engage. He has no set moral standards and does not recognize "good" or "evil" as others might, nor does he have a need to. He may fit best under Chaotic Neutral, with a tendency to do more 'wrong' than 'right.' An aspiring herbalist and toxinologist, Lárus enjoys learning about plants, fungi, and animals that can produce harmful effects when used against others. He began learning poisons from his mother, Constance, at an early age and he has since started to study beneficial effects of plants and herbs as well.

His descent into poisons stemmed from an early discovery of hemophobia, when sparring against his siblings proved distasteful. He would often lose spars on purpose or refuse to spar in general to avoid any possible contact with blood, especially if the spar was against his sister, Siberian. Lárus would always let his sister win at any cost to make her look great, even if she needed to harm him—but as a child, Lárus was not aware that his reaction to blood was anything unusual. His uneasiness, vomiting, and fainting caught the attention of Constance, who then began to teach him poisons as an alternative to physical fighting.
Quick Traits
hemophobiafear of blood ; severe.
reactions include vomiting and fainting.
skewed moral compass. no preference for right or wrong.
generally leans on the side of wrong.
& fauna
an aspiring medic on the outside, he only treats Siberian.
a blooming toxinologist on the inside, he's a practiced assassin by trade. this is his hobby and passion.
sigurðrmeans victory, guardian. (gungnir gave him this name)
was a norse legend who could talk to birds.
indifferentpassive, submissive in nature; hates bloodshed.
may or may not aid one in need. compensation?
assassinkills or captures targets with poisons
nothing is below him; he has no moral standard
After Entering Horizon Valley
Lárus enters the valley from the north during the summer through brittle wetland.
Early Summer HY4 Summary.
Pre-Horizon History
Having mastered the flora (and few fauna) in their homeland, Lárus was becoming bored with his constant life and lack of dynamic twists. He was becoming cruel with his kills and cold in his intentions. Constance suggested he journey and master different flora, and maybe discover new fauna he could add to his used collection. Locally, he only had certain amphibious creatures, snakes, and some spiders; but what might be waiting for him elsewhere? Constance had noticed he had a liking for working with his small animals, though why, she couldn't fathom. They usually all died anyway.

Lárus agreed to go on this journey, though he didn't see it the way his mothers did: that he was being sent away to protect the rest of them from his growing boredom. A curt pack gathering to send him off, and he'd have been on his way if not for his sister raining down on him aggressively. If he was going, she was going, because she was the leader. Lárus never had any qualms about this statement and remained below her while she stood over him at the Iseldur borders, all roughed up and staring back at their family. Their mothers must have agreed (not that he could see from his position), because Siberian stepped aside and kicked him in the ribs with an order to get up.

And so they were off! Siberian leading the charge with her tail high and mighty, Lárus slinking behind her wondering what he might learn.

When traveling with his sister Siberian in search of a good teacher to learn medicine under, tragedy befell him. They were traveling with two others through the snowy tundra, and Siberian had gone out with the others to hunt. Lárus stayed behind, alone, to watch his cache of few winter herbs. But Siberian—she was most important to him. If neither of the others came back, he would scarcely notice. He had vowed to live his life for her, that she would conquer the world; he was learning medicine so that he may heal her wounds, and treat her ailments. But as he awaited the return of the hunting party, she did not crest the ridge. Her coldfire eyes did not greet him, her massive body was not among the others. Her voice was not one of the few talking to him all at once. These wolves who smelled of wolf's blood.

Gone, they were saying. Died. An accident. Fell. Unrecoverable.

Lárus did not know many emotions. He had not felt pain, sadness, rage.

When his eyes focused on the pair, shifting randomly, he did not know them. In a flash of fury, fur, and teeth, he whirled from his position in the snow and attacked them. He suffered for it. He was blinded by their words and by the blood that stained the white around him; but his world had never felt so far away.

He left one of them wounded, he didn't know which, but he was too wounded himself—he hadn't trained to fight, but he knew what killed a wolf. He vomited several times, overwhelmed by the smell and sight of blood. His instinct told him this was not right. He searched the tundra for days, but he could not find her.

His purpose in life was gone.


Height Build
Average Lean
Perca del Diablo (Iseldur)
Father Mother
{Gungnir} the Strong Constance (&Vigdís)

Sæberýn frá Norðri — Sister (Full/Biological)

Solveig frá Norðri — Sister (Non-Biological)
Grimur frá Norðri — Brother (Non-Biological)
Elska frá Norðri — Sister (Non-Biological)

Other Relationships
Lárus grew up with two mothers, who used two males to each bear children; he did not meet Seraphim but did meet Gungnir, who gave him the second-name Sigurðr and acted as a distant paternal figure for some of his life.

[ Parents ]
Vigdís frá Norðri — Mother
Seraphim Virtue — Sperm Donor
— Solveig ♀, Grimur ♂, Elska ♀

Constance — Moðir
{Gungnir} the Strong — Sperm Donor
Sæberýn ♀, Lárus ♂

[ Aunts/Uncles by Sjóskrim/Aroon ]
Sindri frá Norðri — Aunt
Dádýr frá Norðri — Uncle

[ Aunts/Uncles by Sjóskrim/Evangeline ]
Róa frá Norðri — Aunt
Njála frá Norðri — Uncle
Tunglið frá Norðri — Uncle

[ Aunts/Uncles by Sjóskrim/Hephzibah ]
Ari frá Norðri — Uncle
Eyvindur frá Norðri — Uncle

[ Grandparents ]
Sjóskrim frá Norðri — Grandfather
Evangeline frá Norðri — Step-Grandmother
Aroon — Grandmother (Disgraced)
Known Wolves / Wolves Met
Good Terms
Neutral / Undecided
{Boo}, (Unknown, {Magdalena}), (Unknown, {Arren})
Poor Terms
(Unknown, {Tesla})
Lárus and Siberian Manip by Madison
Portrait Sketch by me
Von (ft. Arnór Dan) - Yoko Kanno
For Now I am Winter - Ólafur Arnalds
Entry By The Wolf Door - Lárus Sigurðsson
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet